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Betting is exciting. Also, it has a certain potential in becoming a lucrative habit. We usually stress the importance of gaining skills in a casino game, because it improves the chances of winning. Moreover, it makes a professional out of a regular player. However, there are bets that players can make that do not require any previous skill or knowledge. Simply, those bets aim for fun and entertainment, and people love to have fun. Amidst the anticipation of the upcoming Christmas promotion, check out the weirdest bets ever made.

Betting on Wife-Carrying Event

This is one of our favorite championships ever. And people bet on it hugely. Each year in Finland, people from all around the world participate in the wife-carrying tournament. The bets are placed and there is even a bookmaker offering odds.

The interesting thing about this competition is that it is not so much about winning money, at least not for the participants. They apparently aim for showing off their fitness skills and knighthood-like honor. To be honest, this race requires stamina. Not only that men carry their wives, they also need to pass through various obstacles, water included. Way to go, men!

Betting on the Next Death

Betting on who is going to be the next to die definitely raises eyebrows and sends chills down one’s spine. So far, we have managed to track two similar betting of this kind. One has originated from Taiwan. Believe it or not, there are people placing bets on life expectancy of people in the hospitals. Reportedly, in case the patient in question survives and lives for the next 6 months, the person who placed the bet can receive 3 times the bet. Otherwise, if the patient dies within a month, the winning goes on the bookies.

Similar betting is organized in the States. Apparently, people find entertainment in placing bets on who would die next in the Hollywood. Celebs are constantly in the public eye and each aspect of their lives is intriguing. There is something sinister in placing bets on someone’s chances of returning to addictive behavior, for example. Or, being constantly updated on someone’s sickness or risky lifestyle habits. Nevertheless, this is a reality. And people are betting on death, believe it or not.

Betting on Nuclear Armageddon

Having in mind the previously described weirdest bets, this one does not come as a surprise. Dark topics occupy our minds and nuclear war is one of the biggest threats to the world we live in. Therefore, it is only logical to be thinking about it. Betting on it is another matter. Apparently, gamblers think that since they are already thinking about it, why not bet on it also and draw some kind of a profit out of it.

Either way, according to available data, the odds are good if you decide to bet on some of the most famous dictators. Apart from betting on whether someone would start a nuclear war, people can also bet on a ruler’s chances to be overthrown, or simply be replaced by the new government, etc.

Betting on Strange, but Enjoyable Events

On a brighter note, not all gamblers prefer bizarre topics. People like to bet on various odds. Betting on who would win the cheese rolling in the UK is an example. Yes, rolling big chunks of cheese down the hill is a thing, apparently. Also, there are bets on a city to have the best white Christmas. Or, how many baby pandas would be born in a certain zoo in the following year. Guessing the actor who would play the next James Bond is among the brightest topics to explore. If you are more into holiday spirit topics, make sure to check out the upcoming Christmas promotion that starts AS EARLY AS TOMORROW!  Stay tuned!

Basically, there are bets placed all over the world for every possible event you can think of. Is there an odd that you would like to bet on that hasn’t been mentioned herewith?

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