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Toxic Jobs and How to Fight Them

By March 3, 2019July 31st, 2019No Comments

Does going home from work while being psychologically drained sounds familiar? Being unable to cope with your family and friends with a smile on your face? Maybe you are a victim of the toxic jobs and work environment. We have all seen people feeling anxious when confronted with a difficult situation at work. However, it is important to differentiate the usual work dynamics and the toxic environment.  Here are some of the symptoms to watch out for.

Crumbling Self-Esteem

Work place is where we spend the most of our day. It does not necessarily need to be extremely pleasant. However, work ethics should be present, and everyone should treat their colleagues with respect. Once you find yourself taking punches all the time and developing the sense of worthlessness, it is time to question your work environment.

Developing Aches

Feeling aches in any part of your body could be the sign of stress and declining mental health. Stress is a powerful trigger which can lead to many serious conditions. You can find yourself paying more attention to your laptop or phone than to your family members. When was the last time you spent some time outdoors just chilling and sharing the moment with loved ones? It is no surprise you are experiencing migraines, backaches, etc. Maybe it is time you question your priorities.

Experiencing Feeling of Illness

Some people get seriously strong symptoms when faced with either stressful situations or negative people. The vibes they recognize in others resonate with the inner sense of integrity, and these are the situations when anyone can feel under attack. There are people who get cold sweats, hives or start hyper-ventilating… This is the moment when everyone should realize that some battles are worth fighting for, others not.


Considering that you have previously tried to resolve the issues with your manager, and that it did not work out, try one of the following:

Give yourself a time off.  If you are facing everyday pressure and unreasonable demands, or, God-forbid, humiliations, a break from routine is a must. Otherwise, your organism will not be able to reset and sustain itself.

Meditate or exercise. Apart from taking a break, any kind of meditation, a prayer or exercise will enable you to introspect and realize to which extent your mind is endangered, and whether you can handle it, or run for your life.

Run for your life. In case everything else fails, leave. It is always better to save your health and sane piece of mind, instead of coping with toxic workplace, including long hours, financial insecurity, or inadaptability.

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