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Vault Breakers

Vault Breakers Tournament: Setting New Standards With a $300,000 Prize Pool!

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Hey there, great news today! After having a blast with the Money Heist Tournament we’re proud to present our latest collaboration with Casino Extreme – The Vault Breakers Tournament – a groundbreaking event poised to redefine online casino contests. This March, a prize pool of $300,000 awaits those brave enough to seek fortune and fame. Start this extraordinary journey towards unlocking treasures that offer not only financial gains but also a place in the annals of gaming legends.

Exclusive Vault Breakers Rewards: The SILVER and GOLDEN Vaults

The core of the Vault Breakers Tournament is the chance to win from two distinguished vaults. The SILVER VAULT offers winners a brand-new Ducati, the latest in technology with a MacBook Pro M3 Max and an iPhone 15 Pro, and the innovative Apple Vision Pro. The GOLDEN vault, on the other hand, is for those aspiring to unparalleled opulence. Your adventure to riches starts with a simple click, leading you to vaults brimming with extraordinary rewards.

How to Participate in the Vault Breakers Tournament

Joining the Vault Breakers Tournament is straightforward and accessible. With a $20 deposit via crypto or credit card through Changelly, you’re in. This event welcomes all players, from seasoned slot enthusiasts to newcomers eager to make their mark, providing a competitive yet fair stage for everyone.

Ongoing Opportunities for Victory

What sets the Vault Breakers Tournament apart is not just the ultimate prizes but the journey to reach them. Weekly challenges maintain a competitive edge, offering consistent chances for participants to showcase their skills and progress towards their goals. Each action taken is a step closer to making history in this prestigious event.

A Testament to Strategy and Skill

The Vault Breakers Tournament transcends mere competition; it’s a celebration of strategy, skill, and sometimes, luck. From March 1st to 31st, 2024, Casino Brango and Extreme transform into a battleground where legends are forged. As the event unfolds, participants have the opportunity to prove their worth, unlock the vault, and claim their share of the massive prize pool.

Will You Unlock the Vault?

With the stage set and the vaults secured, the Tournament offers unmatched rewards. As we approach the kickoff of the Vault Breakers Tournament, the question remains: are you ready to claim your fortune? Join us at both casinos for the most monumental event of the year. Your story of victory begins now.

Ready, Set, Heist!

Step into the arena, climb the leaderboard, and secure your legacy. With the SILVER and GOLDEN vaults waiting, the Vault Breakers Tournament at Casino Brango isn’t just another game; it’s your chance to achieve greatness!

Vault Breakers

Beary Wild

Beary Wild: Journey to Honey Heaven With 300% Boost + 50 Spins

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Hello, slot explorers and nature lovers! After experiencing the exciting martial arts action with animal warriors in our previous game, Kong Fu, it’s time for you to join our loveable bear in a quest for golden honey treasures in the newest addition to our gaming lineup, Beary Wild. Gear up for an exhilarating ride in a game that not only offers you the chance to win big but also takes you on an adorable adventure through the woods. And to make things even more exciting, we’re kicking things off with a sweet deal: a chance to get your paws on 300% Boost + 50 Spins to enter the realm of progressive jackpots!

Beary Wild Slot Overview

Imagine a world where the forest is alive with the promise of fortune. Beary Wild brings this dream to life on a 5-reel, 3-row grid, offering 20 fixed paylines of honey-dripping excitement. Set against a backdrop of lush woods and buzzing beehives, this medium volatility slot guarantees a perfect blend of fun and fair rewards. Spin the reels and join our furry friend in a quest for the sweetest honey money.

A Honeycomb of Features in Beary Wild

Beary Wild is more than a game – it’s a journey into a forest filled with lucrative features and delightful surprises. Here’s what’s in store for you:

Wild Free Games: The heart of the action lies in the Wild Free Games feature. Triggered by 3 or more Wild Bear symbols anywhere on the reels, you get to choose from 3 charming beehives, unveiling 15, 20, or 25 Free Games with all prizes tripled!

Scatter Delight: With Scatter symbols that pay in any position, and awards multiplied by your total bet, the chance to win big is always buzzing around.

Jackpot Dreams: The cherry on top is the chance to hit one of the Progressive Jackpots – a sweet surprise that can be triggered randomly during the base game.

Claim Your Share of the Honey

Ready to dive into this beary exciting adventure? With a simple $20 deposit, you can unlock a world of possibilities in Beary Wild. Get your hands sticky with honey-sweet winnings and double the fun with our 300% Boost + 50 Spins.

New Game Tournament: A Chance to Win Big!

