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Conquer the Reels of Warrior Conquest Slot with 30 Free Spins

By February 28, 2023August 4th, 2023125 Comments

Greetings, warriors, and slot conquerors! You should prepare your swords and fingers because a new game is arriving at your favorite Online Casino Brango. You can enter the fight for riches in the brand-new Warrior Conquest slot!

Warrior Conquest Slot Basics

This action-packed 3×3 slot takes you on a conquest of the reels, with 27 winning combinations that can expand up to 729! I can see you are already interested! In this game packed with warriors, shields and swords, all symbols pay Leftmost to Right and the top award is 2000 times the base bet.

Your goal is to help the warriors fight for glory and gold, but all of that will end up in your hands! So, let’s see how to do that.

Symbols and Features

The Wild Symbol, which can substitute all symbols except Scatter, is the Dragon. The scatter symbol is the Bonus and 3 of them trigger the Free Games feature. Dragon symbols only appear on reels 2 and 3 in the base game and on reels 4, 5, and 6 during the Multi-Reels feature. And the exciting Multi-Reels feature will be triggered with every winning. During this feature, one extra reel will be added to the gameboard and your chances of winning rise! Multi-Reels feature is available to you after each win, until no winning combinations occur.

You should also keep an eye out for the 3 scatters, which take you to the Free Game! And who doesn’t love free games!

warrior conquest slot play now


  • Kayla Gutierrez says:

    Brango Casino always has some great bonuses for their players! Can’t wait to try out this fun new slot they have coming ! Always nice to have such a great selection.


    • Krissa mohr says:

      I actually hit really good on this game . It confused me at first until i realized how it hit. I enjoy the game alot . Best one in a while

    • Kaleb Bowman says:

      Talk about extending your bankroll! With every win the reels extend . I love the surprise bonus I wasn’t expecting. Definitely a new diverse slot added to the Brango line up. Brango keep up the great work. !

  • Thomas Steele says:

    This game looks toughhhhh. Not tough but toughhhhh. I can’t wait to start playing it and enjoy some delightful spins thanks to brango casino!

  • Jdean88 says:

    This slot appeals to all likings of different punters. It’s modern,sleek, and with the times. Great slot machine again etf!

    • Kayla F says:

      I like the slots game to a degree, however I don’t like the impossible method of leaving the first level of the slots game. It’s almost impossible to win even your money back on it. I feel it’s a slot game that’s more interesting to play the first time and less interesting to play if you’re playing with your own money.

  • Chelsi says:

    My first thought of Warrior Conquest: “Great another 3 wheel slot” like the new Santa Reel from December. But I’m actually impressed. I like the expanding reels & the added extra bonuses. Haven’t even gotten through my free spins & already felt the need to brag on this one!

  • Nathan Angelopulos says:

    This is a fun game – if you’re looking for something new and exciting it’s different than what you might be used to. Potential for big wins !

  • Scott Richardson says:

    This game is one of my favorites it allows you to win 🏆 at a slow pace it has it draw backs feature is very far and between and rom my experience not worktje excitement like paying the game more


    It’s hard to get a real picture of what the game is like without getting a bonus. I did not do well at all. Hopefully better luck next time.

  • Bridget Erickson says:

    Fun and exciting! Can win big on one spin! Plus Brango is an awesome casino – they really pay!

  • Antonio roberts says:

    I love this game and the bonus round casino brango is where it’s at the bonus round on the new game did me wonders thank u for releasing it much love brango

  • Joshua Hathcoat says:

    I thought it was a really cool game. I like how it adds the reels as you win. I hadn’t played one like it before

  • Steven Pearson says:

    Warrior Conquest starts as a 3×3 27 combo slot and has the potential to be a combo of 729!! I enjoyed every spin I placed on this machine. It has a 10 spin bonus that gives you the expanding reels option as well. I would highly recommend this machine to any type of person. It’s a great all around slot.

  • Chloe larson says:

    I really enjoyed this new slot. I find it very appealing how it starts off with the basic 3 reels and then with every win it expands as long as your wins are in a row. I will more than likely be playing this slot as soon as I log in each time.

