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Father’s Day Free Spins

By June 20, 2021October 12th, 2021167 Comments

It is Father’s Day and therefore – a new chance to share fun stories and get free spins. Casino Brango’s blog is the place to be because we always strive for fun and trustworthy service. This  Father’s Day we have a goal. The goal is to get those 50 free spins to you as soon as possible, and to be able to connect through your stories and have fun, be them true or not.

Father’s Day Free Spins Task

In the past, we used to honor fathers with sweet memories. This year’s question is:


Let’s honor fathers who did good and put those who failed in another, fun perspective.

Let Me Be the First One to Start

Here, I’ll go first. I always thought of my father as of someone who combines two complete opposites: pessimistic mind and innate optimistic spirit. Sometimes the two were in conflict and those were the bad days. Naturally, we all adore him on more frequent good days when he resembles none other than Yoda.  Always ready to throw a wisdom with ultimate calmness. Lord knows how many times I heard the line: “Smaller in number are we, but larger in mind.” Unfortunately for him, I never became the warrior.

Interestingly, he himself always insisted that the character of Popeye from “French Connection”, played by Gene Hackman is his spitting image. Now, whether he sees himself as someone ready to bend the rules, it will remain a secret. Cheers to you, Dad!

What Should You Do?

Everyone, now it is your turn to answer the above question! Share a comment below this post with your username and grab those spins!

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  • Steven Burleson says:

    I don’t have many stories of me and my father but the one I can remember more then the rest was one morning we woke up randomly during the summer to randomly go fishing at local hatchery cause there was a fishing durby happening that day. LoL I didn’t win said durby but my brother did and in the end it was a great day. Happy father’s day to everyone!


  • Steven Burleson says:

    Opps forgot to add my comment lol my dad is…….well idk about movie characters but I can say that if I could compare him to anyone……it wouldn’t be a movie character it would be a TV show character name Red Forman from. That 70s Show lolol everytime any of us did anything from he always said “you keep it up then it gonna be a foot up your ” ” lolol 😂 he never did anything just threatened to scare us boys into doing what we are told lol not exactly what was asked but definitely an amusing comparisons. LoL

  • Brian says:

    My Father most resembles the Mad Scientist in Back to the Future.(one of the main characters).
    He’s a very scientific man, who forgets his pencil when it’s already in his habd.

  • jaydin says:

    Adam Sandler

    Cause my dad is hilarious 🤣

  • Cindy says:

    My dad reminded me of superman he is my superhero he is always there when I needed him and always helping people along the way he is the best father couldmt ask for a beter superhero

  • Ben says:

    The Judge (2014)

    Sometimes living up to your dad’s legacy can be big weight to carry. Just like the movie my dad is a judge and I’m a lawyer trying to live up to his reputation

  • Ezra Burton says:

    JOhn Goodman reminds me of my dad they have a lot of resemblances.

  • Kristina says:

    Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino because he is tough on the outside but has a good heart!


  • Casey says:

    My father resembles Billy Bob Thornton from Bad Santa, not only his looks but his behaviors as well

  • Smyles328 says:

    My Dad is a combination of jet ly and Eddie Murphy. Although, my dad is 100% thai. He is a gangster ninja and is absolutely hilarious. His laugh is mainly what makes me think of me. Murphy, but yeah, there you have it. 🙂

  • Kkgame says:

    Best one

  • Dan janzen says:

    I like too play slots and this site is good

  • Slp021209 says:

    Garrett Breedlove. My dad was somewhat untamed when he was yoinger. As age progressed became giving caring and emotionally connected to others.

  • Chantal Roy says:

    If I had to pick a superhero for my dad…. well I couldn’t do that. He is by far a superhero in his ways. He is so nurturing
    Caring. Respectful and just want the best and happiness for everyone. He by far is my one and only super hero

  • Jerry crites says:

    My father reminds me of Adolf hitler. He was short and mean all the time. Lol

  • Yules Giraldo says:

    The resemblance from my STEP-father is just like Brad Pitt. Simply because Brad Pitt has had an open mind in adopting children from all over the world but still giving the one unconditional love. That’s how my step father is. He accepted me as a gay man and still has been on my side no matter what. He truly has shown that he is a father to me even though we aren’t the same bloodline! Thank God!

