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Progressive Slots for the Fearless

By June 7, 2019April 27th, 2021No Comments

Are you an audacious player? Yes, we can all play and hope for some money to drop in from time to time, but do you ever think outside of the box and aim for the big win? Progressive slots, which are sometimes referred to as kings of online casino games, are meant for more daring players who have the guts to risk big in order to win big.

When it comes to joining forces, what better combination can you think of other than the king among the online casino games on one hand and instant withdrawal kings on the other?

Piles of cash are achievable. Trying your luck is not just some phrase we throw at people when we have nothing better to say. Luck is a category that is open to discussion, we can agree. However, luck is always present regardless of whether we acknowledge it or not.  The question which comes to mind is: why not test it every now and then?

Features of Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have the most massive payouts among all the jackpots out there. While regular jackpots are usually set at a specific amount throughout the game, the progressive ones have no limits and are related to the number of players engaging in the game and the deposits they make. The winning amount is extremely high due to the fact that a prize is drawn from one winning pool, in which all of the amounts are collected. Additionally, one game can be shared among many casinos, and the winning pool is shared as well. Therefore, you can imagine how quickly the winning amount can be increased taken into consideration how many players in different casinos place bets for the same game.

As with all things in life, the competition may be high, but so are the rewards. The downside to progressive slots may be the fact that it is difficult to predict when the jackpot will strike. Nevertheless, we can all take one important note into consideration: if there has not been a jackpot for a long time, it could only be a question of days, weeks, etc.

Apart from choosing the right moment, and using common sense, we can also suggest looking for the slot that has not had a jackpot in quite some time. At our casino, you will find “Cleopatras Gold”, “Aztecs Millions”, “Spirit of the Inca”, “Megasaur”, all waiting for the lucky winner.  It is easy to imagine spending big bucks, but you would need to put some effort into increasing your chances of winning.

Tips for playing

So, once you have chosen the slot you wish to play, a little background check can go a long way. There are apparently sites where you can check the latest news regarding the previous winning dates and the amounts of certain jackpots, as well as patterns and predictions of future winnings.

Another tip to elevate your chances is to make your own plan and stick to your own dynamics. Winnings are randomly generated and there is always a chance that once your routine will become your golden egg.    

And ultimately, remember that playing can improve your mood, make your day, sharpen your senses. When you decide to try your luck on a deeper level, make sure you have the proper support and to do it in a bet safe casino. Now, check what some of the ancient civilizations have been up to! Good luck!

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