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New Year, Fresh Start

By January 2, 2021May 24th, 2023One Comment

Happy New Year, casino friends! We hope that you had a lovely time off with your loved ones and that you are eager to embrace the totally cool and way better 2021! New Year, fresh start! Or so we hope at least. In many parts of the world, they say that less is more. When it comes to New Year’s wishes and resolutions this time, apparently, we are going back to “less”. And it is a good thing.

Hopes and Dreams to Hold on To

If the year 2020 has taught us anything it is the value of hopes and dreams. In the previous year, we re-structured and re-evaluated our lives. Dreams have become more modest. Things that we used to take for granted have become scarce. Remember hugging your friends, kissing casually, travelling without any restrictions? Wearing lipstick, for crying out loud. All of these small, everyday rituals and doings have become prescribed and controlled.

While staying safe, in the new year, hold on to those dreams of getting back to the old ways. Maybe “retro way of life” would be back sooner than we expect.  Let us keep our fingers crossed that New Year fulfills at least one of our dreams!

Building a Fortress

I know some of you probably cannot stand spending another year under lockdown, while making sure that everyday life runs smoothly and that all family members are safe and sound. Nowadays, it seems personal life intertwines with work. In this “new normal” situation, you are most likely working remotely from home, balancing the errands with business task, and playing slots every now and then to recoup your senses.

Guess what? You are not alone. There are thousands, if not millions of people out there leading very similar lives. And if we want a better, stronger, and more resilient 2021 all of us should focus on the strong base, a fortress consisting of a family or close friends.

The time of individualism has taken its toll. But a crisis usually connects people on a much deeper level and reminds them of their roots. It seems to me that we all need to stand by our friends, family, and neighbors in the new year to be able to persevere in times like these.

Find Some Time Alone

The time we spend alone resets the priorities and often provides clearer input to situations we found ourselves in. This is crucial for better coping in life. The problem is we usually forget about the importance of “me” time.

Caught among the work, kids, parents or simply going with the flow, our minds are overwhelmed.  There is a world beyond 2020, economic crisis, social distancing and so on. In order to be able to function in that world, take care of yourself and make sure to find some time during the day to dedicate only to your needs. A talk with yourself can be the most honest talk you can have in life. Do not miss out on it.

Once again, we wish you the happiest 2021!  May this year be way happier, relaxed and more profitable than 2020 was. Your bet safe Casino Brango will continue to provide the best entertainment in the industry sharing good vibes all around. Keep in touch! Cheers!

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