Prepare for some serious competition in our Beary Wild Tournament. Compete for a slice of a $1,500 prize pool, with rewards that will make your gaming experience even more thrilling. A small deposit is your ticket to this wild journey. Remember, the forest is full of wonders – no extra bonuses or free spins needed. May the luckiest bear win!

Begin Your Beary Wild Quest Now

The forest adventure beckons, the reels are ripe for spinning, and an extraordinary journey with our friendly bear awaits. Join us at Casino Extreme, immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Beary Wild, and spin your way to legend. Play today and carve your legacy in the annals of slot gaming. A wild and wondrous fortune calls – are you ready to heed its call?

Beary Wild

Planet of the 'Roos

Planet of the ‘Roos Unveils With a 300% Bonus & 50 Spins

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Hey there, space adventurers! The intergalactic realm of the Wild ‘Roo King has just landed at instant withdrawal Casino Brango, and it’s brimming with cosmic opportunities! Our new slot game, Planet of the ‘Roos, is not just for those who dream of the stars – it’s for everyone seeking astronomical wins. Prepare to embark on an otherworldly journey to a place where golden fortunes twinkle brighter than any star. And we’re not just stopping at an extraordinary game launch – we’re boosting your exploration with an unbeatable 300% Boost and 50 Spins. Plus, our New Game Tournament is here with a daily prize of $300. Suit up for a stellar adventure!

Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Overview

When we think of space, we envision endless mysteries and untold riches. Planet of the ‘Roos captures this essence perfectly. This 5×3 slot game, set against the backdrop of the vast cosmos, offers 25 paylines of interstellar excitement. The graphics are out of this world – you’ll feel like you’re spinning among the stars, right in the court of the ‘Roo King.

Spectacular Features of Planet of the ‘Roos

Planet of the ‘Roos is more than just spinning through space; it’s a journey filled with celestial wonders. Here’s a glimpse of what’s waiting for you.

Free Games Feature

Trigger the Free Games feature by landing 3 or more ‘Roo Palace Scatters. Watch in awe as reels 2, 3, and 4 transform into an Oversized symbol, spinning along with reels 1 and 5. Additional Scatters can skyrocket you to up to 5 Extra Free Games!

Hold & Spin Feature

Score 6 or more golden ‘Roo Coin Bonus symbols to activate the Hold & Spin feature. This grants you 3 Re-Spins for a chance to hit it big. The ‘Roo Coins lock in place, while the other reels keep spinning for added payouts and a shot at one of the four Jackpots.

Grab This Galactic Offer

Now for the exciting part – how to claim your Boost and Spins. Just make a deposit of $20, and watch as we amplify it with a 300% Boost, giving you more chances to win big in this cosmic realm. And let’s not forget the 50 Spins. On top of your Boost, enjoy these spins to delve deeper into the wonders of Planet of the ‘Roos.

Planet of the ‘Roos New Game Tournament

The excitement doesn’t end there! Join our New Game Tournament to grab a piece of the astronomical $1500 prize pool. Mark your calendars: Jan 31st – Feb 4th. Each day, a stellar $300 is up for grabs! A simple $20 deposit is your ticket to the stars. Remember, play with clean deposits – no bonuses or free spins shortcuts. Aim for the stars on that leaderboard with your strategic plays.

Join the Cosmic Quest Today

You’re all set for a journey across the galaxy in Planet of the ‘Roos. It’s a game that offers not just thrilling gameplay but also the chance for galactic-sized rewards. Join us at Casino Brango, step aboard your spacecraft, and let the ‘Roo King guide you to cosmic treasures. Play today and explore the farthest reaches of the slot universe!

Planet of the 'Roos

T-Rex Wild Attack

Journey Back in Time with T-Rex Wild Attack: 300% Boost + 50 Free Spins!

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Welcome, slot explorers! After the festive frenzy of Robin Hood’s Riches, we’re taking a wild leap back in time with our newest slot game, T-Rex Wild Attack! Celebrate this prehistoric venture with a staggering 300% Boost + 50 Free Spins and immerse yourself in our colossal $1,500 prize pool New Game Tournament, featuring a bountiful daily prize pool of $300. Are you brave enough to trek through the ancient jungles and emerge victorious?

T-Rex Wild Attack Slot: A Portal to the Past

In the heart of a world forgotten by time, T-Rex Wild Attack catapults you into an era ruled by the fiercest dinosaurs. This breathtaking 5×3 slot, boasting 30 paylines, is not just a game – it’s a time machine. Here, Velociraptors, Triceratops, and Pterosaurs roam free. Each spin is a dance with destiny, a chance to unearth the riches of a bygone world, brought to life with spectacular visuals and heart-pounding sound effects bringing the prehistoric world to life.