    My username is YulesCasino

  • Chantal Roy says:

    My dad is a superhero in his own way

  • Person I admire the most is my grandfather he was always devoted and we’re tired to turn me into the prison I am today

  • Amy Velasco says:

    My dad remind me of kindergarten cop. My dad was a cop for 19 years and he’s hilarious.

  • Jan Justin Penaflor says:

    My isnt the best father out there but he resembles mr. fixit! Coz he seems to have a solution to every problem we face as a family, i really admire his courage, perseverance and most of all his love for his family. Thanks for doing your best in taking care of us dad! Now its our turn to take care and spoil you!

  • My dad is an intelligent man with a hot headed temper. Oscar the grouch is who he reminds me of. Except he doesn’t live in a trash can lol. I love my dad very much he is also my Superman!!

  • Noel Sibal says:

    Awesome, nsx1103

  • akduck88 says:

    I would say that the character that Adam Sandler played in big daddy is what a dad meens to me, a guy who learns to love and care for his kid when he is the least likely of all people!! Happy Father’s Day to all us dads!

  • Brent Wolffram says:

    My father reminds me of a superhero just someone untouchable because he has always been a good example


  • Tramieka Smith says:

    Although I did not have a father my grandfather was the best example of a father and man that I’ve ever known. I don’t know off the top of my head what movie character he reminds me of but I do know that he was always there for me to love and support me.

  • Cody says:

    My father reminds me of captain planet cause he is always recycling steel and as much copper as he can get his hands on so if he was a super hero that’s the only one I believe he is anything alike unless maybe you cosider chronic man from j and silent Bob a super hero.😂

  • Ben says:

    IP man.
    It was 1993 when I was a little kid. Back in Saigon at that Time. My parents own a tavern. People got drunk and fighting everyday. Then a bunch of assholes tried to get their hands touch my mom, refused to pay their bill, threaten to use their fists to everyone. They are 11 brothers. The thought they could Outnumber anyone in the tavern. Then My dad, by himself, grab the wood stick, alone into the battle of those 11 brothers. After an hour. He took down the eldest brother, made him down on his knee begging for forgiveness, while the other 10 are lying down, beaten. Yet breathing still. He himself went back to the back yard. Patching up, using the needle to stick the wounds. I saw 1 axe on his back, multiple wounds by machete, his head is all bloody. Still very calm and like enjoying the victory!
    My dad was a Tank squad major at the Vietnam war 1963-1975.

    User Vdcoolz

  • Elvis Butay says:

    My father is above all in heaven watching over us. -elvisbutay

  • Kristen L Blakeney says:

    Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children look to their fathers to lay down the rules and enforce them. They also look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. David Beckham leads a fine example in this.

  • jimgordon1978 says:

    My father has always been for me like the hero who killed the beast in the movie JAWS. I mean Roy Scheider!

  • srhcope76 says:

    I’d have to say Casper the ghost. Ive met him once 20 yrs ago.

  • John Travolta in Greece. Because Travolta styles his hair just like my father did since I can remember. They also shared the same taste in their wardrobe.

  • matt says:

    my dad is like major payne he was in the army and he is strict but fun.


    I’m coming to steal your pot of gold tehehe

  • Gary Wilson says:

    I honestly can’t think of a movie character that would compare to my pops. He’s a pretty awesome dude and always seems to keep his cool and have perspective no matter what he is faced with. He was born with polio and the dr told my grandparents that he would never be able to walk but in spite of all of that he was taking his braces off and riding his bike by the age of 9 and has been walking relatively normal ever since.He’s been an inspiration and example of the kind of man and father I strive to be on a daily basis.

  • Drewface1 says:

    Kevin Gates looks like hes an awesome caring and loving father. Plus hes a total gangster!


