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Keno Big Win at Casino Brango

By December 19, 2020May 7th, 2021No Comments

It is not so often that we talk about Keno. This game may be wrongfully neglected sometimes, due to the overwhelming popularity of slots. Nevertheless, today’s story is the perfect example of how lucrative Keno can be. Keno big win is what happened recently, and it may change the way you look at the old-school games. Let us see how Robert managed to scoop $4,000!

The Keno Big Win

We do not know what made Robert choose Keno as the potential winning game. However, he has certainly made a good choice. At the end of it, his careful choosing of numbers resulted in a $4,000 win! Robert is a Silver Level player, which gives him certain benefits when playing at Casino Brango. For more information on the VIP advantages, visit our VIP Lounge.

Some players have their own rituals while preparing for a game. Others trust in luck and simply let themselves go with the flow. Embracing the odds is important. However, when you play with numbers, there are many tricks that you can try to apply.

Naturally, no one can guarantee the result. But you can take control over the strategy and decide what numbers and in what order to bet on.

What Numbers to Choose?

There are players who trust in various mathematical rules and strings. Some of them stick to Fibonacci numbers, for example. More on the betting system which relies on this sequence, you can find in the text Have You Tried the Fibonacci Betting System? Others give their choices a more personal touch and choose the numbers that mean something to them. There are players who believe in the special powers of the numbers 3, 6, and 9, and their various combinations. You may remember that Tesla talked about this a lot. We presented his obsession in short in a text called Why Tesla Was Obsessed With Number 9.

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Online Keno Advantages

Keno is an old game that has various names in different parts of the world. In its essence, it is the game of guessing the numbers that the system picks out randomly.

Playing Keno online has many advantages, the same as almost all online casino games. Better payouts are just part of them, but possibly the most important of the said advantages. Big Keno win you can also achieve through progressive jackpot. Yes, online Keno offers this as well. Make sure to check the rules and payouts before you start playing.

How Many Numbers to Bet On?

Majority of Keno variations let you choose 20 numbers to bet on. The numbers you choose to bet on must be taken from the range of 80 numbers that Keno offers. Now, the major question is how many numbers and which numbers exactly to choose. The question of which numbers to chose we covered in the previous section of the text. But what about the question of how many?

Many experienced players claim that you have the best chances at making a big Keno win by choosing between 4 and 8, or 7 and 11 numbers. Any range in-between has less chance at winning. We have no firm explanation why this is the case, apart from the fact that choosing more numbers boosts the odds. On the other hand, betting on less numbers may prove unprofitable. For example, in order to break even, a player needs 3 hits, which is far likely to strike if a player bets on 11 numbers, instead of 7.

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