  • Dale Bettencourt says:

    The game is a little different but as you play it in progress, more winning and expanding with every spin, you can’t get the hang of it, and it can honestly be fun and enjoyable! So I would say yes, I like the game and yes, it is different than other games I have played on casinoBrango!!

  • LucasB87 says:

    Well…this new game isnt in my favor off the bat. I’m sure there will be times when its hitting but, $80 or so and nothing to get excited over. I did the 50 free spins after my deposit and still had the same outcome. So between 50 free spins, somewhere around $80 plus dollars, barely expanded the reels, no features, no big wins, no jumping for joy. It didnt display much fun so I’ll have to go back at some point and give it another try.
    Loyal customer

  • Dj gordon says:


    I like it, the potential seems good, it changes from a simple setup to something that can be major.

  • Brian Bounyavong says:

    Really good game, I wish there was multiplier on free spins and when it expands it would count the symbol it shows when expanded

  • Jessica L Ward says:

    The game Warrior Conquest was quite enjoyable, even though I did not fair well in this round of fifty spins. I would definitely play this game again in the future. It was a unique game to me with the expanding game board. I am fairly new to the slots.

  • Christopher (sebastianky) says:

    I thought the concept was cool but for some reason the slot just click for me like I got the sense that I dunno something was just off a little more like one of those luer you in with a treat and then bam it’s over. I admit I was excited when I won a couple bucks for a quarter who wouldn’t be but then it just felt like that was it “you got your big win” no it’s time to return the slot. But I do applaud the concept it’s cool to be given more than one on a single not many places can boast that.

  • Ryan says:

    I like the game it can pay very well especially the red lady the biggest downside is that it is painfully slow to spin so much time between spins

  • Rebecca Yocum says:

    Warrior Conquest caught my eye with the expanding reels. You begin with 3 reels and after each win a reel is added. It makes the game more exciting.

  • Lacy McKenzie says:

    I enjoyed this game. It had a different play style from most of the other games. This made it interesting to me. Also had a pretty decent win ratio which of course made me happy. I like this game a lot and recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet.

  • Nikk says:

    User: kaiapapaya

    Game is super fun! Loving the rolling expansion after every win. Didn’t even notice I was using my own money after the free spins ended lol

  • Tarvarud mckee says:

    Warrior conquest is a great slots game. I love the way the lines increasr as you play. The free spins actually allow you to win, and wont start until you not hit a pattern.. This game is awesome maybe you should give it a try

  • Leslie says:

    So I’ve played the newest game. No bonus in 3 sets of 60 spins. Couldn’t get over $5 either. Seems like if you get the right combo, it could be a big hitter, but not in the cards for me yet.

  • B says:

    Love the new game. Won pretty good on my free spins when I hit the bonus and it jus kept hit more and more bonus spins. Ended up getting 60 extra bonus spins.

  • Kristin Hickman says:

    This game is pretty interesting. It starts out being kind of slow and I was wondering how often I was going to win. Then the board started expanding and I got my first bonus. I have to say that I was surprised in a good way by this game.

  • Shyla steckman says:

    I absolutely loved this game I’ve never seen a game that gave that many re-spins as much as this game does, and it pays actually decently. Honestly one of my favorite games now <3

  • Khalid says:

    My first thought was like here we go again they got a new game but once I played it, I’m telling u it was a different vibe I mean u could double up triple up I mean you can go as far as you want this one. They finally did it guys a game I can stand behind don’t believe me go ahead and play it yourself

  • Alexandro Garcia says:

    Warrior conquest is a major deal
    Guarantee wins and the features are insane
    If you miss the first spin the feature allows you to win another chance
    I urge everyone to play this game like i said it’s a guaranteed win

  • Justin Corey says:

    Freshest game that I’ve seen come out in a while. Love that it’s a traditional 3 line/3 wheel look and then the best part is it basically pays all ways and then expands for some juicy wins. The excitement and adrenaline from the graphics before expansion is excellent. Definitely will play this game unlike some other newer games that have come out recently. Totally recommend.

  • Michelle Fisher says:

    What a fun new style this game has! I love way it adds the ways it payout as you accumulate wins!