  • Batdad on youtube. He spends a lot of time with his kids and has a unique approach to being a father, he is able to teach the kids manners and how to be respectful without them having a tantrum or feeling resentful towards him.

  • Pippy longstalkings because he’s gangly and red hair with freckles

  • I wish my blood-Father would have been Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the owner & CEO of WWE, Inc. 😉 But he wasn’t, and also he passed-away 5 years ago in 2016.


  • schaeferinc82 says:

    I have seen 2 completely different sides to my dad. The raging alcoholic and now the sober one. Its pretty incredible to see the transition happen right in front of your eyes. I am so proud of him and love him to death.

  • stldev says:

    My dad was unique in his own way. I’m reminded of him when I watch pretty much any Harrison Ford movie- Blade Runner, Indy, etc.


  • Francisco Aguilera says:

    My step dad always look like the gentleman from tombstone the main character in that movie fitting image that he had a heart of gold even though he didn’t talk much he kept to himself you always know he loves you even if you didn’t tell you all the time the actions he did were always stronger than his words and I’ll never forget him. My username on here is LaSombra704

  • chowpappy says:

    Hhhmm, my father looked like James Garner in Support Your Local Sheriff. He was a tall, dark Texas cowboy. (what do they mean by website?)

  • Heather says:

    My dad kinda reminds me of Archie Bunker. Antiquated, but under it all has a soft spot for people. He can’t fathom being wrong, but is more than humbled when eating crow.

  • LaDavid Lee says:

    My father was never really in my life growing up due to the fact that drugs and alcohol prevented him from being that father that a young boy was looking for. But….. After years of trying to kick those bad habits he beat the addiction and 30yrs been clean from drugs and alcohol, went back to school to obtain his Master’s Degree in computer programming, and became a faithful man of God. In my eyes I would characterize my father to the Incredible Hulk because the way he beat up his old self to become a better person not only for me but for himself. Happy Fathers day Dad!!!!!

  • Michelle L Guess Hart says:

    My dad is definitely Larry the Cable Guy because he is redneck and he wears those flannel shirts with the sleeves cut off and he’s bow-legged so he looks almost just like Larry the Cable Guy and he’s hilarious just like Larry the Cable Guy!!

  • Marilyn Stanley says:

    Uhm Archie bunker all in the family. Just because the round face blue eye and skin tone. I can’t even think of anyone personality or appearances. Msmari429

  • Bryan says:

    My dad looks just like machete Danny Trejo ppl say he is his older brother

  • Andrew Robson says:

    My Dad…god I love my Dad so much. It’s hard to think of anyone he’s like though because he’s so one of a kind…

    Maybe Ted from Stephen King’s ‘Hearts In Atlantis’…my father, like Ted, reads constantly and speaks as if in poetry. He cares so deeply for those he loves.. but Ted is wary of those who might take advantage and my father sees good in people even when it isn’t father, I’ve learned, is naïve in a’s brought him so much strife and it breaks my heart to see sometimes.. but it always provides an example to me of what it looks like to be a truly good person. It’s not always’s not even always helpful to the good person that they are so giving and warm, but no matter what loss they might experience from those who choose to take, I know because I myself am an example of it, that those who truly realize how amazing they are will always have never ending love and appreciation for them.


  • Karriona Calda says:

    The invisible man because ive never met him.

    Username kkcalda94

  • Joann Burnham says:

    I cant say a movie charactet my dad resembles as i dont really watch tv. He was my super hero for sure and never let me down. He was always there to give me a stern talk when necessary or be the shoulder i could cry on. Hes been gone almost 20 years and it never gets any easier. I miss him just as much(if not more) as the day he left us.

    Username: Jojomb

  • I am just happy I can spend as much time as possible with my father on this special day. … I know my father is going to love whatever I get for him. I have fun every Father’s Day because I get to be with my father. In conclusion, Father’s Day is the day where I get to spend time and have fun with my dad.
    username joeyskater16

  • Philip may says:

    John candy cause he was funny tellin them dad jokes lol. Username.

  • Corinne Rauch says:

    My father is the best man I know!!! I don’t know what I would do with out him!

