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Christmas Gift Ideas for Crypto Fans

By December 12, 2020September 23rd, 2021No Comments

Do you feel the shopping frenzy already? The chances are you are shopping online these days, browsing endlessly through sites trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. And why not treating yourself as well with some crazy gadgets? Or even stuff you do not essentially need but would like to try out. We browsed the web also and made a short selection of stuff that any crypto fan would like to have. Whether for the fun of it or out of the need, the market is full of Christmas gift ideas, especially for the fans of the crypto world.

Christmas Gift Ideas and Your Wallet

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“Old School” Pens with Crypto Design

Crypto pens are a nice homage to Bitcoin and Ether. If you know a crypto enthusiast who likes to possess luxury items and enjoy the classy visuals, this is the right choice of a gift.

However, the prices are hefty. They range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros. More details on the prices and the offer you can find on the manufacturer’s Ancora web site.

Bitcoin Mug

Well, mugs never go out of fashion. Bitcoin mug changes the color once you pour the hot liquid in. And this would be nothing new or interesting if it hadn’t been for the twist.

Namely, the mug doe not only change the color but reveals the original Genesis Block when filled hot content. How cool is that? The price is apparently $17.90.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

There is no Christmas without the ugly sweaters. The only question remains who the victim will be to wear it this year. There must be someone in your family who likes to put it on once a year. Or maybe it is you. Either way, the manufacturers have finally come up with a way to make Christmas sweaters more appealing. They introduced the writings (or embroidery) that finally makes sense: All I want for Christmas is Bitcoin!

Apparently, this item is of limited quantity, in sizes up to 5XL and the price is $26.95.


Criptex would be my personal favorite among these Christmas gift ideas. It can be multifunctional. Moreover, you can buy it online, or even make it yourself. There are tons of tutorials online. Pinterest is filled with DIY ideas. Amazon has a criptex on offer under the name of Bitcoin vault for the price of $52.

From the crypto fan’s point of view, criptex can be a perfect place to store the crypto keys. You may remember that we talked about crypto wallets  and how important it is to store your passwords safely. Well, guess what? In this crazy crypto world, the safest place to keep your access codes is on paper. Storing a paper inside a criptex is even better.

There you go, people. Keep playing to win! Then, as Christmas is a time of sharing, spend some money on gifts for crypto fans around you. The crazier the better. Stay safe!


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