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What Millennials Think About Bitcoin

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The common perception around crypto is that it’s a young person’s market, and the data backs that up. According to studies, millennials and Gen Z make up nearly 94% of all crypto buyers. This includes people between 18 and 40 years old. If you are older, you still might haven’t adapted to the newly established conditions in the modern world. Don’t worry, even the younger population has problems with accepting crypto. Do you know what millennials think about bitcoin? Take a seat and join us in our research!

Who Are Millennials?

Millennial is an expression for a group of people born between 1981 – 1996. They are also known as Generation Y. They’re called millennials because they became adults around the time of the millennium. Millennials were born and grew up during the arrival of the internet and personal computers. This encourages a stereotype that they are more familiar with technology than previous generations.

In popular culture, millennials are often described as self-centred and obsessed with social media. That made them win the unflattering nickname Generation Me. Other big differences include finances and wealth. For them, financial independence is a priority. They love traveling a lot. Also, one interesting study by Transamerica shows that about 21% of millennials don’t have a job that provides retirement plan.

Millennials And Crypto

According to Investopedia’s Financial Literacy Survey of 2022, millennials are more likely to invest in cryptocurrency. Among all generations surveyed, it seems they realized that cryptocurrencies aren’t a myth. Furthermore, crypto isn’t even a type of experiment nowadays. It is becoming a part of our daily lives. Maybe we should all follow in millennials’ footsteps when it comes to this. Cryptocurrencies help millennials achieve financial wealth. The biggest advantage is a possibility to earn exceptional amount of money even if you have a small budget.

According to the article on, 48% of millennials who hold cryptos plan to increase their holdings in 2022. Additionally, another 39% of millennial hodlers plan on keeping their cryptos at the current level.

At the first glance, it may appear that Bitcoin is the most recognizable crypto among millennials. However, they easily navigate the fluid nature of the crypto world, and have so far adopted other cryptocurrencies as well.

Casino Brango And Crypto

Safe payment methods are crucial when it comes to online gaming. Casino Brango can proudly say that we host one of the best secured and the fastest payment methods. These allow you to both deposit and withdraw your money within minutes.

Today, bitcoin as well as all the cryptocurrencies that you can find out at Casino Brango are safe and secure payment methods. There is truly no place for fear when it comes to this type of payment method anymore. Besides bitcoin, there are other deposit methods you can use. For example, Ethereum and Litecoin which count as the safest two.

We invite you to explore the safe payment methods further and find the deposit method that suits you best. We also invite you to tell us what is your take on Bitcoin and cryptos alike. There is enough space in the comments below to exchange opinion. Until next time!

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Progressive Jackpots Slots

Progressive Jackpots Slots Explained

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Online video slots are very popular games among players in gambling industry. A lot of enthusiasts choose to play this type of games because of the progressive jackpots. Some of them like that progressive jackpot slot machines offer large sums of money, while the others simply enjoy gameplay. Even though they use it, many of them don’t know how exactly they work. Today we are going to explain everything you need to know about progressives.

What are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are amounts offered as the top payouts for particular casino games. Their main characteristic is that they continue to rise until a player wins. They are available on a wide range of games, but the most common ones are related to slot machines.

For example, let’s make a comparison with fixed jackpot slots. Those are slot machines with a fixed top prize. No matter what you do and how many people play the slot, you will never win more than that fixed amount in a single payout. This is the way most of the online slots work.

How Do Progressive Jackpots work?

Things are slightly different with progressives. The jackpot is determined by how many people play the slot. The more people that invest money into the slot, the bigger the jackpot grows. These types of machines tend to offer players much higher payouts than those that only offer basic games.

Some of them have limits to a particular slot, while others accumulate across the networks of slots from the same brand. In this situation, there are a lot of online casinos linked into the same pool. This means that players who play the same slots in different online casinos contribute to the wager percentage that accumulates in the same pool. The jackpot prize forms from that pool.

Another important thing about them is that jackpot resets to zero after someone collects it. After that, it starts to rise again to the huge amounts that expect another lucky player.

Advantages VS Disadvantages

Logically, the main advantage of progressives is that they offer players much higher payouts than those which only offer basic games. Some progressive jackpots don’t require players to drop on a specific combination of symbols on their reels. These progressives are totally random and you can hit them in every spin.

