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30 Free Spins Hopped In Your Lap

By April 13, 2022April 21st, 2022126 Comments

Hello, dear Casino Brango players! We have some exciting news today for each and every one of you. Just before Easter, our new game has arrived. Run Rabbit Run is here so get ready and collect as many carrots as possible. You have read it well – carrots are merit in this game. Additionally, if you write a review, you will have a chance to take 30 free spins. They will just hop in your lap, simple as that!

Rabbits on A Quest

Run Rabbit Run is a perfect game to welcome the Easter holidays. Just in time to get you in the mood for the famous Egg Hun, start with a little carrot quest! Rascally rabbits are ready to get as many carrots as possible and you should be also. This game is bringing you a lot of different and powerful features as well as prizes bigger than every gift the Easter Bunny could ever bring you.

Game Symbols

This slot game has 25 paylines with a top award of 50,000 times bet per line. The wild symbol is Mr. Rabbit, and the scatter symbol is Carrot Farm. As always, there are rules for both wild and scatter symbols. Mr. Rabbit appears for all other symbols except the scatter symbol, Carrot Farm. Plus, when he brings Mrs. Rabbit with him, his symbols may jump to the other 2 positions on those reels. Nevertheless, all symbols pay left to right except scattered Carrot Farm. In case more than 3 Carrot Farms symbols appear, the Run Rabbit Run feature will be triggered.

Run Rabbit Run Feature

Run Rabbit Run is the special feature of this game! Rabbits are trying to cross a highway and get to the carrot farm. Every Rabbit is awarded for each triggering scatter. Respectively, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25, or 100 free games are awarded for 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Rabbits successfully crossing the highway. But that is not the end! While crossing the highway rabbits can also pick up a Bonus Carrot.

What does that mean? Well, that means a lot of Morphing Wild Symbols, Prize Multipliers, and Extra Wilds as well as Free Games! The 1st Bonus Carrot increases the free games prize multiplier from 2 to 3. Next, the 2nd Bonus Carrot means all Mr. and Mrs. Rabbits appearing during free games will always reveal extra wilds. Consequently, the 3rd Bonus Carrot awards an extra free game per scatter appearing during free games. Plus, any retrigger adds 5 games to the current feature.

Progressive Jackpot

Now, our favourite thing – the jackpot! In this slot, we have a major and minor progressive jackpot. We know that you are all interested in the way you can get it so we will explain the rules. They are simple, don’t worry. At the conclusion of the game, you have a chance to win a jackpot. Nonetheless, the jackpots are randomly triggered and added to other wins. Try your best and maybe you will be the lucky one who will take this baby home!

30 Free Spins Worth of Review

We have informed you a little bit about the game. Yet, to truly understand how awesome it is, you must see it for yourself. So, don’t hesitate and try it because there is no way that you won’t like it. Even more, we at Casino Brango think you will love it! And, after you finish your play write a review and win 30 free spins to boost your luck while you spin the wheel of fortune. Honestly, we are excited to hear your thoughts, so get down to the business.

Visit our Casino Brango and try our new game, as well as our older ones. May the luck be with you!

run rabbit run play now


  • Steven voyles says:

    I liked it although I thought the graphics were old school. It had more than one forms of bonuses to winbduring game play. I would give it 8 out of 10.

  • Brody Miller says:

    Run Rabbit Run is a perfect game to welcome the Easter holidays. it’s an exciting time at Brango for the Easter Holiday. thanks Brango!

  • Leslie Crow says:

    This game is really good I like it. Especially when your 3 rabbits make it across the road for the scatter…. If that happens this game is trully rewarding.

  • Troy A Sullivan says:

    I tried it but didn’t win anything even mediocre nor any bonuses so maybe the 30 free spins will do different!

  • Ezra Burton says:

    I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to play it some more and check out more of the bonus feature. Really enjoyed the bonus round game display. Brought back old game memories of crossing the road as a frog lol

  • Fred Moore says:

    I played the game this morning and wasn’t to crazy about it but definitely will give it another try and see how I like it.

  • Rene volf says:

    Run rabbit run is a fun new game! I do feel a little sorry for the rabbits in the bonus game. I have yet to have all three make it across safely. Definitely adding it to my “must play” games!!!

  • Ricardo lopez says:

    Run rabbit run is a pretty fun game it has my attention locked my excitement built up little rabbit can’t run fast enough..

