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Easter Celebrities

Easter Celebrations at Casino Brango

By Casino Promos, Promotions 5 Comments

It’s Easter weekend already fellow players and your favorite instant withdrawal casino Brango cannot wait to share the celebratory spirit with you. We had quite a bit of Easter-themed promotions this month that get you 20 free spins without depositing, and extra 50 free spins from April 17th after each new deposit. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so before we get to them let’s present you with some of the most interesting Easter celebrations around the world.

Crimes Stories Reading in Norway

Believe it or not, Easter in Norway is a time for some high crime! Thankfully, not the real crime but that was what people thought back in 1923. The year when a highly popular crime novel came out that made people think it was not fiction. From then on, it has become a custom to watch and read detective and crime stories over this period. We’re proud to say we share that tradition with the Norwegians because we have a whole section dedicated to them. Check them out and see how you can occasionally get a hold of free spins if you manage to crack them.

Egg Cracking in Serbia

Easter is a holiday that jumps around the calendar like a bunny, so it should not come to you as a surprise that for Orthodox people like Serbians it’s not on this but on next weekend. And the way it’s celebrated is rather interesting. Eggs play an integral part, where every family decorates theirs and holds a competition for the most beautiful ones. Everyone chooses one for himself and starts cracking it against another. The one that doesn’t break is believed to be especially blessed with fortune.

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt in New Zealand

When it comes to New Zealand, are folk that spends their Easter celebrations with guns blazing! Namely, every year around Easter, hunters gather in the Central Otago district to hunt for rabbits. And while it may seem a bit cruel to you the reason behind it has an ecological background. The rabbit population was artificially introduced and came to negatively affect the biodiversity of the country. They are therefore considered to be a pest, that needs to be cut down. The reasoning may not be the same, but the means are the same with the Old Granny character in our new Run, Rabbit, Run slot. It came just in time for Easter celebrations, so go and try it out and claim your 30 free spins.

Easter Promotions and Bonuses at Casino Brango

And while our way of marking Easter may not be so bizarre as the previous one thing certainly is. The free spins and bonuses we like to share with our loyal players! We’re having some great free spins & no rules bonuses that go up to 100% to boost your Easter and a $20k Prize Pool Tournament that you can still join till the end of the month. Wishing you a very happy Easter and may fortune always be on your side!

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types of bonuses

Types of Bonuses at Casinos

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Welcome to our new post at Casino Brango. We know Easter is coming soon, so we wanted to help you relax from everyday commitments with a little bonus topic. Nonetheless, we are trying to get to know our players and by now we have concluded that all of you agree on one thing – bonuses! That is the main reason why we are trying to keep our bonus play at the top level. So, let’s check out all the types of bonuses you will have an opportunity to use at Casino Brango! A lot is going on when it comes to this matter, so stay tuned.

Welcome Bonuses

First on the list is a welcome bonus. For all of you newbies, casinos are always trying to help you kick off your game with a little initial push. The welcome bonus can be in terms of anything a casino offers. That means, when you sign up for the first time at the casino, you will be able to get cash, chips, free spins, comp points, or some other type of boost for the starter. Casino Brango also offers a welcome bonus that can go up to 1000%, so register, make your first deposit and get it!

Deposit Bonuses

Casinos also offer deposit and no deposit bonuses. As the word says, a deposit bonus is a bonus you get when you make a deposit. The deposit level is adjusted to the bonus amount, which means that, if you make a bigger deposit the bonus you get will also be bigger. At Casino Brango currently is active our Easter boost with up to 100% no rules bonus. In other words, players don’t have to wager and there is no maximum cash out. Additionally, we have another no rules bonus that is active – a 200% no rules bonus. This boost will give you a chance to win a lot, by making a minimum of a $20 deposit. That is truly a good deal!

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are not always active on casino sites. On most occasions, they are a part of the promotion, and they last for a couple of days or weeks. Sometimes they can apply only to some of the games and not to the others, so you should read the terms and conditions and inform yourself on time about all the promo rules. We at Casino Brango make this type of gift for our players from time to time. Therefore, keep up with us so you don’t miss out on a chance to get huge prizes in your pockets.

Free Spins Bonuses

One more of the various types of bonuses that all of you who are into the online casino world love to get. Free Spins come as a part of the promotion, which can sometimes be related to the new game like now for example. We have welcomed a new game at Casino Brango named Run Rabbit Run just in time for the Easter holidays. In that manner, we wanted to give all of the players who write a review of the game 30 free spins. Try the game, write something and those free spins can be yours!

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Visit our Casino Brango and enjoy all the games as well as all the different types of bonuses we have to offer. Use some of those and let us know how you like them!

rtp casino

What is RTP (Return to Player) in Casinos?

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If someone asked you to describe the first scene that pops into your mind when thinking about a casino game, you’ll probably describe its theme or gameplay. But what gets overlooked is the thing that should be put in the first place if you aim to win. The RTP. An acronym you’ve surely heard about, but did you stop to ask yourself about the meaning of the phrase? We’re here to lend a helping hand, so let’s try to untangle it.

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP is short for “return to player”, which is a pretty neat term to describe what it’s about. It is a term that describes how much a certain casino game returns to the player. And the way it’s expressed is in the form of the percentages that show how much of the wagered money is returned to the bettors.

You can think of it as the opposite of a “house edge”, a term you’re probably much more familiar with. So, if the house edge is an advantage casino has over you, then the return to player presents the chances of you winning your money back.

Return to player is in its essence a mathematical formula that calculates odds of winning at a certain casino game based on the previous wins. That means that the higher the RTP goes the more likely you are to win. You can see how that knowledge can come in handy, so let’s find out how you can determine it.

