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Table Layout Differences in Baccarat Explained

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The game of Baccarat earned its reputation decades ago as a game for high rollers. The fact that Baccarat tables are usually secluded to VIP areas in land-based casinos, that it was popular among French aristocracy, and it being Napoleon’s and James Bond’s favourite game did nothing but further shroud it in a cloud of mystery.

The truth is that it is one of the easiest-to-learn table games you can get your hands on. And with the rise of online casinos and decreased wagering limits Baccarat became accessible to both low and high rollers. With its incredibly low house edge and simple rules it gradually rose to popularity it has on this day. And it is often said that the simplicity of the game reflects the simplicity of its table layout. But there are different variations out there that deserve a further explanation. And that’s exactly what we are about to do with this short guide.

Basic Sections of the Baccarat Table Layouts

Whether it be a land-based or online casino, the Baccarat table in both places will surely have two things in common. The “BANK” and the “PLAYER”. These are sections where players put their respective bets. The table is comprised of two identical halves, with players seated on both sides. The number of players at some tables can go up to 24 but it’s usually lower.

The player’s position corresponds to the number marked on the table, except for the one with the number 13. The reason being obvious because of the negative connotations associated with it. What may not be so obvious is the absence of number 4 on some table layouts. That’s because it’s considered unlucky in some Oriental cultures.

One of the sections on the table is reserved for what is called a caller or dealer. It’s a person that’s familiar with the rules of the game, and therefore able to call a move. He also announces when a hit is to be done and when a hand has to stand.

In front of his position will usually be cash slots where players place their wagers. And in between them one can find a place for discarding the cards that were already in use.

There is also a third option to bet on besides “bank” and “player” ones and that option is called a tie. It will most likely be placed at the centre of a given Baccarat table layout. And since the payouts from betting on a “tie” are 8 to 1 it will probably be marked as such under it too. Once this is understood, you shouldn’t have much trouble playing on any of the three main different variations of Baccarat table layouts. Them being Big, Mini, and Online.

Big Baccarat Table Layout

The Big Baccarat table layout is, despite the changing reputation of the game, still considered reserved only for high rollers. If you go to a brick-and-mortar casino you will most likely encounter this kind of table layout.

It’s around 12 to 14 players that are allowed to participate at the same time with this table layout. And in line with the high roller reputation, the area where the table is positioned is usually secluded from the rest of the casino games areas. And the players will be dressed up like they just got out straight from James Bond movies.

The middle part will have a U-shaped cut that’s reserved for the caller. With betting possibilities stated at the beginning of the game, there will be a maximum of three betting sections. And two more dealers to assist the caller and players.

If you consider playing this kind of table layout, have in mind that the betting amount will range from $50 to $100,000 or even higher. So, if a high-stakes gambling experience is what you look for, this version is the way to go.

A notable thing to mention is the so-called midi-baccarat version of this table layout. It has a slightly smaller shape than the standard Big Baccarat layout because it can fit only up to 9 players. The only other difference is that the betting limits are also significantly lower.

Mini Baccarat Table Layout

Mini Baccarat table layout is the one we should thank for making the game accessible to a wider range of players. It’s a game both high and low rollers can enjoy, without posing too much risk to their bankroll.

Unlike Big Baccarat, Mini Baccarat can only host a maximum of 7 people. That makes it much more comfortable for players. The table is shaped like a semi-circle allowing players to sit on the same side while the caller sits across. It also allows its players a looser dress code, making the atmosphere much more relaxed.

The rules of the game are the same as with Big Baccarat, except that the “bank” and “player” are on the player’s side of the table, and they are usually marked with a different colour. Also, the betting area for the “tie” is positioned by croupier’s side.

But what really makes this table layout stand out as the most popular version besides its simple rules are table limits that are within reason. The betting amount usually starts from $5 and goes up to the maximum limit of $25. This makes it an affordable choice for players of all kinds.

So, if you feel that the expectations Big Baccarat Table entails are way too pretentious for you, and you’d rather not risk bigger bets, choosing the Mini Baccarat version is worth considering.

Online Baccarat

And at last, we come to the version that took the popularity of Baccarat to a whole new level. The explosive rise of online casinos during the last decade provided players a chance to have access to any game of their choice at the tip of their fingertips.

The online version of the table is virtually the same as the Mini Baccarat table layout. Three are also three betting sections (player, banker, and tie) displayed. The RNG system is responsible for dealing with the cards, which eliminates every possibility of foul play.

What differs it from the previous versions is the fact that you are the only player sitting at the table. This eliminates both the need to interact with others directly and the need to even consider dressing up. That’s because you can play the game from the comfort of your bed.

But if you’re more of a guy who likes to have a real-life experience of a casino, you can always choose one of many live dealer Baccarat games. They allow you the ability to freely interact with both the dealer as well as other players, without leaving your room, thus combining the best of two worlds. Luckily, your instant withdrawal Casino Brango offers quite a lot of them so be sure to check them out.

