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How Do We Measure Happiness Today?

By March 20, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

Our lives are changing inevitably. Whether they would change for the better, it is up to us.  Today, when many people are stranded at their homes, we should reconsider our values. How do we measure happiness today is what we should ask ourselves. This is important for staying healthy, cool-headed, and more resilient.

The Happiest People in the World

Amid extensive reporting on coronavirus, one news caught my attention. Reportedly, Finland has been declared the happiest country in the world, third time in a row. The UN issued their annual World Happiness Report with all the details.  Why is this research important?

The Finns have obviously found a way to be happy. Interestingly, the most important aspect of their happiness achievement is the satisfaction with how their institutions are working. Reportedly, the Finnish people know that all members of their society can rely on their health care system to help out in times of a crisis.

Happiness and Bonding

If we take a look at the above-mentioned report more closely, we will realize that happiness that depends on a system is actually depending on making bonds.

A system is nothing more than carefully organized bonds within community and institutions. It tells a lot about what people can do in order to support the community. Sometimes, it means giving extensive amounts or money to make the system work. Other times, showing gratitude and appreciation is all that it takes.

Social Bonding or Social Distancing?

Social bonding can happen on an individual level. But it can also be on a higher scale, such as joining hands (or other means) for a greater good. The way Finns have done it. And the greater good always aims towards the good of a community, or future generations, for example.

In times of a pandemic, we should act in accordance with advice from health care professionals. Social distancing is among the most important measures. Luckily, we still live in a connected world, and can find other means to stay happy. Social bonding online is the next best thing.

What Do Experts Say?

According to advice from psychologists , we should try to find the meaning in love and our relationships with people close to us. Happiness matters, and we create it.

We can achieve this through showing appreciation and letting others know how much they mean to us. Now, regardless of the fact that Finland exceeds the happiness index of the USA, it does not mean that the Americans cannot do well in this crisis.

Happiness and the Americans

Caring about the community has always been one of the stronger sides of Americans.  Staying at home may limit you in many ways. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to protect others and yourself from this potentially threatening disease. What better way there is to show appreciation and the meaning of love?

Happiness has always depended only on our own ability to see it or achieve it. If anything, this situation can teach us that there is more to life than meaningless stereotypes and limitless consumerism. Additionally, we can learn the unconventional ways to show love “at the distance”. And only when we are able to express it, we can be truly happy.

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Let’s bond!

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