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Casino Brango’s Free Spins Honoring Mothers

By May 6, 2019April 27th, 202135 Comments

It is time to look back at the shoulders we stood on while growing up! In several days we will celebrate Mother’s Day and it will be the chance to show our mothers our love and appreciation for everything they did for us. Are you ready to show some affection?

Share with us your thoughts about your mom or generally about motherhood and win some great prizes. Write it with your username in the comment below this post from today up to May 12th, the Mother’s Day.

We will choose the three most creative and honest comments on Monday, May 13th and they will get excellent prizes.

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  • Lisa Payne says:

    For me mother’s day is not a day for me to look back on admiration and love for my mother. She was not the best person and never put her two daughters first… when i look back on who was my rock, who steered me in the path that led me to who I am today I am overwhelmed with love, admiration, and gratitude for my moms 4th husband and in my eyes both my father and my MOTHER. He was my disciplinarian, my Cheerleader, my shoulder to cry on, my teacher of things he should never had to responsible for teaching a 13 year old girl. He taught me how to drive, fight, stand up for myself, how to be a lady but not a pushover in a man’s world. He was a Marine then a Cop and had that military mentality until the day he took his last painful breath in 2011, 8 days before my birthday.. all the while not only tolerating an impatient, bossy, abusive, wife and her two young daughters but he did it so patiently. Every major life changing event my father was there representing both my parents and I was blessed enough to be there when he finally needed me to be his rock in his last months as his caregiver… his sole caregiver. Being to proud he refused to allow me to have hospice come in and as he lay dying of esophageal cancer so his last miserable 3 months on this planet I had the gift of giving back a sliver of what he gave me in the 40 years I was blessed enough to learn from and love him like you should from a mother. Thank you for the opportunity to tell the world what a special parent and human being Gerald Hazel was. I couldn’t have asked for a better father or mother.

  • Erik carter says:

    A mother is more than a person who brought you into the world. To be a mother means they love unconditionally, they don’t care how successful you are or how others view you. They will always be there for you even when there’s nothing for them to do but listen to you talk.


  • Jesus Ruiz says:



  • Mother’s Day is a day to appreciate and acknowledge how much our mothers have done for us. Even though we can’t give them back what they gave us we can show them that love them as much as they love us it’s pretty hard to be a mother and some others our fathers as well speaking of the single mothers who raise children by their selves sometimes all we have is our mom I left my mother and I get so much from her sometimes we bump heads but at the end of the day I love the person she is the person that she helped me be she is my everything

  • Joshua Neumayer says:

    Mom’s are caring, smart and downright scary if you make one mad. They’re your number one fan and your number one person not to upset. Being a mom me is a sculptor a teacher a Dr a friend a lawyer a supporter. My was amazing. She was the strongest person I ever knew. Never let life beat her down. Never let anyone ever push her around. A great example. She recently has succumb to dementia and schizophrenia. Sadly she is not as she was. But she taught me SO much. Im so proud to of been raised by someone who didn’t need or ask for anything when everything seemed impossible. Mom would make if happen. I’d follow her into a jungle blindfolded.

  • Sue says:

    My mother left when i was a child, so i didn’t really have a mother figure. So, growing up and not having a central figure in my daily life made me want to be the best mother I could be because I know how it is to not have that role model. When Mother’s Day used to come around, I always felt a sense of lost because others would talk about their moms and my mom wasn’t in the picture. But, being here now and having kids of my own, ones that look up to me and depend on me makes me realize and appreciate the mother role.


  • Joshua Neumayer says:

    A mother is strong, caring, loving, tough hard-working and takes no crap from anybody . She it’s the number one person in your life not to piss off and your number one supporter through all your hard times. A mother is a doctor a lawyer a psychiatrist a friend a coach and a cheerleader(there’s a whole lot more I just don’t know how much room there is on this comment page to fit all the things mother is) My mother was the toughest woman I knew. She was amazing she never took crap from anybody. She always persevered. She showed me what it was to be a tough person. And when life beat you down she would always find a way through. I would follow her into the jungle while blindfolded. A mother’s they’re to help shape you and guide you into the person you become. I’ll tell you if it’s anything even close to half of what my mom was, I would be happy. She recently has succumb to dementia and schizophrenia which has been tough. But I’m so proud to call you mom and have been raised by you.