  • Amber Gwaltney says:

    I loved it had older style graphics but all in all it was a great game. I liked the different bonuses so it wasn’t as predictable, also it was cute. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a cute little bunny?

  • Ra2377ven says:

    Run Rabbit Run is very entertaining and you never know when that rabbit will pop across the reels as a wild card. The bonus round was neat and different but a little confusing as to how to control the bunny hopping across the street.

  • Scott Cockman says:

    Peter Cottontail has arrived at the perfect time! Awesome new game with fun bonuses that will put anyone in the Easter spirit!!

  • Igor Kamalov says:

    Just tried the game and unfortunately, for me it was a complete bust. Although the game is full of action and little bonuses, the payout in my case has been miserable. I might try it another time but definitely not anytime soon. But who knows…

    Username: kamalov

  • Kyle Cannon says:

    Bunny’s were good. They were Kew. Took to winning right off the hop. Then the tail of an empty wallet began. Thumped straight to nothing after the first little hit

  • JAMES Anderson BEATTY says:

    just to be able to play a new game on the house before I go and spend my hard earned money is spent on thesethese games very fun game

  • maddiegirl13 says:

    Run Rabbit Run was not very impressive to me. In 50 FS I won a whopping $4.53. I didn’t get to experience the bonus feature at all, so I can’t really comment on the game’s bonus feature. I think this game has way to many different symbols in it to try and match up for a payout. I used to love this casino, but for the past couple of months it I have been depositing hundreds and hundreds of dollars and have not just lost it all, but have not even seen any winnings on any of the multiple different slots I’ve played. BranGo used to payout but not anymore, not for me at least. Oh well.

  • ria campbell says:

    im not sure about this game i think i kina dont like it the bonus was no good to me anyeay and won nothing with 15 free spins

  • Anthony Smejkal says:

    I enjoyed the run rabbit run slot. The wilds appear in a way that’s original and creative. Overall I’d give it a 11/12.4.


  • Justin hicks says:

    This one has that humor that a good slot will have. It’s funny and keeps you interested. I hit pretty good on the free spins. The makers should definitely make more like this and shouldn’t wait for holidays. We need some new slots.


  • Chris says:

    I love this app it is great I love to play all the game it is real money and it dose pay out it is all liggiet and real and fun

  • Wesley W Errthum says:

    Cute style for the easter holiday. I do enjoy the random wilds that pop up. Makes for big wins. Overall im pleased with the game

  • danielle thompson says:

    Run rabbit run is the best game I’ve liked since I started playing brango. I’ve been playing at this casino for a while now but run rabbit run ia great!. You don’t have to bet high and it’s easy to win big, I love it. I would recommend this game to all my friends

  • Jvice says:

    This is an awesome game! Large bonuses and right in time for Easter with its cute rabbit theme. Don’t walk… run run rabbit and have fun with this new game

  • Sean says:

    I haven’t had any luck with this game the free spins on yabby and this sucked for me I’ve had no good luck with the new games recently I don’t no why…..

  • Margie Fisher says:

    OMG…..Got free spins and didn’t ever have to deposit anything and I can play this game for hours! I love you Brango Casino!!!….Your the best. I’m gonna invite my friends to try this casino, I bet they’ll loved it, too. The graphics are colorful and bright, Like I said before PLAY ON, PLAYERS!!!

  • Erica Craig says:

    This game will not become one of my regular played games.
    The feature is nothing more than some free spins. The payouts are not much more than the wager.
    I honestly was tired of looking at that bunny before my free spins were completed.
    Sure there are wilds but the payouts aren’t impressive so I guess it all balances out in the end.

  • LissaAnne says:

    I am loving the new Run Rabbit Run game!!! The bonus game is great reminds me of frogger! Love this casino!

  • Amy W says:

    Run Rabbit Run has been a decent paying game so far. My first play, I won’t over $300 on the free spins feature! I do wish the bonus/wild bunnies animations weren’t so slow. Overall, good game so far.

