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The New Nike Fit App Provides You To Try the Shoes

By May 18, 2019No Comments

Regardless of whether you are into sports shoes or not, tailored shoes are always a blessing. Custom made shoes are considered to be up-market products and a matter of prestige. If you are wearing custom-made shoes, it means that you have invested your money into a quality product and that you are making an impression anywhere you go.

Now, when it comes to sports shoes, people may not be going to such lengths and overthinking. However, is there any other type of shoes that need to be so comfy and fitted as your running shoes, for example? Nike has been thinking about this and the uniqueness of each pair of feet, and in their quest to provide the best possible product they have developed the Nike Fit App.

The idea behind the app is quite simple. While browsing the list of products and tapping on the model and the size you like, you will be given the chance to try the Nike fit. If you choose to try it out, you should use your smartphone camera to scan your feet. This would take a few seconds.  The app will map the exact morphology of your feet and then compare it with the model of shoes and the material that particular model was made of, as well as with all other significant data, in order to give you the information on the size that would suit you best.  Once you scan your feet, the information would be stored in your profile, and every subsequent search would display only the models available in your size. The size can vary depending on the model. However, you would not need to worry about that, because the app would find the best match. The app also provides the “guest mode”, as an option to scan another pair of feet, making it cozy for the use of parents and children.

According to Nike, reportedly almost 60% of people wear uncomfortable shoes that do not suit them well, while 28% of shoes are being returned to stores, due to poorly selected size. On the other hand, feet are the ones that bear all of our mass and contain the nerve points. For centuries, people have known about reflexology and the importance of foot massages and how we can improve our overall health by taking care of our feet. So, why do we pay so little attention to the selection of shoes? Treat yourself with the perfectly fitted products.

As for Nike, the company will certainly see some gain providing such personal approach to sports shoes selection. It will also save on shipping costs and returns, while being able to produce better tailored shoes to match consumer needs. Apart from Nikes expectations of better sales, we are also looking forward to seeing better designs, if that is possible.

The app should be available as of Summer 2019. Until then, you can check their announcement in the video below.

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