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Who Wishes to Be the God of Money?

By November 12, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

Who doesn’t? That would be the right question to ask. When playing at any bet safe casino, it is always good to have higher forces on your side. And proper skills and knowledge, but that is another subject. Chinese civilization is one of those knowing how to communicate with deities and ask for wealth, among other things. Becoming the god of money is the ultimate goal here.

The Legend     

In Chinese mythology, the God of Money is often associated with several individuals. However, this does not undermine the features that the this deity has always had through centuries. Primarily, he is of a divine nature, and we can see this by the pictogram representing his name. It contains the symbol for “heaven”. Secondly, his elements are water and metal. In many interpretations, these elements are prevailing and confronting thunder and lightning.

The God of Money has a seat at the top of the Taihua mountain, and acts as its protector.  Apart from protecting the sacred mountain, this God also protects the individuals who were mischievous, in case they repent.

This deity goes under the name of Caishen, or alternatively – the God of Wealth.

The Slot

If you think you know how to talk to gods, and ask for help in obtaining lots of cash, try our “God of Wealth” slot. Truthfully, this is one of the highest paying slots out there, so why not give it a go?

The Chinese atmosphere is a peaceful one, almost healing. The game is set in a Chinese home with a beautiful garden. There are 25 pay lines and 5 reels. All prizes get multiplied by the line bets, except Scatters which are multiplied by a player’s total bet.

The Magical Lucky Eights

Spinning around the reels, you will find the eights. If you are masterful enough to line up 3 to 5 symbols of any of the six eights of different color, you will earn the money up to 250 times your line bet.

More Prizes Available

For those of even a bigger appetite, there are prizes awaiting in the form of Chinese Lanterns up to 300 times your line bet, Oxen up to 500 times, Tigers 2,500 times and Green Dragons up to 5,000 times your line bet.

Fortune Cookies as Gold Ingots

What would a Chinese theme slot be without a fortune cookie in it? In this slot, fortune cookies come as Scatter symbols and Gold Ingots. Four and five fortune cookies can trigger 10 times and even 200 times your total bet respectively! Plus, the Feature.

As for the free spins feature, you will need to find it out for yourself.

The God of Money online slot

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