  • Gingerbreads says:

    From awesome game selection to impressive live chat support agents..I gave a 4/5 star rating hands down..this is one site that stays true to their word through and through..simply amazing! Truely nice work guys!
    Great games
    Instant payout- Seriously !!
    Good support and great bonuses
    Onlylist a star because I played all day and then found out I didn’t receive any comp points but other than that it would have been
    I like this casino but I favor their sister casino Casino Extreme only for the reason that Brango slots seem a little tighter. I don’t bet big on either site but I usually get a little more play on a $50 deposit on Extreme. The no wager cashbacks are really good but I have yet to win enough to cash out and the majority of my cash outs at Extreme are from cashback offers. I never take the bonuses but I am tempted by some of the no wager ones. Good casino over all especially for US players where the scope of trustworthy casinos is limited.
    Gambling is gambling, but when you win you don’t want to jump through hoops to get your money, that’s when Brango steps in and gives you your Bitcoin/ crypto withdrawal within one hour, well mine was 10 minutes. YES! TEN LITTLE MINUTES, IT WAS IN MY CRYPTO WALLET AND TRANSFERED INTO MY BANK 10 MINUTES.Great
    fastest payout and no catches they are legit and awesome

  • Ryan Miller (dodger712) says:

    Pretty cool slot. Just in time for Easter. Had a nice old school look to it and some nice runs on the reels and a cool feature. Not my fav but def did have some fun. Thanks for the freebies Casino Brango. From user name dodger712

  • Christopher Castaneda says:

    I’m a little disappointed with the new slot. How many time do you have to get a feature where the rabbits don’t get hit? 🙁 it’s kinda sad to see them passed out in the ground.

  • lawerence ortiz says:

    This gane is alright the 1st time i played gave me 100 free spins and also i easnt able to cash put becuz i never win anything in this fucken game so if you want to please allowed me to win and ill write a good review about your shit thanks

  • Joshua Maddox says:

    I love casino brango and the new run rabbit run game. Collect them carrots and win big big big

  • Donald Trafford says:

    I played run Rabbit run i like the graphics the feature and amount of maximum payout

  • David e hristovsky says:

    rabbit game has an old school feel to it not bad I hate how hard it is to get a bonus on it $60 later still no bonus

  • Tasha Brown says:

    Ive had a chance to play this game its fun and the free spins with the 3 rabbits jumping across the road reminds me of a old school game frogger

  • Christy D Robinson says:

    Casino Brango
    Great games
    Instant payout- Seriously !!
    Good support and great bonuses
    Onlylist a star because I played all day and then found out I didn’t receive any comp points but other than that it would have been
    I like this casino but I favor their sister casino Casino Extreme only for the reason that Brango slots seem a little tighter. I don’t bet big on either site but I usually get a little more play on a $50 deposit on Extreme. The no wager cashbacks are really good but I have yet to win enough to cash out and the majority of my cash outs at Extreme are from cashback offers. I never take the bonuses but I am tempted by some of the no wager ones. Good casino over all especially for US players where the scope of trustworthy casinos is limited.
    Gambling is gambling, but when you win you don’t want to jump through hoops to get your money, that’s when Brango steps in and gives you your Bitcoin/ crypto withdrawal within one hour, well mine was 10 minutes. YES! TEN LITTLE MINUTES, IT WAS IN MY CRYPTO WALLET AND TRANSFERED INTO MY BANK 10 MINUTES.Great service, #1 online casino
    fastest payout and no catches they are legit and awesome

  • Adrian Glenn Syjuco says:

    ill try rhe game rub rabbit run on play for fun and my bet is minimum 0.25 dollars and i observed that the five of a kind is easy to get but the charcter symbol is have a lower value and if you get free spin to get that need rabbit farm synbol and it give big amount of winning.

  • Rhonda says:

    I’m going to try and see what the new game is about everything looks fun but it says free play to try and I don’t receive it why don’t I get my bonus

  • Jason Weston says:

    Very awesome game and even better casino I love it and ay it everyday its like your really there anyone whonsee this please head over and register they offer awesome bonus and even better wins asi

  • Kynadi Edwards says:

    Cant wait to try this new game looks like fun lets go run rabbit run i think its awesome how the give free spin to try it lets have sum fun.

  • Tracy Jennings says:

    Casino Brango is my go-to when I’m trying to lose myself in fun! And now just before Easter they have a new game, Run Rabbit Run and I’m really gonna lose myself in this one, it has everything I need, free spins, bonuses and it’s exciting, you guys really need to check this one out!

  • Braulio Hernandez says:

    Great slots on this casino, awesome promotions and instant withdrawals!! Come and try it out, may be the next big winner!!

  • Mirchelle says:

    Just in time for Easter. What an awesome fun game to play. I love that Casino Brango always has new games that are never boring. No wonder why their one of the top online casino.

