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Gambling Superstitions Around the World

By August 26, 2022September 13th, 20225 Comments

Everyone has superstition or two. Whether they wear mismatched socks for an important job interview or take an exam with that one lucky pencil, most people have it. Like many others, gamblers have developed numerous superstitious practices too. Some say they are the most superstitious people. Today we will go through some of the best-known gambling superstitions from all over the world. Ready to dive into the mysterious world with us?

Wearing Red at the Casino

This is one of the most popular superstitions whose origin is familiar. The belief that red is a lucky gambling colour comes from Asia. This superstition most probably has origins in China. For the Chinese people, red is the colour of prosperity and, therefore, this colour brings good fortune. There is a belief that the colour evokes feelings of power and energy so many players tend to bet on red while playing roulette.

Gambling Superstitions: Blowing on Dice

We saw this superstition mostly in the movies. It’s one of the numerous attempts to influence lady luck in the gambler’s favour – blowing on dice. At casinos, you can see it at the craps table. Some believe this ritual can be traced back to the early days of gambling when gamblers tried to cheat. So when you see gamblers who blow on their dice, don’t think ill of them. They are probably just being superstitious.

Unlucky Number 13

Starting with Friday the 13th , unexplained fears surrounding the number 13 arouse. These are not only connected to gambling superstitions. In the casino world, people seem to be particularly careful with the number 13, particularly while playing roulette. What’s the most interesting about this one? Well, in some cultures, for example some Asian ones, number 13 actually brings luck.

Pregnant Women As A Lucky Charm

This one is the funniest one among gambling superstitions, honestly. In the Philippines, pregnant woman can bring luck at gambling. In fact, superstitious people will rub a pregnant woman’s belly for good luck. So, if there’s a pregnant woman at a casino, you can check if this is true. We all know that gambling is a mix of luck and skill, but just how much control do we have over luck? Whether the superstitions are true or not, it’s always fun spicing up your gambling experience with some rituals. Do you consider yourself superstitious? If yes, do you have any rituals or lucky charms when you go to casino or play online? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments bellow. Also, check casino Brango’s latest game release and have fun!

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