  • C. White says:

    Spock from star trek. Always thinking logical and never making judgments on emotion alone.

  • tomany5657 says:

    Connor McGregor I would say . He is extremely famous but always makes time for his son and wife and always showing how to be strong and showing its ok to lose or win

  • My dad is the most consistent and hard working man I know love you dad! I’m trying to be the dad he was!

  • C. Wooley says:

    I never knew my father, but my mom says he sang country-western in bars, so I like to imagine him sort of like John Travolta in Urban Cowboy.

    My username is cswooley

  • John Goodman from Rosanne. my dad is funny and makes snide comments and really loves his family. not to mention the size of his belly

  • Kyle says:

    The character my dad reminds me of is hank hill. He isn’t perfect but tries after his childhood was full of negativity and abuse!

  • First of all, what successful life do I have now all that is happen because of my father, and he is the one who teach me to become a good man respect all people,
    I always remember and look up if someone who ask me about my father is SUPERMAN, ,, common answer to many siblings out there and the reason why superman , simple he is the one who protect me up to now in all aspects of life.

  • Brandon C Jones says:

    My dad resembles that father that just can’t handle their son’s actions in every single movie that consists of a father overwhelmed by his kids. Lol


  • armando says:

    my pops rekinds me of old school sean connery in 007. He has that charasmatic way about him and was a smart ass dude. my mom always said he was the type to always be sharp and never miss a beat. a gentlemen and a acholar.

  • BbcKingP4wgSlyr my father acts like Denzel Washington in Training Day like he king and running the whole world lol

  • Jason ( Mister86Music ) says:

    My dad most resembles Casper because he ghosted us. I don’t even know his name. But happy father’s day to all the real dad’s out there!

  • Toomuch4u2 says:

    My dad reminds me of the guy off of A Christmas carol. He always loved Christmas, but would act like a Grinch all the while see king the most and going above and beyond for everyone throughout the entire year.

  • Rob says:

    Will Smith hands down. He is very real and down to earth. Confidence with humility, and seems to have a very real grasp on being a balance of classy and realistic in his view of children.

  • ABS says:

    It has been a long time running joke that my dad was Marvin the Martian. This started at his job and he told us all about it and now its stuck.. He’s a retired aircraft engineer and always getting overly technical when planning. LOL

  • Michael Stomps says:

    Superman for sure 🙂 username: mstomps

  • J_Dubya_C says:

    I would say my dad reminds me of Batman because he doesn’t have any superpowers but he was always there for me when I needed him.


  • my father is like doc holiday from tombstone. cool calm Collected and loyal.

  • John Lynch says:

    My dad most resembles madd max he’s a dang good mechanic and we both love Hot rods
    He taught me everything I know about mechanic wool.

  • Chelsea Jones says:

    My father reminds me of Tim Allen’s character in the show “home improvement”… Very accident prone lol
    Username: cmj00569767

  • Anthony Smejkal says:

    Rocky. My dad resembles and talks exactly like Rocky Balboa and gets punched a lot like him too. He don’t give up though. Never. Always a winner.

  • He always reminded me of a military General because there’s always so strong and talk but it’s witty attitude and his sternness and home I miss my father very much Happy Father’s Day Dad

  • LarryHur says:

    Well mine would be Ben affleck cause he is guy who is confident in his skills and traits, honesty, loyal, and overall do the right thing no matter the cost. What makes up his character as a man and excellent father to me and my siblings. Thanks

  • damouseshouse says:

    I guess there’s many out there from diehard to superman or last action hero but the one that would probably most resemble my dad is father of the bride I think not only resonated with him much more but he fits the bill and my sister would be the bride lol. My dad and Steve Martin have a lot in common. happy father’s day all

  • John Anthony Herrera says:

    My father is a mirror image of the guy in taken. His attitude and mindset is spot on
    And don’t even get me started on the skills he has to match with that character. Liam neeson, no not him I was talking about one of the guys that is paying for sex in those little makeshift rooms. Yeah basically my father is a piece of crap to me at least. Don’t get me wrong he has tried and his heart is in the right place but it’s hard to see that when you’re a 7-year-old with boxing gloves fighting all of your friends because cock fighting is very illegal and just not as entertaining. I do have to give him credit though he has changed and that’s completely different with my daughter, his granddaughter. He does everything for her and tries to make sure that he contributes to giving her the best possible start in life.