  • Criss Love says:

    This game was awesome I thought it was slow. Ut then is was way cool a lot of bonuss and everything. Good payouts and a whole bunch of free spins

  • Laura says:

    The new game Bunny on a quest was fun but I got a little confused on some spins because usually when I would get 3 bunnies in a row I would win but there was times where it wouldn’t get anything even tho it would land on basically the same, other than that if was fun thank you Casino Brango. For the spins.

    Username/ Jones86

  • Joseph Cox says:

    I really like playing this game at fun and exciting and it will keep,you on the edge of your seat it cool

  • Luis Cadena says:

    This is my favorite game already rabbit run free spins this app is pretty cool to be honest I highly recommend it to everyone

  • ashley joy robinson says:

    This game for me really isint my style of game. But that’s not saying it’s bad cause I did hit on it. And was surprised on the payout. I wish the special feature wasn’t so boring but once again it paid me so whatever .

  • jimgordon1978 says:

    I have just played this slot a little bit and all I can say, frankly speaking, is that I didn’t miss something like that. Small winnings, in normal play and during the long awaited bonus round. Sorry sir, it will be for the next time!

  • Alex “AliM03” Harris says:

    Honestly I am not sure how I feel about this slot, given I only played it once I will definitely give it another shot with these free spins and give you a better insight.


  • Justin Lang says:

    This looks like a fun old school game. I’m a big fan of Brango and enjoy many of their games. Their quick payout is a great advantage.

  • tv says:

    I liked this game other than the bonus. I would prefer if it was more like henhouse where you have to guess which way is gonna get you the best bonus. The sound effects are really odd too, but overall I liked the game. The more wilds, the better

  • Rebecca Morrissette says:

    Run Rabbit Run! I liked the game it has some good attention grabbers and much more exciting knowing it has a progressive jackpot!

  • Mike Freitas says:

    Like the slit i will olay it and not many new slots i will. Just wish we had control of the rabbits that move like old froger game when retaining maximum benefits to binus spins

  • William N Crill says:

    I really liked the run rabbit run slot. Graphics were fine with me. I really enjoyed the game. Great slot for all kinds especially for the Easter season. Great work!

  • Adriana says:

    Casino Brango is by far one of my top casinos that I play pretty much everyday! They have a extensive list of games with a bunch of daily promos and tons of free spins. I use bitcoin to play and it’s instantly added to my account just as fast as I’m able to instantly withdrawal. I highly recommend playing here at Brango your odds at winning and cashing out after verification is one to won!

  • Hailey - Hainict says:

    Great reels and cute graphics for around Easter time this year. I like that there are expanding wilds, but the game didn’t hit too well with the 50 free spins I was grateful to recieve, so maybe the next 30 will do better. Very cute game, though.

  • Rosanna G Gonzalez says:

    Played the game I like the graphics only got the bonus once didn’t win anything. Even so still enjoyed playing it’s a cute Easter game would try it again at higher bet maybe better luck then . Overall I would give it a 3.5 stars

  • Jamie says:

    I like the new game, wish the payout on some were more than cents but I’m happy about a new game

  • David Lahman says:

    Holy cow rabbit run was spectacular oh I can’t stay away from it long enough to even think rabbit run wow what a game you guys went to the limits on this one I couldn’t even find the Easter egg but happy Easter and enjoy wrap it run y’all it’s a blast

  • Billy Davis says:

    Run rabbit run was a nice play session. The bonus rounds for the carrots and the trucks runnibg the rabbits over was entertaining to say the least the payouts were reasonable as well. Nice work

  • Wilbert Smith says:

    I’ve played it the free spins here are garbage u win nothin maybe a 1.00 I play at others that give a 1.00 a spin this place has become a joke keep your free spins disappointed in all this slots are tight as hell.

  • Sherri Ferguson says:

    The game was a bit fast and over way too quick. The characters are adorable and the henhouses needed to show up a bit more. Othewise, I liked the game.

  • Travis Dail says:

    I liked the game myself. It had the Easter vibe for the month, and I also liked how it brought back the graphics from the older games. I haven’t been lucky enough yet to hit the bonus/special so I can’t comment on that portion of the game, but when I get a lil bit more $$$ to put up here I’m hoping for a big win off of the bonus/special features!!! If I were you, I would definitely give this Bunny a try and you never know it could be you that hits it big next!!!!!

  • Cnicole1285 says:

    I found this game to be fun I like old school looking games. I also like the wilds added. Not a huge fan of the bonus with them running across the field but still good game would play again.