When it comes to the flaws of these slots, we have to say that winning progressive jackpots is simple but neither quick nor entirely easy. It takes time and patience. In general, winning the maximum jackpot on any slot machine is not a very frequent event. Like a double-edged sword, they can often pay jackpots, but rather small amounts. Or they might be offering amazing jackpots, but only to few players a couple of times a year.

Feel free to try your luck from time to time, but make sure you invest carefully. If you are curious, at our instant withdrawal casino, you can play some of the most popular progressive jackpots slots. There are Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe, Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe, Aztec’s Million and Megasaur .

Good luck!

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blackjack’s popularity

6 Reasons for Blackjack’s Popularity

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The sheer number of available casino games is constantly evolving with every day bringing a new game to the table, and it is the world of online casinos we have to thank for that. The flashy slots with slick graphics and exciting features that deliver massive payouts preoccupy our attention from day to day. But sometimes, you just want to have fun playing a simple game of cards. And you cannot find a simpler card game to better suit that requirement than a game of blackjack. It’s one of the most played and recognizable casino games for a number of reasons. And those reasons are just what we’re about to go through as we try to explain blackjack’s popularity.

Simplicity of Rules

Probably the key reason for blackjack’s popularity lies in the fact that you don’t need more than a few minutes to get ahold of the rules. The objective is to get as close to 21 without going bust with options to either hit, stand or split. These rules apply everywhere you might find yourself playing, so you don’t have to spend time learning them all over again. This makes it a perfect game for beginners as you can easily adapt to more experienced players.

It’s a Social Game

Speaking of experienced players, another reason for blackjack’s popularity is that you don’t compete against them. Instead, you get to play with them together against the house. This develops a sense of camaraderie which makes the experience of playing such an enjoyable activity. It also doesn’t discourage communication as can be the case with other games, and that dictates constant engagement.

The Fast-Paced Gameplay

The constant engagement implies that there’s always action happening, which means you cannot have a drawn-out game of blackjack. A single round of blackjack usually lasts less than five minutes so it’s a perfect choice to play when you’re on a tight schedule. On the other hand, it also doesn’t have a limit on playing time, so you can go from playing a round during lunchbreak to a whole week’s bender if you like. And, if you’re the type of player that prefers instant gratification, blackjack’s popularity shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

It Has Pretty Great Odds

If you’re a casino regular, you know that every game has a built-in mathematical advantage towards the casino known as the “house edge”. The lower the house edge the better the chances for a player to win. When it comes to blackjack it has the lowest house edge of every possible casino game. It can go as low as 0.5%, which means you’re able to recover more than 99% of your deposits. But this is possible only if you employ strategy methods like card counting, which leads us to our next point.

Skills Give You An Advantage

As we all know gambling is an activity that relies primarily on luck. But aside from those games that rely primarily on it, there are also ones where skills play a significant role. Blackjack falls into the second category and with the perfect combination of basic strategies such as charts and already mentioned card counting you can take your chances of winning to such a level to even gain an advantage over the casino. And you can see how that can easily contribute to blackjack’s popularity since having an advantage means you can win on a regular basis. For more details as to how to use that advantage go check this article of ours on the subject.

It’s a Lot of Fun

And the last reason for blackjack’s popularity is the one that’s most important. Blackjack is primarily a game that brings a lot of fun, it’s no wonder it has been depicted in so many Hollywood movies. The drama, community spirit, and the promises of big payouts are all the contributing factors that add to its popularity. And only a click parts you from jumping in on some of that fun!Blackjack Perfect Pairs play now

MetaMask Wallet

What Is MetaMask Wallet And How to Use It

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If you are crypto owner, you must’ve heard of digital wallets for storing your cryptos. We have already talked about Litecoin, Stellar and Monero crypto wallets. Today we want to expand this list with MetaMask Wallet. This is a free crypto wallet software for storing cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum. A lot of people have already made their smart choices by holding their tokens on MetaMask Wallet. If you are interested in investing in Ethereum or you already possess it, stay with us to see how to become the MM member!

MetaMask Wallet Overview

First things first – let’s take a closer look at MetaMask Wallet. Since Ethereum is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies, a lot of users decide to invest right in it. As we already said, MetaMask is a crypto wallet software for storing Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and tokens. It is also used for managing account keys and monitoring transactions. MetaMask Wallet is virtually connected to any Ethereum-based platform. It is like a browser to access the Ethereum network. Among a lot of different options, this software considers the best place to store your assets.