How Do You Calculate RTP?

Fortunately for us, we don’t need the mathematical skills of an astrophysicist to calculate the RTP of a game. All we have to do is follow a simple formula that goes like this. You divide the total amount won by players with the total amount of bets that are placed. But keep in mind that the calculation is done on a long-term basis, so the RTP of your gambling session can vary quite a bit.

Let’s see how this works by taking an example. If a game has an estimated RTP of 90% it means that for every $100 wagered the players will get $90 in return. But with thousands of players wagering on the same game, you cannot safely predict that it will happen exactly on your betting round. In short term, anything can happen because of the inherent volatility of games. But the more rounds you play the more general picture you’ll get of your expected returns.

Is Hit Frequency the Same as Casino RTP?

Hit frequency is a term that many gamblers associate with RTP. But don’t let this give you the impression that the two are the same thing. Hit frequency is a term that explains the rate at which a slot machine will land on a winning combination. It is also expressed in percentages as RTP, so if a machine has a let’s say 15% hit frequency it means it will deliver a winning combination 15% of the time. In other words, hit frequency describes how often a player will win while RTP expresses the amount of money that goes back to the players.

Differences in RTP Between Land-Based and Online Casinos

So, is RTP better in land-based or online casinos? The answer is quite simple. The world of online casinos has been on the rise for over a decade and the competition among them has never been fiercer. That results in plenty of bonuses, promotions, and available games that land-based casinos simply cannot provide. And because of fewer overhead costs, online casinos can afford to make higher RTP rates, which is why so many experienced players flock to them.

How Important is the RTP in a Casino?

Among so many things that make a difference between an average and top-class casino one should always place the RTP value of their games. That’s because a good RTP value tells you exactly how much you are likely to win. So, if you familiarize yourself with the RTP of every game before you try it out, you can modify your expectations of winning at them.


The RTP ratio is a crucial thing for casinos as much as it is for players. It allows them to operate and evaluate how much they keep and how much they give back. Every good casino will be transparent about their RTP percentages so you as a player can inform yourself beforehand. Instant withdrawal casino Brango is one of them so you can see what game gives you best chance at winning. May luck always be in your favour!

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three wins

Free Games Delivered Three Wins Over $12k

By Latest Winners 2 Comments

Hello, our dear players, how are you today? We have awesome news to announce to you. Not one, not two, but three wins above 4k each are realized at Casino Brango in the past week. We congratulate our lucky players and wish them even more lucky wins in the future. Stay with us because we are bringing their story to you!

Wins and Spins

This post is all about honouring our top players. They were lucky handed, but they have also shown great quality and focus, and that is something we all should be proud of. Perhaps this story can  inspire all of you, our players, who still haven’t made a huge win. Yet, odds are working in your favour, we can see that. Visit our Casino Brango and try your luck!

Top Three Players

This time, players have made their wins on three different slot games, but all the coins are won in the Free Games modus. Nuances decided who would be the first in our list of top 3 huge wins. The highest win was $4,860.00. This lucky player has won its greens while playing Halloween Treasures. The second-highest win was $4,290.00 and this time player was playing Loch Ness Loot. Finally, the last but certainly not the least was the player who won $4,050.00 on The Big Bopper® game, in White Lightnin Free Games mode.

If you want to be on our list, visit Casino Brango and check our games. We have a lot of slots, table games as well as live dealer games to offer. Also, with the option of instant withdrawal, you will have a chance to have your money in your pockets in no time. For any additional questions, contact our customer support service. They are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!

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Why Do Casinos Use Chips?

By Tips & Tricks 4 Comments

Online and land-based casinos both use chips for their games. You love when you get extra chips from us as a part of the current promotion, but have you ever wondered why casinos use them in the first place? If you feel intrigued, this post is going to be perfect for you. Stay with us because we are going to try to answer why casinos use chips!

Encourage People to Wager

Yeah, chips are a way that casinos use to encourage people to wager. Casinos don’t ask the players to make constant wagers, as we have no wagering promotions only from time to time available to all the players. Yet, when you wager you have a chance to win a lot and cash that chips into real money!

Convenience of Accounting

It is easier for the accounting staff to keep track of the money. That is especially the case when we talk about standard kinds of casinos. Can you imagine land-based casinos using cash? It will be chaotic, to say at least. So, chips are more convenient and easier to manage.

Makes the Games Run Faster and Smoother

When it comes to table games, like blackjack and poker, it is much easier to use chips during the game. Chips keep the game flow on the right level and don’t break the focus and concentration of the players. Simply, chips are simpler to use and that is why they are always the first choice of casinos everywhere.

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Prevention of Fraud

An extremely important fact is – if you steal a casino chip you cannot do anything with it. Casino chips are significant, but only when you exchange them for real money and you cannot do that outside of the casino. So, by using chips, casinos are stopping all the players who don’t support fair play.

Keep Track of High Rollers

By keeping track of the high rollers, the casino knows how to reward its most passionate and loyal players. That is why we at Casino Brango, make special presents for our players who make regular deposits. Also, we have a section about the latest winners in which we honor the ones who were especially lucky during the past month.

What about Trying Online Casino Sites?

As we said, online casinos also use chips. They are a kind of casino brand, so online casinos use it because they are an interesting way of betting, plus they are convenient. We invite you to try our games because we have a wide variety of different table and slot games, as well roulettes and live dealer games. You can check all at Casino Brango and inform in more details about our games and promotions on our blog. We will be happy to welcome you!

Keep your chips and spin that wheel of fortune. Casino Brango wishes you all the luck in the world in your next play!