  • Pyry Saarakkala says:

    Hmph I dont really know yet what to say. I played those free rounds and it give me nothing. Deposited 20e. I played another games and tried that also but nothing. It has potential thou but maybe 5 times out of 50 it even fulled the lines ;P but still thanks for new game

  • Latonya Ward says:

    It’s always interesting to see and play a new game, but this one was extra interesting and somewhat confusing but once I got the hang of it I ended up enjoying myself but that is usually the case at brango!! Thank you and keep them coming!

  • Gerald M says:

    I like the expanding reels and other neat features but got a little boring after a while. Not my favorite but still decent. Thanks for the spins!


  • Stephanie says:

    So I tried out the new game and it is pretty fun. It looks like it has a lot of potential to win a lot but sadly they weren’t too many great reels my first time playing. Looking forward to playing again though.

  • Barr says:

    Thanks I enjoyed the new slot warriors conquer – very sleek and sexy – I did OK- the reels expand I know at least 3 levels deep – that was a surprise- even both bonus features – I almost hit a third time

  • Troy sullivan (tgully89) says:

    Well I haven’t got to play this game very very too much but I will say that it is unbelievably hard to win any money on the bonus or in any way honestly but maybe I haven’t played enough looking forward playing some more

  • Kevin says:

    Really enjoying the new slot, haven’t seen this bonus feature in other ones so its nice to switch it up! Always up for something new and this one delivers.

  • Frostbyte845 says:

    This game is dope, so many big wins and the potential for truly massive hits if you get all the reels filled. Two thumbs up 👍👍😎

  • Cort Peterson says:

    Warrior Conquest is two thumbs up!!! This game is in a league of it’s own and may have a chance to become pokie dynasty. It is a warrior’s conquest that will keep you spinning for more legendary action. The design and concept are both cool and unique with a highly graphic ancient samurai theme that make these guys look like modern day marvel heroes. And to tip it off games can expand up 6 reels giving you over 700 ways to win. Can I say top pokie potential…

    • Robert Sanders says:

      The game is magnificent it is one of the greatest features as far as graphics the bonuses are like outstanding I love the fact that you can get free spins after a couple days later it’s pretty awesome that you got the opportunity as a second chance!

  • Brian Hershey says:

    The new game kicks ass, love the respin feature and the expanding slots equals expanding pockets… and of course the best part of Brango is instant cash out!!! #GetMoney

  • Matthew Potts says:

    Now that’s a fun new game! No offense giant fortunes 🥱 but I had to go back and look to remember your name. Now, as for Warrior Conquest, I really liked the way the game plays, such a sick concept. The expansion, the bonuses, and the overall speed of the game come together perfectly, to keep me entertained long enough to drain my pockets. Jk I had a little bit of everything in my free spins.

  • Noel Dehon says:

    I like how this game expanded and with 10 free spins I had a small win hope I can get a big win in the future I will play again

  • Cory Justin Russell says:

    This game isn’t one of my favorites, the expanding reel is kind of cool , but the payouts weren’t great at all and far and few between, also I never hit the bonus on any of that sister sight free spins on this game either. Wish I had two more hands so I could give this game 4 thumbs down.

  • Ryan moore says:

    I think the new game is pretty cool I like the expanding reals and the bonus game is nice. It pays out decent I can’t wait to play it again. I am going to show my friends and get them on this game too

  • Christian Nielsen says:

    Love the new game they did a great job with it The bonus round is awesome I think I found a new one to add to my list 😀. Bringo is my first place to go when I need some me time lol.

  • Bigwenerd says:

    Pretty cool new slot! I really like the expanding and multiplying ways feature. Looking forward to playing this one again.

  • Carrie Clifford says:

    Well I really really like this game. It seems to have the potential to get you big wins! the expanding feature is pretty cool as well!

  • Adam Curry says:

    In my opinion the game is way too slow for me to even handle. The time it takes to respin drives me nuts. Not into this game at all.

  • Chevanico Barber says:

    Great game, love’en the graphics, almost feels as if your actual casino. N-T-ways the game is super fun bonus are easy to get and pays pretty good. My opinion I’d say I give this game a 10

  • Joshua Jenkins says:

    Awesome slot to spin on, it has expanding reels for consecutive wins! Sweet! You’ve gotta hit the bonus and win big or your missing out on some fun!