  • Jeff Haley says:

    Clark Griswold. He always wants to do something nice but overdoes it and it turns into a thing just like my pops. Hahha

  • My pops is like the dad from the movie national Lampoon’s. Chevy chase. He is goofy and can have the right intentions for the family and manage to mess things up.

  • Robert Whitsett says:


    My dad most reminds me of general patton.

    The way he looks and his demeanor including military.

  • Leo says:

    Jimmy Stewart also reminds me of my father to a degree, at least in his most famous role, that of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life (1946). Both were hard working men who were devoted to their families. And both were constantly helping people. Like George Bailey, my dad had so much impact on others’ lives that I think if my father had never existed he would have “left an awful hole.” Of course, my father also differed a good deal from George Bailey. Unlike George Bailey, he had no desire to see the world. He was happy simply raising animals and crops (we had cattle, horses, and swine). While my father did have a temper, he also lacked the anger George Bailey so often displayed, probably because George never got to fulfil his dreams, while my father had (he had bought two substantial pieces of land in his lifetime).


  • LoJo says:

    My Dad reminds me of James Garner in Maverick. Sharp, goodlooking, and kind

  • Shayla Hazlett says:

    My dad resembles red foreman from the show that 70s show. Not because of the way he looks but his personality. He likes to call people a dumbass. (his 4 son’s imperticulatly. Lol) however he spoils his only daughter 😊

  • Latricia CAWVEY says:

    My dad reminds me of Andy Griffin. He was my foster dad. But he would carry me fishing on the creek bank in a small town in South Ga. But he always let me answer my own questions with his little put in’s. He always had my back regardless of right or wrong. But he let me know when I was wrong.

  • Lindsay Gines says:

    My dad reminds me of Rob McLaughlin (Tim McGraw in “Flicka”). He is an old farm boy, born and raised on a ranch. He has that hard working, hard as nails, good ol boy, tough act down to an art. Nothing can phase him, scare him, or make him cry…. except for his baby girl. 😉


  • My dad is johnny bravo

  • Travis Tuttle says:

    My father resembles captain kirk!
    Username: Tgoldent

  • My dad looks a lot like mcguiver he even has the sweet mullet lol.

  • endopendo says:

    Definitely Ralph Kramden. Or possibly Fred Flinstone. Lol.

  • Alexandria Spann says:

    this is allways a happy day and sad day i love fathers day because i enjoy watching my husband with my daughters, He has helped raised them for the last 14years. Now i will have the honer of watching him with our first grandchild (comming october 2021) allthough my father is no longer with us he seved in the US Navy for 36 years he and my mom adopted me when i was 7 so I guess you could say he is my night in shinning honner

  • sandro says:

    my father …….my dad looks like the classic police inspector out of a 70s movie, all he needs is the gun, the sideburns are there haha

  • My father always told me that keep a smile to everything, life is so short that you has to live it day by day, whith your best attitude

  • myles martin says:

    My dad most resembles shrek from the shrek movie series. Mostly because he’s pretty fat, and super obnoxious. Not to mention he farts a lot.


  • Sabrina Cox says:

    My dad reminds me of an older version of Jason Stathom. He is gull of energy loves to make sly jokes and keep walking. Full of energy and keeps things interesting. Happy Father’s Day 2021

  • Brandon says:

    My father reminds me of Clint Eastwood because he is always got a straight face and serious bout everything

  • Michelle Gallegos says:

    My father resembles the..”Invisible Man” because I’ve never seen him.


  • Brandon gregg says:

    My father would best be played by the genie of Aladdins lamp! Because he does an amazing disappearing act that would knock your socks off!

