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numbers and dice shooting

Craps Is the Game of Numbers and Dice Shooting

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The same as some other games, Craps is the game of numbers and dice shooting. Many players got the habit of trying out their luck without thinking too much. Although, all games depend on luck partially, knowing your numbers and planning bets can get you a long way.

Moreover, Craps involves dice shooting. Although it may not seem that way, there is a pop-science behind that ritual as well. Some of the most prominent connoisseurs of the game gave their opinions on the subject.  Today, among the game basics, we also present the best shooter profile, as described by Frank Scoblete, a well-known casino specialist and book author.

The Numbers 

If you are just getting to know the game, it may be news to you that Craps is a game of eleven numbers (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12).  Numbers and dice shooting are inseparable. The dice itself has six sides displaying six pits (1,2,3,4,5,6).  There, since we have two dice, six sides each, the number of possible combinations is 36. Possible combinations within the eleven numbers are:

2 = 1:1

3 = 2:1, 1:2

4 = 2:2, 3:1, 1:3

5 = 3:2, 2:3, 4:1, 1:4

6 = 3:3, 4:2, 2:4, 5:1, 1:5

7 = 4:3, 3:4, 5:2, 2:5, 6:1, 1:6

8 = 4:4, 5:3, 3:5, 6:2, 2:6

9 = 5:4, 4:5, 6:3, 3:6

10 = 5:5, 6:4, 4:6

11 = 6:5, 5:6

12 = 6:6

The Bets

When placing bets, a player has the aim to lower the so-called “house edge”. The experts say that if a player makes the bet with wrong numbers, the house-edge is increased. Therefore, they advise to try slowing down the game. If a player makes too many quick decisions, the chances are majority of those would be wrong choices.

Each player knows his or her red lines, abilities and skills. Majority of players decides on placing several bets and combining Pass Line bets with two Come bets and/or Place bets. Additionally, adrenaline-driven players prefer “Crazy Crapers” bets, for example. The thing is that with these bets, a player risks a lot. Although, if having luck on his or her side, the amounts that he or she can win are astounding.

In order to prolong the game experience and go for the more reliable style of gambling, the experts say that you should keep less, but steady betting style. The above-mentioned Frank Scoblete even advocates for a single bet. His explanation is interesting. He says:

“If the player makes two of the best bets at craps, the Pass Line and Come bet, and goes on three of them at once, he will face a house edge of 1.41 percent on each of the numbers he bets. So, a $10 bettor’s expectation is to lose around 42 cents. If the player only makes one such bet, his expectation is to lose 14 cents.”

The Ultimate Dice Shooting Style

 Mr. Scoblete differentiated several shooting styles. The Rhythmic Roller (a.k.a. Dice Control, Precision Shooting, Dice Influence) being the most successful one. He claimed that this particular style is not just the physical skill of throwing the dice in a certain manner. It entailed the comprehensive attitude towards the game and a player’s place in it. He also claimed that there are but a few people who are able to master it. In order to describe it more clearly, he derived the list of main elements of this style, as follows:


  • Proper setting the dice in a way that encourages certain numbers to appear or in order to reduce the appearance of the seven.
  • Correct gripping of the dice so there is little or no friction when released.
  • Real arc on the dice, which changes depending on the table.
  • True bounce of the dice on the table so there is not too much friction or activity on the dice from a table’s layout or the pyramids at the back wall.
  • Playing at good tables for one’s throw.
  • Proper betting on oneself.
  • Avoidance of all poor bets such as the hardways, the horn, the field, and all place bets except perhaps the six and the eight.
  • Extremely small bets on other players. One small Come or Pass Line bet is recommended.
  • Regular at-home practice.
  • Honesty about your actual skill.

What kind of a shooter are you?

Keno tips and tricks

Keno Tips and Tricks

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Many wrongly believe that playing Keno is boring and that chances of winning significant amounts of money are low. However, playing online opens the door to a completely new experience. Additionally, the payouts in online casinos are usually better than in the brick and mortar ones. With Keno tips and tricks, you can master your skill and increase the odds to your favor.

As with many other games, the outcome is unpredictable, due to the random number generator. However, unpredictable as it may be, there is still a mathematical logic behind the game and the RNG. Skilled players developed some of the techniques and things to watch out for. Here they are.

Get Acquainted with the Rules

Before placing your money, get to know the rules. That way, there would be no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises once you start playing for real money. Keno games can vary to some extent. Therefore, you should know the limits concerning how many numbers you can play.

Also, the important detail is the minimum bet, as well as the potential payout and the chance of matching numbers.  In order to get to know the rules and get comfortable with game, you can always practice for free.

