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Movie-Themed Online Slots and Their Popularity

By November 15, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

There is nothing better than linking the two things which you like a lot – movies and slots. The game developers know this and thanks to them we have movie-themed online slots. That is one of the most popular categories of online casino games because slots bring our favorite movie characters to the reels.

The question is what were the reasons for using movie themes for slots. The truth is very simple, slots are engaging and there is a lot of scope for graphics and themes in the slot games. Adding movie theme slots becomes a trend because these themes add to the player’s enjoyment. One more very important reason is related to the fans of some movies. Namely, some movies already have their big fan base so that developers do not have to put in a lot of effort to bring in the audience. The player gets a new chance to interact with their favorite character. All of the mentioned makes movie-themed slots some of the gladly played games at online casinos.

People from Real Time Gaming made some of the best online slots and among them are several with a movie theme. First of all, they paid tribute to one of the best-known martial artists, Jackie Chan. His movies were the inspiration for the three RTG slots, “Eagle Shadow Fist“, “Fantasy Mission Force” and “Fire Dragon“. Players like these slots and as a proof, you can find their reviews written on our blog. 

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RTG didn’t resist to the some old Hollywood classics.  One of them is the American vaudeville and comedy team active from 1922 until 1970, “The Three Stooges“. Comic trio “appears” on the slot reels in three games. You can play it on bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango.

Movie-themed online slots have always been a safe choice for the casino industry. They are frequently used by developers and usually the games are a huge success. The number of slot games keeps increasing with passing of time. So, if you’re someone who loves movie-themed online slots, there is a chance of finding a game that is based on your favorite movie. If not, then wait for it, because a lot is yet to come.

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