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Why we love watching Super Bowl?

By February 3, 2019April 23rd, 2021No Comments

Hello, Super Bowl fans! Yes, it is that spectacular time of the year again! Hope you are ready to predict some of the outcomes. Tune in, as we have gifts for you!

Whether you are a die-hard fan, or simply watch it as part of your family tradition, the amusement is inevitable. We know that Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial holiday, and therefore we continue with festivities.

Firstly, let us all take a look back at why we all love watching the game.

Statistics say that the Super Bowl is the most-watched program on television in the US and the second most-watched program worldwide.

Commercials – it has been reported that many people tune in just to watch the commercial breaks which reached the level of a show of its own. We know you also love the interviews, the MVPs announcements, the stars, the hype, the trivia, etc.

Dominance – we all love to feel strong and dominant. Super Bowl promotes this spirit, especially if the team you root for is winning.

Pleasure – all of us experience pleasure as an emotional response to scoring. Therefore, most of the people like to participate, one way or the other. The same is applied to situations of losing. We feel the actual pain watching our team lose.

Coaching – whether you like the fact that game keeps stopping every now and then, the chances are you have your own opinion regarding throws, hits, runs… And above all, we bet you like to yell at your tv as loud as you can.

Passion – nevertheless, we know that most of you are there because you are true gamers and simply love to test the boundaries of human endurance as much as you like to watch sportsmen do the same, and we share your passion!

Not only that we understand your love for the game, but we are ready to participate in it by giving you the great Super Bowl Promotion!

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