Play Baccarat Tables at Casino Brango

If you want to experience both the different table layouts and the variations that are appropriate for your bankroll the perfect way to do it is by signing up at crypto accepting casino Brango.

Experience the best of two worlds and rest assured that you’ll get an instant withdrawal of every winning you take by playing the ancient game of Baccarat!

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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Cash Fest at Casino Brango

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The month of March has come in full blossom to announce the coming of spring, bringing festive vibes with it. And when we say festive, we think of carnivals full of people enjoying life and having the best of time. It just happens that the most famous of them is just around the corner. The Mardi Gras!

To keep the celebratory mood up, your favorite bet safe casino Brango decided to organize the Mardi Gras Cash Fest promotion for the whole month of March! As they say in New Orleans: “Laissez les bons temps rouler” or “Let the good times roll”!

Free Spins & Bonuses

And what a roll it is! What awaits you are criminally low wagering limits, up to 100% tiered bonuses and NO MAX CASH OUT rule in place for up to 3 times a day!

Also, because carnival season is filled with sharing, we’ll go with the flow and grant you 20 FREE SPINS for every single day of the month! And you know what? Since we’re on a roll, we’re not going to stop there. Starting from March 16th, you will receive another 50 FREE SPINS for every additional deposit you make. Does your head feel already dizzy from all this spinning the way it does after a proper Mardi Gras celebration?

Because if it doesn’t, it certainly will when you hear that the deposit bonuses are tiered. That means that the bonus boost will depend on your deposit. The bigger the deposit, the bigger the boost! Check it out on the table below.

[table id=2 /]

March Mania Tournament

All this talk has got me on a manic streak! And how would it not, seeing what our staff prepared for this month’s tournament. Crypto casino Brango invites you to share the carnival season madness with us by participating in our March Mania Tournament. Put some carnival costumes on and join us for a chance to lay your hands on a $20,000.00 prize pool! When we say Cash Fest, we really mean it! Especially when you know you can get an instant withdrawal of it the way you do with crypto-friendly casino Brango!

For more details on how you can apply and whether you qualify check the following link on our site. May the festive spirit stay with you and bless you only with luck and positive vibes!

December promotion

December Promotion Has Started

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Well, tell us, players, were you naughty or nice this year? Don’t worry, at Casino Brango you are getting presents either way. We’ll give you a peek at your presents or should I say coupons. We have so many promotions that they are falling left and right. And you know what? It’s our job to pick them up and put things in order! So, put on your favorite ugly sweater, grab your Christmas stockings and get ready for a month filled with instant withdrawals and big wins. It’s the December promotion on Brango. Hop on!

Promotion Overview

Xmas Casino Promotion

Now I’ll ask you again – naughty or nice? If you choose Naughty today – on the first day of the promotion you get a 140% no max cash out bonus and 30 Free Spins on Naughty or Nice III slot. But if you choose Nice you get the same 140% bonus with no wagering and 30 Free Spins on Big Santa. This December promotion, as with most, applies to playing non-progressive slots, keno and video poker!

The choice isn’t as simple as that because these promotions will change every two days. We trust you know what you want, because after your pick, you’re welcome to exhaust your favorite aspect of the promotion during the period the offer is valid. In case you wish to switch from the no wagering to no max cash out, simply wait until the next code becomes available. And in two days another coupon will appear asking you if you’re naughty or nice. But, you know what else is naughty or nice? The tournament!

Naughty or Nice tournament

You better use those coupons to get in some practice because this tournament is going to be big! How big? Well around $20k prize pool big. That’s all well and good but you may ask how do I enter? Well, that’s just the thing – you just keep on playing your favorite slots and scoring points. And to top it all off, in the charitable Christmas spirit, there’s no buy-in or anything.

Game of the Week

Okay, so this is the thing to top it all off. Every week we will be choosing our game of the, well, week. And in that week every player can get the 20 Free Spins to play the game of the week. It’s all free, no deposit required. Combine all of these parts of the December promotion and win big!

Litecoin Withdrawals Still Rule

Now, it must be boring, to be reminded of this every time. But we are doing this for your own good. Litecoin depositing is the bee’s knees. Why? You know, stop kidding around, but I’ll explain again because it’s almost Christmas.

If you deposit in Litecoin you can withdraw in Litecoin. Crazy, but it doesn’t stop there either. Because of its very efficient encryption, the transactions are even faster than usual. Plus, the transactions have almost zero fees which is a bonus. But, after all of that, you are still not feeling Litecoin, then might I interest you in DASH?

All of the payment details can be checked on our banking page. So, now you better get ready for all the things mentioned and keep up with the promotions at Casino Brango. You never know what you may get next! Well, that’s been the December promotion announcement on Casino Brango, we wish you luck with your spins and holiday buying.