  • Angelita L Carano-King says:

    I enjoyed the uniqueness of the expanding reel feature, which most games only offer a similar feature when you are in a bonus round. The fact that the Warrior Conquest expanding reel feature happens after every winning combination keeps the game fresh and interesting. I hit the free spins several times but the payout for those seemed to be surprisingly low compared to the payouts I was getting during regular spins . I will definitely be playing it again. I give this game a 8/10 stars…would have been higher if the free spins had a better payout.

  • Juana Rodriguez says:

    So I got to try the warrior conquest slot and almost immediately I hit that bonus round and you can bet right away, boon! Big win. Awesome awesome!

  • Barr says:

    2nd comment it was a blast I just kept winning! I also liked the lodge thrillers with the code word hidden in the story – great material – make stories great again!

  • Antawn sims says:

    Nowwwww this is what I’m talking about I haven’t been excited to play a new game since Buddha fortune this game is enjoyable and a money maker

  • Mikedcrypto says:

    Warrior Conquest Cool game the expanding reels and multiple bonuses makes this a very cool slot!! You gotta check this one out on the best online casino in the world casino Brango !!
    Good luck everybody and Have fun.

  • Ken farr says:

    I loved the game, It was fun to play the first time with the free spins. For once I came up on money and was able to cashout from it. I enjoyed it and will be playing this slot game in the future.

  • Jonathan Mitchell says:

    I like the new slot. I like how the board expands so you can increase your winnings. I hope I can win a bunch.

  • Sharday Vaughn says:

    i enjoyed this one I like the fact when you win the board gets larger it’s definitely different and fun I also liked the bonus it was interesting and fun to try

  • James L says:

    So as per the norm brango releases another great hit I like the gameplay style it’s unique and entertaining the payouts are definitely worth it and fair all around I think this will be a top 5 favorite for me

  • Dkoleon says:

    I like the game I like the graphics on the game yes I will be playing this game more often. Thanks keep up the good work.

  • Lccoop42 says:

    The game was fun to play although I didn’t do so well unfortunately but that happens time to time. I still love the demographic and the layout . I’ll be playing it again.

  • Lisa says:

    I did like this game. It has the potential to get you big wins! the expanding feature is an interesting concept, however way to slow for me to stay interested.

  • Jonathan Patterson says:

    This new game warrior conquest is an amazing game with spectacular payouts and bonuses if you haven’t tried it yet then you need to .

  • Sydney Rae Green says:

    I enjoyed every spin I placed on this machine. It has a 10 spin bonus that gives you the expanding reels option as well. I would highly recommend this machine to any type of person. It’s a great all around slot.

  • Chris.N says:

    Liked the new game the bonus round is my kinda boun I already find myself playing it before my favorite ones. Great jod..

  • Walid Hmaidi says:

    warrior conquest is very interesting and I think there is a huge amount of winnings waiting for all bettors, good luck to all

  • Jonathan says:

    I thought the game was great! Spins that seemed to go on forever it seemed…loved it can’t wait to play again

  • Cassy says:

    This game was ok I guess ..I like the expanding reels but they sometimes felt too long. It’s a maybe for me.

  • John says:

    Not sure if this game is for me. Spins that seemed to drag on forever with nothing to show for at the end of it was the general feel for me on this one

  • Kurtis Sletta says:

    This new game is pretty cool you guys did well on this one and I got to play for a while on it job well done keep em coming !!!

  • Tyson says:

    I really like this new game. It’s exciting and totally different than all the other wonderful slots. I really appreciate that they introduced this new type of game.

  • Crystal Meharg says:

    I did not win on this game very much at all. I would not chose to play this game I don’t like it. It’s a very boring game in my opnion.

  • Christopher says:

    now this game I enjoyed. didn’t win much at all but I can definitely see that this can be an enjoyable game say you have the correct bet l, patients and luck on your side. As always with RTG games I like the graphics alot and am ready for another 30 spins to try my luck again. thank you very much to casino extreme and brango casino for always giving us plenty of chances to make money regardless. thank you. loyal customer for 3 years and counting.


  • Norman Orange-Alvarez says:

    Excellent game, a lot of fun and action. However, I do think that the user interaction is a bit slow and there is no way of playing it faster. Otherwise, as always…incredible job.

