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$200k Maserati Cup Tournament Begins!

By March 1, 2023May 18th, 2023One Comment

They say money cannot buy happiness. But have you ever seen someone frown while driving a Maserati? Yeah, me neither. Maserati is the perfect blend of style, luxury and performance. And you may be asking why I am writing about sports cars when we are at casino Brango blog. Well, it’s because I am announcing the greatest ever online slot tournament, where the grand prize will be none other than the luxurious Maserati Grecale! Yes, you’ve heard it right. And there is plenty more to hear, so stay tuned to find out all about the amazing Maserati Cup Tournament!

Maserati Cup Tournament Details

Maserati Cup Prizes

Okay, let’s start big. The greatest ever slot tournament is called the Maserati Cup. Since the main prize is a Maserati car. But that’s just the beginning. The tourney prize pool is $200k! If you don’t end up with the Grand Prize, you can feel sad about it basking in the sun of the Bahamas, because the second prize is a trip to the Bahamas for 2! There are also amazing prizes for others among the top 10 players, and around 200 free chips prizes.

Additionally, there are 49 very valuable daily rewards for all of you who end up being the daily winners.

How to Enrol and Calculate the Points

This part is very simple and it’s what makes the tournament so amazing. The race for Maserati starts on the 1st of March and it ends on the 19th of April. Entry fee is any bonus-free deposit of  a minimum $20 dollars. You don’t have to be good in math to do the calculation. Join the $200k prize pool tourney with only $20. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

So, once you are in, you collect points by playing your favourite games. You collect points by wagering, putting more deposits and involving in daily missions. Daily missions are something like daily games, where you get a goal for that particular day. The more missions you pass, the more tournament points end up on your account! You have to be consistent, so you don’t miss anything. Consistency is important because it also helps with multiplying your points. If you don’t skip any day, you are much closer to the top of the leaderboard!

Play at Both Casino Brango and Extreme for Maximum Points

You probably remember our previous tourney “Blood, Sweet and Tickets”, which was ongoing in both Casino Brango and our sister Casino Extreme. It is the same with Maserati Cup. We support each other and want to involve more players! So if you play at both casinos, your points will add up and your chances of winning will rise. You know what to do. Head to both casinos and play at both places for maximum experience!

I think you have heard enough. Now it is all up to you. Be sure to check the tournament page and get involved as soon as possible. Be fast and solid as Maserati, and you may be driving one in April. Good luck!

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  • Margaret Fehily says:

    I think this is so awesome I can’t wait to get involved even more ungrateful for the experience I wish everyone the best of the luck they’re amazing games it’s a great system trustworthy and it’s a lot of fun it’ll be a wonderful experience I wish you all nothing but the best

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