  • Olympia Mendez says:

    This is a really fun game.the paylines aren’t complicated and odds of winning seem good. The bonus pays very well. Great job creating this game.

  • Christopher Brogna says:

    I really enjoyed this game so far being as Easter is coming up this weekend. Run rabbit run coming out just in time. To play a really great game. You get the holiday feel and everything I will definitely be playing this one again for sure

  • Christopher Brogna says:

    Run rabbit run is on top of the holiday season. Coming out just in time for Easter . Vibrant colors the game just flows smoothly in every which way. If your not in to the easter or the holidays got you feeling sad and depressed play this game give it ago you’ll be happy in no time with this game run rabbit run is epic.

  • Marian Brooks says:

    The games r great & I always have a chance 2 win!!
    Gotta enjoy that, too much fun & big wins!!

  • Christopher Smith says:

    I actually had a little luck on this one. I almost won $100 off the free spins. Overall, Casino Brango has been a pleasure, entertaining, and fruit

  • Jessica 8 says:

    Casino Brango is such a fun casino and this new game is fun too. I love when different styles of slots are released because it breaks up then monotonous vibe that a casino who has only 3 reel or 5 reel slots has. In addition it also reminds me of when I was a kid and I played frogger all of the time!!! It’s just fun! Pure and simple.
    My username is JJHALL1102

  • Laura says:

    It seems the graphics are not as modern as they could be but maybe the intention was for it to look and play a lot like the old-school Atari game – Frogger. I did enjoy the extra wilds when boy meets girl rabbit though 🙂 All in all, it’s a fun game to play!

  • Tracey Davis says:

    I love this game when u get the free spins it’s so fun to know you might get a few and u might get alot the rabbits seem to come up alot and I enjoy this game

  • JuicyJay. Jessica Parker says:

    I was really excited to try the new rabbit game. But honestly I was a little let down. I did not think it was very entertaining and definitely lacking in the excitement department. You could have better bonuses in the game also. Hopefully the next game that comes out will be more thrilling.

  • Kimberly Jensen says:

    Username lewjen04. Run rabbit run is a fun slot. The feature has a fun “frogger” style twist, although I haven’t been able to get more than one carrot, it seems to hit quite frequently even when betting minimum amount. Overall pretty nice new slot game

  • Erika Niehoff says:

    It is a cute game and getting the bonus really hits if all 3 bunnies cross the street and you get all 3 carrots. If
    I’d play again.

  • Travis says:

    Id like to play it a little bit more but overall liked the game graphics were a little
    Old school and I haven’t hit the bonus yet but not to shabby

  • Rigoberto carapia says:

    Run Rabbit Run is a perfect game to welcome the Easter holidays. it’s an exciting time at Brango for the Easter Holiday. thanks Brango!

  • Melissa cooper says:

    I love Brandi casino and all the offers they have. I haven’t been able to play this game yet because i can’t seem to figure out how to redeem the free spins. I will definitely continue to try it wait till payday so I can make a deposit till then I will practice play.

  • James Walters says:

    I played thought the game was very slow and didn’t pay all that well. I enjoyed playing whilr I could.

  • Jason Velebit says:

    The bunny game’s really cute I felt like it the payouts kind of kept me in the game but I never really got a head that’s because every time I got a bonus which was like twice out of a couple hundred spins my damn rabbits kept getting hit by cars … If those bonuses would have hit just a little bit it would have been great I would have actually came up or at least stayed in the game longer anyways like the graphics good job

  • Mark Nemeth says:

    just in time to get you in the Easter spirit!! Fun to play! Did pretty decent trying on free spins and will likely be playing over the weekend as I eat my chocolate Bunny Rabbit

  • Melissa Evans says:

    All I have to say about this game is that it’s different and of course not a game of my choice. I am not saying that I don’t like the game I just really don’t careM for it. It’s not like as if all players don’t enjoy the game.

  • Bryanna says:

    Run rabbit run is just in time for Easter, it covers all the bases, eggs rabbits, carrots, and color. I haven’t won much so far but like to play.

  • Zoe says:

    I’m still 50/50 on this game. I was able to hit the feature a few times, however I only had ONE decent feature that paid out a decent winning. I dont like the fact that you can’t walk the rabbit across the road. The game does it its self. If there’s a bonus carrart ava6, the rabbits normally go the opposite direction then where the carrot is..
    As i said. I’m still 50/50 in this game. If that changes, I’ll update review.