    Username: normorng528

  • Millyconley5 says:

    I really liked playing this new game. The way the screen opens up is really cool. I’m ready to play it again and again.

  • Mrmill1979 says:

    I need to play this one a little longer to make an accurate opinion. I didnt have enough luck on my free spins to continue playing long enough to experience some of the cool bonus features.

  • Boden lorette says:

    This is one of my least favorite games in awhile. I didn’t win a single thing on this game and it was painful to play. Winning seems non existent on this casino recently.

  • Virginia Camacho says:

    Yessss this game has scatters !!! Love these kind of games !! Honestly my favorite kinds big wins all day 😂😂😂

  • Armando says:

    I’m like this one it is a good spot and I love the new expanded reels on the wons. whoever got this one did a good job so keep it coming

  • Bodhisattvairis says:

    So I played the new Warrior Conquest game recently, and I wasn’t that impressed. Granted it was my first time playing, it seems like you have to get at least 3 or 4 hits in a row to get anything sizeable! Oh well, I’ll see how it goes next time.

  • Brandon Kilpatrick says:

    Loved the free spins creative feature design I got a thing for 3 reels and 6 reels so it is nice to get both aspects inside of one game.

  • Caseframe says:

    I’ve only played this new game from the 50 free spins promo, and I enjoyed the game for it’s different than normal paylnes and other features. Hopefully it will bring big wins in the near future

  • Matt Bruffett says:

    Good game! Like the bonus more on this game than most. Won a decent amount with on the free spins. Good Job brango


  • Sheila Davis says:

    At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like this new game but as I played it I got the expanding feature and that was pretty cool

  • Tay says:

    I the first like 20 spins, I was like who will every in their mind play this game. Then after thousands of spins accross many of the online casinos i deposit with, this game grew on me. Bonus feature trigger is unique. I’ve played and will play again. Gimme gimme gimme my 30 spins lol

    player missdiva

  • Cassie brown says:

    This is by far the best new game that ive ever played here. The wins are big and you can actually win something without having to “hopefully” hit a bonus or feature. Love it.

  • Marysol Ochoa-Sitterley says:

    I love this game! at first I was a little disappointed to see it was a three reel game but with every win you gain a reel and i love it. with a 24 cent bet you can have huge payouts. this is my new go to game.

  • Lewis Mao says:

    This game is quite different from all of the other games. You start with a 3×3 that then expands each time you hit and some of the payouts are awesome. But it’s not an easy game to master so i play it when I can especially if you send 30 free spins my way haha.

    USER ID: Lmao0415

  • Erica Smith says:

    I actually love this game! It’s very different from all the other slots with so many ways to win. The graphics are dope like usual. I thoroughly enjoy playing this game, at this casino period !

  • Chad M Scheving says:

    I usually dont like 3 wheel slots, but then it got bigger…I did pretty fair with the spins I have tried…I’m gonna be going back to play soon..

  • Ryan says:

    Great wins on this game. That red lady really pays when she fills up even the the by three. Wish each spin didn’t take so long but I definitly like the game.

  • Sean Kellen says:

    Warrior conquest is a great slot it’s different from others and original in its game play. The free games could use a additional bonus but they happen often enough that it stays feeling rewarding

  • Melissa Crabtree/miskatlyn says:

    Like I always say… I LOVE THE 3X3 SLOTS!!!! They are always my go to game when I play. This one has an interesting twist. Every win equals more reels. Kinda impressive. Also means you can rack up for the big win. Bonus didn’t seem to wanna play but I’ll def play more of this one and I’ll get to meet the bonus features soon I’m sure.

  • Daniel Hemingway says:

    Experience with this game was generally positive. I was able to double my money but struggled to make large winnings. The game seems to play with a medium volatility. I almost always got a match on spins but winnings were generally much lower than my wager or only slightly above. Every blew moon I would get a big winner. It doesn’t seem like having winners span across expanded wheels increases your winnings much. It would be better if wins on the extra reals were multiplied.