  • Ams says:

    When I was a little girl my father was killed. And I grew up wishing. At 16 my step father came into my life, and the my favorite actorwss and isClint Eastwood. Wrote what a dad he would be. Stand tall, never bow, know what’s right, and always keep family first. I love you day.

  • My dad is hot headed and quick tempered but at the end of the day he is still Superman to me.

  • MacDav David Derviskadic

    My father resembles the Terminator, has the accent and everything. We are from Europe as well and he is a tough guy when he needs to be.

  • Christopher Castaneda says:

    My Dad reminds of Robert De Niro’s Father figure character in Meet The Parents. So intelligent, hilarious, and has the tough love we all crave.
    “Can you milk me?”

  • Katelyn N Daniels says:

    My father would be compared to superman because no matter what he’s always strong and does whats right.


  • Ashley Vellios says:

    My dad reminds me of the dad from Harriet the Spy because that is the last movie I got to watch with him. During a certain scene where a dad can’t afford groceries, he asked me if that reminded me of him, being the starving artist that he was.

  • My dad resembles the dad in a movie called captain fantastic. The character has like 5 kids, and he was different then 98% of people. He told me and my brother the truth, even if it was brutal. I am grateful for this now. When I was a kid I didnt get. Watch the movie if u havent already. It will definitely give u perspective on life….

  • My father reminds me of Roc from Menace 2 Society , he used to be a teacher and now retired. He is always looking at young people to do more with education.

  • William J Payne says:

    Very nice site

  • William J Payne says:

    My dad was unique in his own way. I’m reminded of him when I watch pretty much any frank movie




  • Peppab1122 says:

    I love playing and really appreciate the Father’s Day free spin

  • Foxyfoxy123 says:

    My dad looks just like Daniel Day Lewis in there will be blood (also in gangs of New York) not sure if it’s the mustache or the squinty swarthy eyes but it’s uncanny (account – Foxyfoxy123)

  • Melissa L Miller says:

    My father reminds me of John goodman

  • My dad reminds me of Wyatt Earp he is a true cowboy

  • Angelam72 is my yusername

  • Jennifer says:

    My dad reminded me of John Wayne, not because he looked like him so much. He he didn’t “loose his cool” , he got shit taken care of, he was bad ass.

  • Sarah Bones says:

    My father reminds me of me incredible .. he may mess up but will do anything to make sure everyone is safe

  • Sarah36 says:

    My dad reminds me of Robert De Niro’s character in Meet the Fockers. Lol, if he could have strapped any one of my boyfriend’s into a lie detector machine, he would have! Lol, my dad is terrifying to everyone but those he loves. He’s the best.

  • Maria says:

    My father most resembles donkey from shrek due to the fact he’s goofy and funny

  • Jose Celis says:

    My father is most like Charles S. Dutten in Menace to Society. He is a strong blacke make influence who wants the best for his children, their friends and their community. He resembles a GREAT MAN.

    Username: Dvice52

  • my dad looks like santa claus

  • jeff brown says:

    Clint Eastwood – my dad not only looked like him but every new catch phrase that would come out with each new movie would be his goto line to make everyone laugh. Make my day Punk. Right turn Clyde. Others I cant remember right this moment but they were all spot on.

    Username is lethally

  • Sonya graves says:

    My dad is like Adam Sandler in the movie Click.
    My dad is the best, he’s actually my stepdad. But he chose to be mine and my two other sisters dads and has been so supportive and loving. I couldn’t of asked for a better father figure and a grandpa to my daughter.

  • Fathers day spins

  • Grimey1 says:

    My father, that one is easy, he’s Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) as I went through school grades 7th – 12th, my dad was head of the homicide department in Anchorage, Alaska. He was always on t.v. during the news and also half a dozen episodes on a few true crime shows. He worked that department for 20 years and is the reason the csi dramas even exist. Him and one of his team design that outline to investigate murders which drastically improved the accuracy as well as the odds that a killer would be caught.

  • catester says:

    My father is the best. he love jokes.