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new slot Big Santa

New Slot Big Santa Is Coming Down Your Chimney

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Christmas is getting near! In the true holiday spirit, we are bringing gifts! A new slot Big Santa with a warm and safe atmosphere is waiting for you.

New slot Big Santa is our special present that will get you into the holiday mood. It will warm your hearts and your pockets on the cold winter days. Keep your schedule free, because this slot will be launched tomorrow on the 24th of November, and we are impatient to see how much you like it!

Let yourself indulge in the festive spirit while spinning the reels and trying your luck!

The Wild Red Nose

The Wild symbol of our new slot Big Santa is Rudolf, a reindeer with a red nose and Santa’s big helper. It assists him in delivering all the presents to the kids around the globe.

However, keep in mind that Santa hasn’t forgotten you!

We have mentioned to him that our players have been very good through this whole year, so he made special gifts that will be waiting for you. Rudolf will help you to collect your presents! This Wild can substitute all symbols except Scatters. He can make you lucky and ensure that your gift will come to you!

To add, it can appear in three dimensions on your screen, 1×1, 2×2, or 3×3. The bigger the better!

The Win Is In the Gifts

All this talking about presents is a hint of what is a Scatter symbol in the new slot Big Santa. It’s not hard to guess it, Gift Bags are your lucky symbols in this game.

These Bags are filled with coins that are waiting only for you to collect them!

The multiplication of these symbols depends on the total bet you made. Firstly, they are multiplied by the total and then added to line wins.

Free Games

As you may have guessed, once again developers have prepared great features exclusively for you, our dear players! More precisely, Free Games are one of these features which appear in our new slot Big Santa.

It is not so hard to trigger this characteristic. Your only job is to keep spinning until 3, 4, or 5 Gift Bags appear on your screen. As a result of your lucky hand, you will win 10, 15, or 20 Free Games, respectively.

Even more, happy news for all the players is that you can trigger this feature more than once! All prizes, while playing the Free Games, will be multiplied by the multiplier awarded.

Also, every game from this group is played with a bet which triggers the spin. Nevertheless, this bet cannot be changed.

The Happy End

The Free Games feature of our new slot Big Santa may end because of two reasons:

  1. there are no more games left that you could play.
  2. you have achieved your maximum payout.

At the end of the feature on the screen will appear a banner that contains your total winnings.

For this game as for all the others, we guarantee you a safe betting and instant withdrawal of your funds.

Upcoming Promo

The best is yet to come, as we are preparing a lot more for you to come, including various promotions! Follow us and keep up with the novelties the cryptocurrency Casino Brango will develop for you.

We wish you Christmas filled with an abundance of spins and lucky wins!

May the luck be with you!

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Health benefits of gambling

Health Benefits of Gambling

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The common opinion is that gambling is not good for you. It may come as a surprise, for some, but science says that tables have turned. There are health benefits of gambling!

The health benefits of gambling are a real thing and in the following passages, we will present to you why is it, in fact, healthy for you to gamble!

Improves Happiness

We are all looking for ways to improve our happiness. Happiness is one of the several health benefits of gambling. A happy life is a goal we all strive for.

Research that was done at Southern Illinois University by the Behavior analysis and therapy program showed that gambling can enhance your mood and cause your happiness. Even more, results have shown that gambling makes people happier than television!

The conclusion is interesting. People who gamble as a hobby are happier than the ones who don’t!

Decreases Anxiety and Depression

As we have seen, betting functions as a booster of pleasure, joy, and positive emotions in general. But the list of potential health benefits of gambling is becoming even longer.

For instance, you would never guess that gambling decreases depression and anxiety! There is always a chance of losing, but the excitement and thrill that come with gambling overthrow all the fear and anxiety of potential negative outcomes.

Gambling lowers your stress levels, and we all know that stress is a cause of different serious health problems. So, gambling actually prevents some serious health issues.

Enhances Your Skills

While playing, gambling forces you to keep your mind wide awake. Hence, on the list of health benefits of gambling, we must include improvement of cognitive abilities.

When you gamble your perception must be extremely sensitive, and you cannot let yourself lose focus. If you want to win, your observation must be at a maximum level.

Strategy and tactics are also very desirable when you play gamble games, especially for, e.g., blackjack. You need to know the rules and plan your strategy to win. Therefore, we can say that gamble is a sort of mental workout!

You must keep your mind clean and at ease to be able to focus on your next move. Luck is important, but keep in mind that you are the creator of your own luck.

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Scientists say that socialization is on the checklist of the indirect health benefits of gambling. We all are well aware that social networking with others has a positive effect on our overall health.

Games that include more players, like poker, give people a chance to meet and interact with other people.

When we hang out with others we are not as anxious as we can be when we are left to our thoughts. Accordingly, our heart rate becomes more stable, and our blood pressure becomes lower.

Online casino games even allow you to socialize with others from the comfort of your home. So, feel free to try out our games!