  • Samuel Davis says:

    The new gaeis gun and exciting I like when it expands when you win just gets your hopes up for another win

  • Petter Juarez says:

    Love this game, the graphics are amazing. BRANGO50 casino keeps adding new and exciting games witch makes it’s #1 . Game spin experience was a lot of fun and nice payouts. Hope to win big and good luck to all.

  • William Wischnak says:

    the game was ok I didn’t hit to hard on it but it’s one of definitely like to put a little more time into and see what it can do!

  • Marc says:

    Seems like it’s worth it. They payouts aren’t bad. I’ll give it shot again and see how it goes.

  • Janet Silva says:

    This article is pretty interesting to read and reliable for the readers. Looking forward to reading more of your essay.

    • Joanner Arce says:

      This game has the potential for winning big and the bonus round has a 10 spin bonus which has expanding reels. I would highly recommend this game. Great all around slot.

  • Ezequiel95 says:

    Did not win much in this game but it definitely has potential for some big wins can’t wait to try it out again.!

  • Maria Rios says:

    the game was so much fun, love the graphics and payouts could lead to a huge payout. Extreme keeps adding new and exciting games definitely one of my faves

  • Ashley says:

    I like how if you win on a spin the reels add another few reels on for bigger prizes. I haven’t won much on it so idk how many reels it does add each time or not. But love the colors and graphics this games has to offer.

  • johnviet says:

    this game Is amazing had one massive payout which I didint expected at all. I would highly recommend for every one and will try again hope it will hit me up one more time
    Acc johnviet

  • turnitover says:

    As for this new slot, I am a fan for sure. Sometimes there’s long stretches of no wins, but every once in a while, you can hit it pretty big. I’ll add this one to my roster of games to revisit!

  • Jayson says:

    This game looks toughhhhh. Not tough but toughhhhh. I can’t wait to start playing it and enjoy some delightful spins thanks to brango casino!


  • James R Thompson Jr says:

    I really like the game it is different than any I have ever played with it going up to 729 ways to win

  • Ricardo says:

    Yo I like this game for reals. Brings a new twist that I haven’t really seen with any of the games here at brango casino.This game is superb! Highly recommended!


  • Carol dinger says:

    I so far have very much enjoyed warrior. I’m a little confused on how the wins work but they do seem substantial when you get them. I’m not a fan of using the same sound effects for all the new games that come in tho. I wish there was more thought put into that aspect.

  • Meeky3 says:

    I won’t even lie, I usually avoid 3 reel slots, surprisingly this one had me wanting more, So far so good, Bonus’s are exciting with expanding lines, multiplying respins, bonus freespin scatter features and more, Warrior Conquest is definatly one to keep an eye on. 😜👌

  • Kalidoss Balasubramanian says:

    Really good game, I wish there was multiplier on free spins and when it expands it would count the symbol it shows when expanded and like

  • Umamageswari sivasankaran says:

    I so far have very much enjoyed warrior. I’m a little confused on how the wins work but they do seem substantial when you get them. I’m not a fan of using the same sound effects for all the new games that come in tho. I wish there was more thought put into that aspect.

  • Tomkin williams says:

    I love this game and the fact that every time you get a win it expands and doesn’t stop tell you get a spin that doesn’t win. it’s new to me and I like it a lot has great pay outs.


  • gonzalo oseguera says:

    This game is different with potential. Bonus rounds could have used a multiplier but other then that it’s a fun and entertaining game.

  • Jeremy Judd says:

    This game was super fun and once you get going its hit after hit after hit-and-run even low wager can score big

  • Robert Melgoza says:

    I like this game very well I like the expanding reels an the free spins bonus all an all very cool game lots of ways pay cool username Robsterrss

  • Dustybo1 says:

    The game was different and right when I was thinking it was never gonna pay a big hit would go off all in all nice game rate about a 7 of 10

  • Camille Eyre says:

    I thought it was a really cool game. I like how it adds the reels as you win. I enjoyed playing and would recommend this slot to other players:)

  • Melissa Evans says:

    So far so good with this particular slot. I have had some pretty good wins as well as some decent payouts. I actually wouldn’t mind playing it again.

  • Melissa Evans says:

    All I can say is that with this particular slot I must of had some good luck or something, because I have had some pretty good wins and even some payouts. Thank you for the free spins.