  • Genewey says:

    Me Myself and Mom

    Me and my mommy have nothing in common thats because she isn’t really my mom, I’m adopted and my real mom passed away, I was so Young I can’t even remember what she looked like. Mother’s day isn’t a ball for me because its a reminder that my real mom is gone, but God has a plan and that plan seemed to be out if my comfort zone, but this is a story about My Mother (my adopted Mom).
    Mother’s day was crazy last year I’m of drinking age so I decided I’ll take my mom to the club she’s not that old and she loves music I asked her at first she said No it’s not my scene but then I managed to convince her she’d have a great day and it’s different from what it was like back in the days when she used to go, she said ended up saying yes. I bought her this funky dress, took her to the salon did her up she was looking bomb, at around 10pm we went to the club it was packed with lots of people the vibe was alive👌 the music top notch, my mom’s single and its cool cause she didn’t plan on nothing, what was about to happen was stuff you see in movies…. Lol as soon as she entered the bar, the bartender was pouring some hot shots on the house, by the time the hour was through she was hammered 🙆 she finally decided she wanted to dance I was still sober I didn’t drink as fast as she did , when she started to dance I noticed that her dress went up so up you could she her undies lol I ran quickly to Help her but it was to late she already decided to rock the party until her dress was so up it was crazy, the guys were insane they started takeing thier clothes of dancing half naked the DJ said to everyone take your Fkn Clothes Off, and everybody did I was one of the few who didn’t by the next hour she was dancing with a bunch of naked people it was so Cool I didn’t know she was such a Boss, I started feeling like I was the Mom, 5min later my surprise for her came it was her favorite song and we all slowed dance to it n everything was great can you imagine a whole bunch of strangers dancing naked I mean slow dancing to Celine Dion Titanic? Crazy stuff that was last year’s Mother’s day my Mom is Super cool she works like a Boss and party’s like a Boss but this year I’m make sure she wears pants 😒

  • Mother! This word is like life in our lives. Mother in our life is a place we can not clearly explain. Mother lays down the tree where there is only one shade in the harsh fire of life where we get some rest on the way. Mother is in our house where we have not been able to sit down and do nothing wrong. Our mother in our lives is the only man who understands from within, but the mother does not have to say anything to us, how can we understand the state of our mind when we see our face. And at the right time, the right solution comes to the hand. There is no feeling that our mothers do not know about our life or can tell us the right solution for them. One day, a girl was born for 9 months and her baby was born within one day. Mother, whose thoughts are love, her child, and the rest of the world is one of all the saints. The person who lives in the affection of his mother, that love can win the whole world with the affection of love. In such a situation, there is no difficulty in living in our life that can not fix our mother.
    Mother is a place where we are the safest. Mothers are with us in our eyes, we can not understand what our soul ever thinks, we are surprised by our mothers. When we were hungry and when we knew that before sleeping alcohol, it was our mother, and the last day of life is still there. We are very similar to our mother, no matter how big we are. Mother is a boy’s first lover and a daughter’s favorite friend of her life. We have all of our mothers and mothers, we have the most love for her. Many say that with mother or not everything can be shared all the time, I say, do not try it once; Even a little lost in her sleep a few days ago, she could wake up to touch you.

  • Charles Gilreath says:

    The day I was born I won the lottery just because of a who my mother was. If being a mother was an Olympic event my mom would have a lot of gold medals


  • Jeff davis says:

    I have a lot of fun on the site. Great bonuses.

  • My mother passed away when I was just 13 and I always envied my friends who had their Mothers still with them. They still had her hugs, encouraging words, birthday’s, holidays and most importantly LOVE.
    I was never sure if I could ever be a mom, because of the lack of nurturing that was taken from me when she left me.