Check the Payouts

This is the first thing some would do, even before getting to know the rules. Nevertheless, many people do not bother. They simply love the game and enjoy it, without trying to raise the odds.

In order to know what payout system suits you best, the first thing you should do is check how many versions of Keno there are. In many casinos, you can choose up to 20 numbers to place your bet. Afterwards, the 20 numbers are drawn out of 80.

How Many Numbers to Choose?

How many numbers to choose to bet on is the ultimate question. As we have said, the winning numbers are randomly generated. However, there are math algorithms that say the best chances are if a player chooses between 4 and 8, or 7 and 11 numbers.

The explanation is that choosing less than 4 numbers is not worth the hassle, since the payouts are usually very low, the same as the chances of winning. Choosing more than 8 numbers increases your chances of winning and having at least 5 matching numbers.

In a combination of 7 up to 11 numbers, you will need 3 hits to break even. Additionally, some players claim that it is easier to hit 3 out of 11 than 3 out of 7 numbers. Hence, the chances of getting your original bet back are higher.

What Numbers to Choose?

When dealing with numbers online, many use birth dates or other significant dates and lucky numbers hoping to win. Although these numbers may be lucky to some, there is a mathematical calculation that says differently. Namely, the studies show that consecutive numbers provide the best odds. Also, researching the so called “cold numbers” can help as well. If a number has not appeared for some time, the chances are it will come in the near future. These are the numbers to bet on.

Should I Go Progressive Or Not?

As Keno is highly unpredictable, why not try your luck? After all, when you gamble, do it right. In case you explore the game and stick to some of the basic Keno tips and tricks, there are always chances of winning.  Progressive jackpot can really be worth the money. Especially since the pot builds over time. Therefore, the chances of winning a larger sum boost up.

In order to bet for progressive jackpot, explore the betting requirements. Also, you should know the maximum size of the jackpot comparing to the current one.  This should give you the sense of how much the jackpot is still to boost before someone wins it.

Above all – remember to enjoy the game and its dynamics. Do not forget to let us know your experience with Keno.


777 slot real money video slot

RTG’s Newest 777 Slot is Something Really Different

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Are you ready for something really different? RTG prepared for you “777” slot, one of the best classic entertainment slots.

This game has 1 fixed payline and wining direction is any, according to the pay table. You can get jackpot if you comply with the rules. To trigger the jackpot feature, the player needs to play with Super Bet, and win 3 wild card logos.

The top awards in the latest RTG release are:

  • Normal Bet:  1,000 times bet
  • High Bet: 1,680 time bet
  • Super Bet:  Progressive Jackpot.

The wild symbol is Cards which can substitute for all symbols except Cards. Each Cards symbol that substitutes in a line win, multiplies the pay for that win by 3x. More than 1 multiplier may match and multiply in a win, up to 9X.

777” slot has the Hold feature which only applies to symbols in the pay table, and will be activated after a winning combination. The player can choose to hold any 1 or 2 reels by clicking the “HOLD” button under the corresponding reel. When 2 reels are held, the third HOLD button becomes disabled. When each hold button is clicked, an extra bet amount will be calculated to increase the total bet amount. Once the player confirms the bet amount, he/she can spin to start the ‘Hold & Spin’ game.

The ‘Hold & Spin’s bet amount is calculated based on the bet from the last paid game. The ‘Hold & Spin’ game will only pay a winning combination with a payout higher than the payout of winning combination that activated the HOLD feature. When 3 Cards game logo wilds are won, all HOLD buttons will be disabled until the next new game round.

Come join us in the great adventure of playing this slot!

777 slot rtg

Tips in slots and blackjack

Advantage Tips for Beginners in Slots and Blackjack

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There are more and more players coming to online casinos every day. It is a fun, yet private place which can secure top notch party and amazing opportunities. In order to get a player started, we have prepared a short list of advantage tips for beginners in slots and blackjack. However, the list is applicable for more experienced players as well, as a quick reminder. Here we go.

Find an Online Casino

First and foremost, try to find a reputable web site and to read the terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings. We have already written about this and you can check the details here.

Choosing a Slot Game

After you have chosen the desired casino, and got acquainted with the terms and conditions, the next thing to do is to choose the game. Many players enjoy slots, as the quickest form of games. Slots also do not require any special skill. Nevertheless, to make it even more fun, you can try engaging in a slot tournament.