Experience the Roar of T-Rex Wild Attack

T-Rex Wild Attack offers more than just a feast for the eyes; it’s an epic ride for the soul. Unleash the power of the roaring T-Rex Wilds and watch the explosive Cascade feature take over. Witness as low-paying symbols crumble, paving the way for the giants, and potentially, your colossal wins.

Unearth Giant Rewards

Prepare yourself for a gameplay experience packed with raw, prehistoric power. Landing 3 or more Dinosaur Egg Scatters could awaken up to 20 Free Spins, teeming with Stacking Wilds and Wild Multipliers. Each spin in T-Rex Wild Attack is a chance to uncover a treasure, a step closer to untold wealth.

T-Rex Wild Attack’s Dominant Traits:

  • Medium volatility for a harmonious mix of excitement and wins.
  • A diverse landscape of 30 paylines, offering numerous paths to victory.
  • Chance to win an earth-shattering 50,000 times your bet per line.
  • Wild T-Rex symbols, transforming the mundane into the magnificent.
  • A symphony of features, including the Cascade and Free Games, elevating your adventure.

Will You Conquer the Jurassic Realm?

Venture into the lush, untamed world of T-Rex Wild Attack with a 300% Boost + 50 Free Spins. Join our Jurassic New Game Tournament, running from January 17th to January 21st. Sharpen your instincts, bet with wisdom, and rise as the daily ruler of this prehistoric domain!

The Jurassic New Game Tournament Rules:

  • Enter this ancient battleground with a minimum tribute of $20.
  • Maintain the honor of your play with clean deposits – no bonuses or free spins to distract from your primal quest.
  • Ascend the leaderboard with strategic bets, proving yourself as the ultimate Jurassic champion.

At instant withdrawal Casino Brango, we’re not just offering games; we’re creating worlds. T-Rex Wild Attack is our latest portal, where each spin is a step into legend, a battle for survival and glory. Are you ready to join the hunt, outwit the mighty T-Rex, and seize your share of prehistoric riches? The jungle drums are beating, the adventure is calling – your adventure begins now!

T-Rex Wild Attack

Money Heist

Enter the Biggest Yet $200K Prize Pool Money Heist Tournament!

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Celebrating the arrival of 2024, instant withdrawal Casino Brango, in collaboration with sister casino Extreme, is excited to roll out the “Money Heist Tournament,” an unparalleled event in the world of online gaming. This January, join us for an exciting journey through a series of high-stakes slot games, competing for a share of the never-before-seen $200,000 prize pool!

Epic Beginnings

The tournament kicks off on January 3rd, marking the start of a sensational month-long adventure. Players are invited to delve into a diverse array of slot games, each offering a unique path to victory. The mode of entry? Crypto deposits. The objective? Dominate the weekly leaderboards and carve your name in the annals of Casino Brango’s history.

Weekly Leaderboard Showdown

Each week, the tournament resets, offering fresh opportunities to climb the ranks. A deposit of $20 in crypto earns one point, while $100 wagered on slots garners two. This points system ensures a dynamic competition, where both high rollers and casual players can make their mark.

Money Heist Tournament Timeline

  • Event 1 (Jan 3-9): The opening act
  • Event 2 (Jan 10-16): Rising intensity
  • Event 3 (Jan 17-23): Critical strategies
  • Event 4 (Jan 24-30): The grand finale

A Bounty of Prizes in Money Heist Tournament

The prize structure is designed to reward a wide range of players. The top position each week takes home $10,000, with significant cash rewards extending down to the 100th place. This inclusive approach ensures that every participant has a fair shot at the bounty.

Money Heist Tournament Strategic Gameplay

In the “Money Heist Tournament,” success hinges on more than just luck. We encourage players to devise strategies and balance the risk and rewards as they navigate through the tournament. Every spin brings a new chance, and every decision is a potential game-changer.

Beyond the Leaderboard

Casino Brango is all about enhancing the player experience. Throughout the tournament, participants can look forward to exclusive rewards, surprise bonuses, and special events, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

The Grand Narrative of Money Heist Tournament

As players immerse themselves in the “Money Heist Tournament,” they’re not just competing for prizes; they’re part of a grand narrative unfolding in the virtual world of Casino Brango. This tournament is a celebration of the world of online gaming, the joy of competition, and the spirit of community that defines the crypto casino experience.

Your 2024 Casino Saga

With the “Money Heist Tournament,” bet safe Casino Brango promises more than just a gaming event; it’s an epic saga waiting to be written by each participant. We invite you to join this grand undertaking, to test your mettle, to revel in the thrill of the game, and to possibly emerge as a legend in the world of online gaming. Let the heist begin!

Money Heist Tournament