  • Gavin Henderson says:

    My biological father was missing all of my life however the man I call dad reminds me of the step father from the iron giant, he came in my life at a very important stage I was 8 , as a boy I was always quite curious and often doing things I was intrigued by or even dangerous for a young child to do alone we will say. Well just like the step dad from the iron giant, my dad would get involved with me on a deep level and was always genuinely interested in my life and interest and my best interest as well no matter what really. He kept my secrets safe, was dependable, relatable and just as curious as a person with more time on earth which made him wiser than me haha that often would keep me out of things I had no business involving myself with because I respected him trust and and knew he loved me and I him and this alone makes dad irreplaceable.

  • Falon says:

    My dad always reminded me of Danny devito with a side of hustler and charisma. Probably because of his small stature, humor, resourceful and witty personality. He had an infectious personality but a very demanding temperament that made him come across as serious but funny simultaneously. He was a good guy and I have lots of memories of laughter with him and some at him as well🤣

  • My father doesn’t so much remind me of any movie character, but he does resemble a game. A game called clue cause I have no idea who he is.
    Hope I still get free spins . I’m sure if I knew my dad he would want me to have the spins as well.

  • Joe says:

    Macgyver. Because he can fix anything

  • mlrobbo says:

    Mine reminded me of Bob Mitchum in “The Big Sleep”.

  • Tara says:

    My dad had the most unique and wonderful accent. A mix if Scottish fron the Highlands and pennsylvania dutch. Not only did he sound as handsome as Sean Connery but as he aged he looked more and more like him straight diwn to the gray ponytail. I miss that voice and the wonderful man it belonged to. Love you Dad

  • I guess the movie character that closest resembles my dad is Cameron tucker in modern family. He was a gay as they get and loved me very much! I miss him so much since he passed away.

  • Texstricker says:

    My father reminds me of grumpy of the seven dwarfs. He’s shirt and always aunrey

  • Armando says:

    my dad was more like an early sean connery not in appearance but more his style. always well dressed and a ladies man. He was very articulate in his speech and not a spy but he was a police officer,

  • Ovadiamichael says:

    Chevy Chase, because he mini s him during family vacations! Even wears the same Mexican Hat! :”’)

  • Melanie says:

    My dad sorta reminds me of farmer Fran off the water boy ..not by looks but by the way he sounds lol let me explain ..see my dad is country and him and my brother would log during the summer on our own property well my dad enjoyed drinking a little and he got on the fuzzy navel kick which he called fuzzies lol anyway when he would be on his tractor directing my brother and telling him where to go and what to do he would sound exactly like farmer Fran directing the mud dawgs foot ball team lol it was quite hilarious…anyway not only did he enjoy his fuzzies he really loves those rockstar energy drinks to so him and my brother would be logging all day drinking rockstars and when I’d come home to visit I have literally followed the fresh rock star cans to their location on our land lol my dad is quite the character I could write a book on him but I’ll leave it at that😊

  • Matthew Blair says:

    Fred Flintstone because of his big beer belly and always yelling for my mom

  • Nathan says:

    My dad hasn’t been in the picture but y’all have or not take the 50 free spins please and thank you


    My father never knew him, but I think he was the best.

  • Katrina says:

    My dad reminds me of Superman because he can fix anything and do everything and he is good at it

    User name: Kjhall

  • ericjgood says:

    My father resembles James Garner. He’s one class act and I’m lucky to still have him.

  • zoe says:

    My dad is like the character Adam Sandler plays in big daddy. Or ed Murphy in daddy day care

  • Jackson McGuire says:

    John Cusack’s character Rob Gordon from the film High Fidelity reminded me of my dad. One of the reasons I was drawn to Quora was that myself and my friends were endlessly coming up with various lists, just as Rob does in the film, quantifying the quality, or lack thereof, of musicians, movies, statesmen and just about anything else that struck our interest

  • Joe in Joe verse the valcano has nothing to with my father he was never there

  • Mark says:

    My father’s appearance resembles Kevin bacon but has the attitude of Joe pesci

  • Joseph B McCarty says:

    My dad is like the soggy bottom boys

  • Krystna10 says:

    Although I did not have a father my grandfather was the best example of a father and man that I’ve ever known. I don’t know off the top of my head what movie character he reminds me of but I do know that he was always there for me to love and support me.

