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Craps Is the Game of Numbers and Dice Shooting

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The same as some other games, Craps is the game of numbers and dice shooting. Many players got the habit of trying out their luck without thinking too much. Although, all games depend on luck partially, knowing your numbers and planning bets can get you a long way.

Moreover, Craps involves dice shooting. Although it may not seem that way, there is a pop-science behind that ritual as well. Some of the most prominent connoisseurs of the game gave their opinions on the subject.  Today, among the game basics, we also present the best shooter profile, as described by Frank Scoblete, a well-known casino specialist and book author.

The Numbers 

If you are just getting to know the game, it may be news to you that Craps is a game of eleven numbers (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12).  Numbers and dice shooting are inseparable. The dice itself has six sides displaying six pits (1,2,3,4,5,6).  There, since we have two dice, six sides each, the number of possible combinations is 36. Possible combinations within the eleven numbers are:

2 = 1:1

3 = 2:1, 1:2

4 = 2:2, 3:1, 1:3

5 = 3:2, 2:3, 4:1, 1:4

6 = 3:3, 4:2, 2:4, 5:1, 1:5

7 = 4:3, 3:4, 5:2, 2:5, 6:1, 1:6

8 = 4:4, 5:3, 3:5, 6:2, 2:6

9 = 5:4, 4:5, 6:3, 3:6

10 = 5:5, 6:4, 4:6

11 = 6:5, 5:6

12 = 6:6

The Bets

When placing bets, a player has the aim to lower the so-called “house edge”. The experts say that if a player makes the bet with wrong numbers, the house-edge is increased. Therefore, they advise to try slowing down the game. If a player makes too many quick decisions, the chances are majority of those would be wrong choices.

Each player knows his or her red lines, abilities and skills. Majority of players decides on placing several bets and combining Pass Line bets with two Come bets and/or Place bets. Additionally, adrenaline-driven players prefer “Crazy Crapers” bets, for example. The thing is that with these bets, a player risks a lot. Although, if having luck on his or her side, the amounts that he or she can win are astounding.

In order to prolong the game experience and go for the more reliable style of gambling, the experts say that you should keep less, but steady betting style. The above-mentioned Frank Scoblete even advocates for a single bet. His explanation is interesting. He says:

“If the player makes two of the best bets at craps, the Pass Line and Come bet, and goes on three of them at once, he will face a house edge of 1.41 percent on each of the numbers he bets. So, a $10 bettor’s expectation is to lose around 42 cents. If the player only makes one such bet, his expectation is to lose 14 cents.”

The Ultimate Dice Shooting Style

 Mr. Scoblete differentiated several shooting styles. The Rhythmic Roller (a.k.a. Dice Control, Precision Shooting, Dice Influence) being the most successful one. He claimed that this particular style is not just the physical skill of throwing the dice in a certain manner. It entailed the comprehensive attitude towards the game and a player’s place in it. He also claimed that there are but a few people who are able to master it. In order to describe it more clearly, he derived the list of main elements of this style, as follows:


  • Proper setting the dice in a way that encourages certain numbers to appear or in order to reduce the appearance of the seven.
  • Correct gripping of the dice so there is little or no friction when released.
  • Real arc on the dice, which changes depending on the table.
  • True bounce of the dice on the table so there is not too much friction or activity on the dice from a table’s layout or the pyramids at the back wall.
  • Playing at good tables for one’s throw.
  • Proper betting on oneself.
  • Avoidance of all poor bets such as the hardways, the horn, the field, and all place bets except perhaps the six and the eight.
  • Extremely small bets on other players. One small Come or Pass Line bet is recommended.
  • Regular at-home practice.
  • Honesty about your actual skill.

What kind of a shooter are you?

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