  • woo choi says:

    I did not know that carot is wild card. I had a luck to get mini jackpot bonus game. you guys can make it like I did at casino brango.

  • Hoolako OHara says:

    Such a perfect game during Easter Seaskn it’ll keep me coming back for more and can’t wait until I hit the bonus for this game I really enjoy Thank you

  • Kenyatta says:

    I played a few hundred dollars worth on this new game at few casinos in addition to Brango. I like the graphics they are top notch, but I wish my winnings were top notch instead. I hit the bonus twice, once all three rabbits made it across the highway and one picked up a carrot. I won a total of $0.49 on a $0.25 bet, and a second time I managed to pick $3.61. I would like to get full effect of the bonus.


  • Awais says:

    This is a really fun game.the paylines aren’t complicated and odds of winning seem good. The bonus pays very well. Great job creating this game.

  • Larry Hur says:

    I actually enjoyed the game and when you bonus keeps you tuned in when rabbit is on his way across street. I would recommend to try and see if you like the newest game out for RTG.

    Username Larryhur

  • Sarah36 says:

    Run, rabbit , run, is a super cool game! One of the better ones I’ve reviewed thus far. Not only are the graphics super cute, but the expanding bunny wild, and the cool mini game feature make for great payouts. Nice work .

  • Karen22 says:

    Casino brango is my favorite game to play. Me personally, I play it everyday. A couple of my family members and friends also play it on the daily. It’s the best game by far that, we have play in a long time. It takes alot to find good games that are worth playing. Alot of games waste your time. But these games at brango casino, I promise you will love. So try it and let the fun begin.

  • John says:

    This casino brango is the best casino for online slots,and the new slot game run rabbit run is awesome and a sure way to get some free cash

  • Rocco says:

    I have always been a fan of bursting wilds… Run Rabbit Run is another slot with bursting wilds so u can not help but to like the game. Keep up the good work!

  • Geena1 says:

    I like this casino because the games are fun to play and very animated. Also so far a few games gave me the opportunity to win big as well as bet low.

  • Lisa Basswood says:

    I really like the random rabbit wilds. The bonuses I managed to win could have been better. My rabbits were unfortunately very unlucky.

  • Jessica Daniel says:

    Game is pretty cool. Brango is definitely my favorite casino. I have cashed out many times with no problem.

  • Josh Wolterman says:

    Finding new fun ways to win. Sets high standards with the animation,graphics and chances to win. I love it.

  • Hailey - Hainict says:

    Very cute, old school cartoon-like graphics. I love that the creators added expanding wilds. Unfortunately the first 50 free spins to try this new game didn’t bring any luck, maybe the next 30 will! Very grateful!

  • ashley says:

    it was fun I like the bonis round i wasnt expecting it i always prefer the win win feature which this doesnt have so you can end up with nothing

  • Brett Vanbuskirk says:

    I can’t say much about this game. I can’t say that I was impressed but I didn’t really get too much of the bonuses or anything to be able to see how good it was which I guess is account towards it’s win rate because I lost quickly not sure about this one

  • Brandy Vasquez says:

    The new run rabbit run is amazingly awesome!! BRANGO CASINO hands best casino site as their sister casinos as well!! awesome customer support

  • Kelly Paul says:

    Casino Brango is one of my favourite run rabbit run was fun but the free spins u should be able to deside when the rabbits take off 🙂
    Username kpaul0692

  • James Daugherty says:

    Nice game an free spins plus i been hittin on it so why not but yea ya already know ya be awesome

  • Joshawa Ingram says:

    I enjoyed the game for the most part. it’s a cute game but I didnt like the fact that you have no control of the hops the rabbits take during the feature but still yet it’s a cute game and seems to hit fairly often so all in all it’s an ok game.

  • Ashley says:

    Username: Ash46290

    I didn’t really win on this game. I got the free spins but it didn’t give me instructions on how to move the bunny or make it go. I would love to try it again though…
    Thank you Brango Casino

  • Yules says:

    This game is amazing!
    Just when I thought the games were getting dull, this one came unexpectedly.
    The animation is not the best, however, the bonus is one that will keep you glued to your seat. Its nerve-wrecking!
    The payout is okay.. not the best.
    But hey it is fun!