    I met a man and fell madly in love and we had two children together. I never thought I could love a human being more in my life then my two daughters. To this day they are still with me, one is almost 30 and the other 26 and thinking of life without them, well I just can’t imagine. I was lucky to have my mom as long as I did. She brought me up with manners , prayers God, and though cut short so much love!!! I carried close to my heart the previous gifts she taught me always and have passed them on to my children.
    Mothers create life and we are blessed to have that opportunity. There is nothing more beautiful then to hold a baby in your arms and see them looking in your eyes, pure love.
    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and also to you dad’s who take on the role of both mom and dad and to you very very special single moms who take on both roles as well.

  • Murat says:

    I love you, Mom, I’m good, my angel.


  • stephen mills says:

    . “No one worries about you like your mother, and when she is gone, the world seems unsafe, things that happen unwieldy. You cannot turn to her anymore, and it changes your life forever. There is no one on earth who knew you from the day you were born; who knew why you cried, or when you’d had enough food; who knew exactly what to say when you were hurting; and who encouraged you to grow a good heart. When that layer goes, whatever is left of your childhood goes with her.”

    ―Adriana Trigiani, Big Stone Gap

  • pa says:

    I find it crazy that my children don’t know her and that she is not around to share in the myriad of life moments that pop up. I think I assumed that she would always be around and am still shocked she isn’t. Her absence is an acute void even now.
    There is a lot of talk about what mothers want for the one day they get to officially revel in their motherhoodness. I am being bombarded with offers from every marketer on the planet. Apple is offering a new iPhone case, and every technology accessory imaginable. Nest suggests that one can show their love by buying the woman that birthed their children, a thermostat. Another vendor offers fuzzy Mom pajamas that scream, “You are a mom and will never have sex again!” And yet another offers a coffee mug to inspire that reads, “To the World You May be One Person. But to One Person You May be the World.” Hummm.
    Other than a chef, a maid, a personal assistant, and personal shopper, child schlepper, and a conflict resolution and logistics coordinator, all I want for Mother’s Day is a time-out. I want a day where I can be present. A day I can celebrate the fact that I created a group of amazing healthy humans who, G-d willing, are learning to be resilient, self-sufficient, and above all, good people. I want a day where I can reflect and remember my mother and all she taught me about being a mother including forgiveness and compassion

  • Andrew says:

    Ten years ago, my mom wasn’t in the best of health, mentally..she was losing it in a lot of ways. Growing up, she spent a number of years in the mental hospital and turned relatively abusive towards me for a while, which isn’t who she is at all. When she got back from the mental hospital it took me a long time to look her in the eyes and tell her I forgave her.. but eventually I did and we grew close again. But I digress..ten years ago, around Mother’s Day, she was declining again. I ended up getting her a small tropical tree to keep indoors for the holiday, and she loved it..over the next few months she had to go to the hospital for a short while but I took care of it, and her, when she returned. She eventually came back to herself, and I went off the college. Ten years later, she’s done amazingly well, and the tree is now nearly seven feet tall. We’re closer than ever, and the tree reminds me of the growth of our relationship, through all of those years.

  • Sharon Matern says:

    My Mother’s Day story is a bit sad but it’s filled with love.

    I grew up in a very poor family, we didn’t have enough money for food or a home. I would stand in food lines with my mom hoping to get enough food for the next week. We moved from place to place because each one would cost to much money to stay. It was a very hard time, but my mom was so amazing! Even though we had very little money, every Christmas she would make sure that the tree would be filled with presents for me! Sometimes it was as simple as individually wrapping each item to make it look like I got way more presents than I really did. She made sure that on Christmas I felt special and loved. I know throughout the year she would sacrifice things she needed in order to provide a amazing Christmas morning. She passed away on December 21 eleven years ago and every single day I miss her but even more than that I wish she would have been able to have that last Christmas.
    She was an amazing mom! I love her so much!!!

