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Gaming Community Sticks Together

By March 25, 2020May 6th, 2021No Comments

In case you missed it, there are good news amid this corona-virus frenzy. Reportedly, the gaming community, and the gambling world in particular, has never acted so altruistically. It is amazing to know that sometimes hard times and crisis produce good in people and light the spark of  optimism. Gaming community sticks together in challenging times. These are the examples of how companies can help both people in their community, and their employees as well.

Connecticut Casinos Helping People

Casinos in Connecticut have mainly been under the control of Indian tribes. What happened there, and in Nevada as well, will luckily fuel the circle of goodness among people.

Namely, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos were among the first to provide food to people in need. The focus was on people who lost their jobs due to the corona-virus outbreak. Reportedly, Foxwood Casinos provided 18,355 meals. Mohegan Sun purportedly donated 15,000 meals. They sent the food to Southeastern Connecticut food pantries for further distribution.

Casinos from Michigan and Indiana followed the above example and recognized the need to connect and provide. Therefore, they gathered approximately 3 tons of food that will go to the families and individuals who represent the most vulnerable category in this situation.

Nevada Casinos on a Mission to Help Out the Employees

Almost simultaneously, the casinos in the Nevada desert decided that when there is a crisis, it is their duty to help out, especially their employees who are forced to stay at home and are not able to work.

Therefore, MGM Resorts has set up the MGM Resorts Emergency Relief Fund worth $1 million, to provide the necessities.  MGM’s Acting CEO Bill Hornbuckle, reportedly stated:

“As we confront extraordinary events and an unprecedented global pandemic crisis, we know that this is an extremely challenging and uncertain time for many of our employees, their families, friends and neighbors and we are committed to help those in need.”

The funds were meant to cover the basics, as well as the utility bills or health care bills arising from the treatment of disease caused by the corona-virus. Most importantly, the MGM officials stated that they have significantly expanded eligibility coverage for the MGM Employee Emergency Grant Fund, giving wider access to the funds.

MGM has also donated 400,000 meals to local food banks and pantries.

What Can We Learn from These Examples?

We are certainly not trying to ascribe saintly features to individuals and companies. We are all only humans. And companies have their interests, that is a fact. However, it is always refreshing to see that some of them are socially responsible.

It shows us that whoever makes decisions to help, is very well aware that we cannot live without one another, all interests aside. Or, better yet, let the primary and mutual interest be – survival, both physical and financial.

Do you know someone who is helping others in these times of need?

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