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Things We Gamble With

By March 31, 2019April 27th, 2021No Comments

Nothing can compare with the ecstatic feeling of joy when you win, especially when you win big time. Additionally, if you have invested a lot of time, energy and resources in trying to beat the machine, the exhilaration can burst through the roof once you scoop the win. Apart from the money, we love to gamble with all sorts of things in life. We gamble with love, as well as with some tough decisions in our everyday life. We bet on luck every now and then, and the stakes are often high. Especially if we wage our hearts. Let us explore the aspects of life we gamble with unconsciously.


Exposing your thoughts and feelings to someone is always a risk. In order to form a lasting bond with someone, we should do just that – offer our minds and hearts on an open plate. This is always a gamble. And it is always a gamble we would regret not taking. Why? Well, the potential gain is a way to high to be ignored. On the other side, if we fail, hitting the rock bottom would be extremely painful.


A wise man turns chance into great fortune”, said Thomas Fuller. However, many people believe that there are no chances. Others believe that “chance governs all”, as John Milton has eloquently put it. No matter which end of the spectrum you feel more related to, we can all agree that chances and opportunities can be influenced to certain extent, one of which being turning the opportunities to our advantage. As in all other things in life, the more proficient we become in juggling with chances, the higher the result. So, our dear friends, embrace the chances and feel free to gamble with them, because if you control the chances you control the game.

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All gamblers know their limits, whether consciously or not. Setting your limit is a personal thing. We all have to draw the line somewhere and keep in mind that our lives are the only thing we cannot regain. Betting on your life means betting on your health, head, your self-esteem, and dignity. Know your limits, think long-term and keep your heads up high.


It may seem like not too much of a deal, but a human without faith is not much of a human. Why would anyone willingly want to risk losing the faith? It keeps us on the right track and empowers us to endure tough times. It shows us that we are not only flesh and blood beings, but we possess spiritual dimensions as well. Whatever we believe in, we should regard it as the final line of defense and stick to it in difficult times. Your faith should not depend on rolling the dice.


By no means should we try gambling with hope. The same as faith, hope is one of the last defense lines. Losing hope is devastating. Hope keeps us on solid ground, and it encompasses the strength and resilience necessary to keep on walking. It also keeps our heads above water and combined with faith and experience, it pushes us to keep the wheels spinning.

We would love to hear about the things you would never gamble with.

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