  • Ryan says:

    mother is more than a person who brought you into the world. To be a mother means they love unconditionally,

    Username, sicknt

  • Steph says:

    Motherhood to me is a Quest. It is challenging and difficult yet such joyful experience. A Quest that we as parents don’t know how well we have succeeded for decades. There’s no perfect way to parent all children, only guides. Parenting is all trial and error. Trying to develop the best way to raise each child individually, so they can then continue to grow to be the best person that they can be.
    You have ups and downs along the way. Still it’s the most rewarding, exciting and exhausting experience that i love and enjoy. I am a little scared that I might fail at being both a mummy and daddy but I’m hopeful and give my all. My Serenity means the world to me!
    I love you my Princess ❤️

  • Snowman41 says:

    Happy mothers day your the best

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  • Caitlin says:

    My mom stopped drinking and entered 12 step program when she got pregnant with me. She calls me her miracle baby for that reason, but honestly my mom is the miracle to everyone that meets her. She gives and loves unconditionally to every soul she meets, whether it means giving you three huge overstuffed bags of groceries from her own fridge and cupboards if you say you can’t afford groceries or if you need a ride somewhere or simply to talk to her for hours while she listens. Growing up, she was an Alateen sponsor and became everyone’s mom, driving all of the Alateens to meetings, helping them learn to do service work, and planning the conventions like March Round-Up. To this day a huge number of 35 year olds and younger call her “Mom” because she was their mom when their own parents were trying (or failing to) get sober. She let our friends stay at our house and would take them to school because even though our house wasn’t perfect it was often safer than their own. Today she works as a substance abuse counselor and teaches about addiction at schools. No matter what I do wrong or fail at in life, she is there to tell me “this, too, shall pass.” She is a warrior that has been through everything you can possibly think of, and instead of it making her hard, cold, and bitter – she has become the kindest, most forgiving person I have ever met. If I am even 1% of what my mom is like at the end of my life, I know I’ve become a good person. And even if I am not that 1% as loving as she is at the end of the road, it will not matter. Because I am able to love myself because SHE has loved me so well.

  • Cassandra says:

    There is no greater love then that of a parent. My mother provided the very best that a single fulltime working mother could. We lived in a one bedroom apartment and our big special treat was sunday break fast at McDonald’s. Greatest memories ever. Now a mother myself I know now the depth of a mothers love. It is our job to teach our children about right and wrong about respect and love and holding them accountable when they do wrong. There is nothing I wouldnt do for my children. Being a mother has brought me much joy and sadness. I lost my daughter to the world I tried to protect her from but was blessed with 13 amazing years with her. I have two amazing boys who make everyday worth living and if it wasnt for the greatest woman I know showing me and teaching me how to be strong and keep putting one foot in front of the other I am not sure of the woman I would be today. Happy mother’s day to all of the amazing women in the world who sacrifice daily for their families.

  • Angie says:

    God was sure generous when he gave me my…MOM. Not only has she loved me and my daughter unconditionally, she has dedicated her life to helping the inner-city children in our communities and/but not limited to traveling and helping orphans in Africa. Mom is an amazing woman who has one of the biggest hearts in the world, and today has been dedicated to people like her. Anyone who has come to know her, or for that fact…just meet her, leaves with a sense of love. She’s an amazing person and I am so thankful to be able to call her…”My Mom.” XOX

  • queenofheartss says:

    Just like flowers, each and every mother is different and beautiful in their own unique way.

  • Olivia says:

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  • Norma says:

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  • Donna Renee Smith says:

    To be a mother is a very blessed but at the same time the hardest thing iv’e had to do in my entire life! Atleast so far anyways and i’ve been a mother for 37 years in August!!.. The pain, love, and joy that a child can bring you has no measures!! It’s just a beautiful but mysterious thing that i believe has no real set of guidelines that are statistically successful in raising a child to be what SOCIETY says makes them a good citizen. Just listen to your heart and always teach them to do what their heart tells them. Because we know whats right and wrong when are hearts telling us!!!! And from there things will fall into place but be PATIENT and no matter what just keep doing the right thing!!!

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