If you are competitor, the tournament might be just the right thing for you. Furthermore, there are special advantages of playing the slots this way. For example, at our casino, the buy-in fee is as low as $0.50, or even completely free . We also have similar tournaments at our sister casino Extreme. Once you enter the tournament, you will be playing with minimum cost, against other players. The players with the highest totals win prizes.

Additionally, the prize pools are astonishing. You can get amazing number of free spins or free chips. Additionally, we transfer prizes to your account within minutes of the tournament ending, enabling you to withdraw two times your winnings at any time.

Slot tournaments are a true bargain. You actually get the most for your money. Furthermore, the experience is unique if you are a true slot lover. It provides the opportunity to play and develop a bit of your own strategy with possibility to win.

Advantages of Table Games

Tired of slots? Consider playing one of the table games. Naturally, there are players who are proficient in different table games and will achieve better results. However, these games can be learned. Furthermore, they allow you to develop the skill, as well as to build your own style of playing.

Blackjack is one of the best games to play online because of the high payout potential. It engages your wit to plan the best way to play your hand.

Most beginners use the so-called “strategy cards”.  Basically, the strategy relies on the computer simulation of millions of blackjack hands and a mathematically computed odds and combinations.  By accepting these, a player gets a reliable advice on what action to take for each possible card combination.

Mastering the basics in blackjack puts a player in a position to play against the house as an equal participant.  This sounds awesome. However, as with all other things in life, it takes some time and practice. You will know that you have mastered the game when you start playing it without giving any serious thought on the game or having doubts in certain steps.

Whichever game you choose to play, we sincerely wish you the best of luck. Furthermore, we are looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

hottest cryptos

The Hottest Cryptos in 2019

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The list of the hottest cryptos to invest in 2019 should be tailored to every persons needs. However, there are certain general characteristics which put a certain cryptocurrency above the rest. If we take a look at the not-so-known cryptos out there, we will find several that deserve our attention. In this post, we will reflect just a few of them and recall the well-known reliable cryptos.

Dash (DASH)

DASH is mainly talked about in terms of investing. Surprisingly, this cryptocurrency and its market capitalization have surpassed $2 billion. All this happened very quickly, having in mind that DASH was created in 2015.

Many people claim that its ability to provide safety and security puts it among the top cryptos in the market. Nowadays, DASH reaches approximately $100 million worth of transactions daily. The price of DASH is $158.67 at the moment of writing this text.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Everyone heard about Binance Exchange which positioned itself as one of the leading crypto exchanges today. However, we would like to draw your attention to Binance Coin.  BNB is reliable. Actually, it is among the thirty top cryptocurrencies in the market. Its market capitalization is approaching $5 billion. The price of BNB at the moment of writing this text is $32.54.

BNB is very liquid. The circulating supply is BNB 141,175,490.  The past records show that it tends to be quite stable. Additionally, the market has shown records of steady increase in unsteady times.

Bitcoin (BTC)

This is the most commented on and well-known cryptocurrency. It was primarily created with a vision to be a global, decentralized currency. Digital cash, if you wish.  Regardless of the fact BTC has experienced some ups and downs, the analysts still consider it to be one of the most reliable cryptos to both invest in and trade with. It is highly liquid. There are 17.8 million units in the market. The number of users interested in BTC is constantly high, so trading should not be a problem. The price of a BTC at the moment of writing this text is $11,749.10.  The price has a volatile history. However, the estimate is that in order to manipulate the price of a bitcoin, a person or a company would need to have extremely large resources at hand. Therefore, the chances are that fluctuations of BTC are solely related to the volume of the demand. Once the demand increases, the price goes up. Additionally, the supply is limited to 21 million coins.

Lastly, BTC has low inflation rates. As BTC is mined, there are block rewards in BTC that go to miners. Since every 210,000 blocks the reward halves, it means that in time inflation decreases.

bitcoin crypto online casino

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is, many believe, one of the best cryptos ever designed. One of the reasons is because it is super-fast.  It uses Bitcoin’s source code and has faster confirmation times than other cryptos. If we compare it to Bitcoin, we will see that LTC’s blockchain can handle higher transaction volumes, due to more frequent block generation.

The predictions are that Litecoin network will produce 84 million Litecoins, which is a lot more than BTC units planned.

It is accessible globally, working as an open source on a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

The market cap is approximately $771.0 billion. The price of a Litecoin at the moment of writing of this text is $118.84.

Whatever your choice may be, the smartest advice we heard of is to keep investing in more than one cryptocurrency. The other smart advice would be to choose cryptos which are easy to store and secure at the same time, and to not be afraid to go for the more expensive ones.

Let us know about your experience with cryptos.