  • johnlloyd63 says:

    Well, i would like to describe my father as a strict but loving person.. He is strict because he cares about us so much.. and i think hes just like robert deniro in a movie called meet the parents..thank you so much for the free 50 spins… my username: johnlloyd63

  • Jeremy Young says:

    my dad’s looks like Rocky and I have no idea how I do 2

  • Ivan Adame says:

    Well my grandfather wasn’t alive very long but when I was I remember he would give us a ride in his corvette , but he was a spitting image of Charles Bronson… He looked so much like him that people would come up to him and ask my grandfather for his autograph..

  • Chara says:

    Like superman because he is always there when i need him ! username harakatd28

  • Arlo says:

    Father’s day has always been great for me and my father whether we were pulling in fish or pulling concrete!!!! Now that I have my own kids I hope to only be pulling in fish!!!! With that said my dad always reminded me of Thor because not just everyone can pick up Thor’s hammer and, man, that sure serves true about concrete too!!!!

  • Arlo hallam says:

    Oops my username is Halla21

  • Rielan says:

    My dad most resembles the Mad Scientist in Back to the Future. He’s very scientific and thoughtful. But also quite absent-minded at times. username: rjab89

  • Alaura Lewis says:

    I have very few memories of my dad but one that I’ll never forget is him falling through the floor of our trailer Haha he was just standing than poof right down he went and all I saw was his shoulders and head above the ground oh man his face expression was priceless lol

    The movie character he reminds me of is Joe Dirt hands down with the mullet and everything Haha

    Happy late fathers day !!!

    Username : alaura1826

  • Johan Muntz says:

    my dad most resembles robbin William’s.
    hes funny and always trying make people laugh.

  • Kyle says:

    My dad reminds me of macho man

  • LadieLuck777 says:

    Walter Matthau from Grumpy old men is who my father resembles

  • Ashley mickelson says:

    My father reminds me of Hank Hill off of king of the hill because he is somewhat of a “red neck/Okie” real mellow tempered…

  • Christopher franczak says:

    Shaggy 2 dope of the rap group the insane clown posse. He has alot of online shows on YouTube featuring his son and he seems like a genuine father. I love it. Reminds me kind of / sort of , of my relationship with my 5 year old.

    Username: Thekopeliz1

  • Henry says:

    Id Say My Dad Looks Like Bruce Willis Because Of Mainly The Way He Acts As Well As His Looks For Sure! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Jack Ruth says:

    The perfect father figure in the media to date would be Ozzy Osbourne. Here is a man who has been to hell and back, addiction and back, marriage and back, fatherhood and back and finally, from the depths of losing everything and not giving up to get back. He has stumbled, fallen and gotten back up many a times while continuously battling his own demons but somehow still maintained a solid relationship with his children. My dad is a lot like him….a talented idiot who stumbled upon fame but fought to never keep it from his kids even when he thoroughly screwed up.

  • Michael Ouellette says:

    My father’s is a reel duplicate of NASH BRIDGES!!! Tv program !!

  • Ricardo says:

    My father is not only the best father I could have possibly asked for, he is also the best MAN/PERSON I have ever met. I bet that any movie character with any superpower could not exceed my father’s capabilities. The only one that I “might” consider being able to is DAREDEVIL. In movies the super hero is almost always blessed with some kind of ability to do something that far exceeds normal human capabilities. My father was born with an ability that was inferior to normal people. He wasn’t granted good vision, shoot, he wasn’t even born with decent vision. That never stopped him. He has obtained what many others( even with “SUPERPOWERS”) couldn’t in a million lifetimes. Many look up to him and turn to him for advice or help. I am very proud and grateful for my father. If you happen to be blessed enough to meet him, you will fully understand me.

  • Thomas Fountain says:

    My father reminds me of Robert Dinero Hard but Fair!!

  • I think Adam Sanders and Will Smith both make amazing dads! I see articles all the time about them with their families and they just all seem so happy