    Username is YulesCasino

  • Ben Schoeffler says:

    Run rabbit run brings a new and exciting slot that has so much to offer. While winning free spins mr rabbit crosses a high way and has the chance to award you bonuses like multiplier upgrades, more wilds, expanding wilds , more spins… etc. please give this slot a play through I really enjoy playing this slot and I know you will too

  • Frank says:

    Got the bonus 3 times but the rabbits always get run down. Only 1 rabbit ever makes it. To bad it wasnt ore like frogger or at least let you pick a route for the bunny. Can have some decent pays when the rabbits expand. Decent enough game

  • Dalton green says:

    Run Rabbit Run the game everybody should try and play It’s a Wonderful game an I really enjoyed playing it just like I think you’ll enjoy it. If your in the mood to sit back an enjoy a good fun filled time playing at the casino while still sitting at home I’d definitely recommend playing run rabbit run at brango casino. Yours truly 1LIFE casino brango member..

  • Mark Grissom says:

    The game is very fun and keeps you on your toes. Especially love the pop up wilds and the bonus. Great job y’all enjoy

  • Michelle Casie Wilson says:

    Run rabbit has potential for big wins with extra wilds and bonus feature. Definitely has old school vibe and bunnies going across road is definitely reminiscent of frogger

  • Sharon Johnson says:

    This game was ok. Not my favorite but I haven’t gotten the bonus on it yet so that might make it a bit more interesting.
    My Username slj911

  • Maria moreno says:

    Overall the game was ok but a bit confusing or maybe I just didn’t play it enough to understand how it works hopefully the free spins will help.


  • Kellie masters says:

    I like the game ok but not crazy about it . Think the bonus hits Easy but have yet to get any win bigger than 60 cents so it’s not great …I like others better !!

  • Jeremy Gibson says:

    Run rabbit has potential for big wins with extra wilds and bonus feature. Definitely has old school vibe and bunnies going across road is definitely reminiscent of frogger

  • Lucasb87 says:

    I really enjoyed this new game. I really like the expanding wilds, and the little show during the bonus feature. I love when there is a new game where the graphics aren’t over the top as this one is. Same with copy cat fortune. Overall it’s a good game that keeps me entertained.

  • Melissa Evans says:

    I personally just really didn’t care for the game at first. Then I had decided that maybe I just didn’t play it long enough not to mention but when I first played it I was losing lol. But then when I decided to give it another shot things were different as far as winning goes.

  • Norman Orange-Alvarez says:

    Game was a lot of fun. However, my free spins left me with couple bucks at the end. You can’t win every time, I guess lol My favorite feature was probably the multiplying wilds, which gave back the most during the FS. Great job and kudos to RTG for nailing another slot game 👏👍💪

    Norman Orange-Alvarez
    Username: normorng528

  • Cheryl A Vomero says:

    This new game is cartoony fun! I’ve played it a few times, and unlike other slots, hit the bonus often. The only feature I don’t care for happens in the bonus game. You have to get rabbits across a highway to their pen by enticing them with a carrot, and there are trucks that drive by and hit the rabbit if it’s in the way. Eventhough I know it’s just a game, I cringe everytime. I wish it wasn’t part of the game. Beyond that, I really like it and can recommend playing it.

  • Richard L Cain says:

    Fun cartooon old school type graphics. The bonus feature reminded me of Frogger. I did pretty good on this slot, although the bonus could have paid better. Many times I only won a dollar or two off of 10-15 free spins. Overall I like this slot and will continue to play it.

  • John miham says:

    I love Run rabbit has potential for big wins with extra wilds and bonus feature. It is a very exciting game to play…

  • Lawerence says:

    This game is alright i change my review becaude i still cant win and havent wonn big yet im prayijg that my time comes soon and thisbisbthe game i love it with it features and awesome spins i love losing and wasting my time and effort in telling you guess how i feel about this game thanks

    Username: Lawerenceortiz92

  • kc3800 says:

    Fun game, nor my fav just yet but I recommend to try it for yourself, why not. Bonus rounds are kinda far fetched for all the rabbits To catch all the carrots before getting hit by the one coming traffic but over all not to bad.

  • brezx67 says:

    Run Rabbit looks like a good time and those white 🐇 need to pick up those carrots 🥕. I was watching my brother play and it looks great but noticed rabbit’s don’t grab the carrots as much as they should. But it looks like a fun time and hopefully I can win alittle. Either way I’m going to have fun.

  • Aaron Machal says:

    I’ve found myself playing this slot more than wild hog and I didn’t think I’d find one I liked nearly as much. Keep up the good work!