Installation And Setting Up

The MetaMask is very simple and easy to use. To install MM on your computer, you need to go to the official website and add the wallet extension to your browser. As extension, it acts as a bridge between browsers and the Ethereum blockchain. If you are using another device such as mobile phone or tablet, you should simply install the application on it.

Initially, MetaMask had been available only as a desktop browser extension for browsers. But, because of its popularity between crypto users, the application had been released as well. Now it has millions of users and followers across the globe.

Once you get the MetaMask wallet extension or an app, you’ll be able to set up your wallet and have access to it. You will get the option to import your existing data or create a new one if you want to set up a brand-new wallet. And you are ready to go!

Manage Your Digital Assets

MetaMask Wallet gives its users different opportunities. Not only it enables you to store, but you can also send crypto assets from your MetaMask to other wallets. Receiving ETH from another wallet is possible as well. In one place you get to hold and keep your Ethereum and Ether-based tokens safe and manage them.


There is no such thing as too much safety. Every tool we use, we want to make sure it is safe. MetaMask provides measures of protection such as recovery phrase and a private key. If anyone comes in possession of your secret recovery phrase or your private key, they will have full access to your wallet. So, make sure you don’t share it with anyone. Basically, there haven’t been any bigger troubles using MetaMask, so you don’t have to worry about that.

This way, hundreds of products from different brands will be available to you as MetaMask user. This type of wallet you can use in many companies that accept crypto as payment  such as bitcoin friendly Casino Brango. Check out our site and enjoy fast & easy payments by using Metamask. Let’s start using the benefits of technology together!

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poker players

Best Poker Players of All Time

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The most popular and exciting card game that can bring a lot of money to the ones who gamble for high stakes is poker. Stories of professional poker players can be very inspiring, and we decided to dedicate this post to all our poker admirers. Here’s the list of world’s best poker players. Enjoy!

Johnny Moss

We are starting this story with The Grandfather of Poker. Johnny Moss was one of the people who have won the World Series of Poker three times. During his career, he won $834,422 in WSOP tournament play. Born in early 1900s, he is considered as the best poker player in his generation.

Erik Seidel

Moving on to the next poker legend. Erik Seidel also known as Sly first appeared in 1998 winning WSOP. He did it 9 times until now. Erik is the winner of many tournaments and a lot of money in playing poker. He has also been a member of Poker Hall of Fame from 2010. As of January 2019, his total live tournament winnings exceed $34,600,000. In 2016, he was ranked #28 on the Global Poker Index.

Phil Ivey

Let us present you Tiger Woods of poker. This man started playing poker when he was 18 by reportedly faking his identity so he can get in the casino. They say that he even used another name – Jerome Graham and a fake ID. His name is high on a list of male poker players of all time. In 2000, he won his first-ever professional player bracelet beating some of the best players in that time. Ivey earned about $35 million dollars at the tournaments and currently has a fortune of $125 million.

Phil Hellmuth Jr.

Expanding the selection of the best poker players of all time with another big name. Known as “Poker Brat” for his temperament at the table, Hellmuth is the all-time World Series of Poker bracelet leader with 16 of them. He won over $24 million and became one of the youngest World Series champions at the age of 24.

Daniel Negreanu

Finishing this list with style, with one of the greatest of all time. This Canadian, called “Kid Poker” is also known as an ambassador of poker game. Awarded with 6 WSOP bracelets and 2 World Poker Tour, he earned over $39,000,000. Daniel Negreanu ranks as 3rd best poker player ever and has made more than $33 million from poker games and he has not rested yet. He is still growing strong in the game and getting better at his games.

Women as Best Poker Players

Not only are more women playing poker, but they are also winning some of the best male players. Our casino decided to mention some of the female outstanding players who are passionate about poker. We think we need to put equal focus on our ladies of poker and keep them in the spotlight.

Top 5 female poker players 

  1. Liv Boeree (UK) — $3.57 million
  2. Annette Obrestad (Norway) — $3.93 million
  3. Annie Duke (USA)—$4.27 million
  4. Kathy Liebert (USA) — $6.17 million
  5. Vanessa Selbst (USA) — $11.85 million

It is safe to say that the poker is not only men’s game anymore and to encourage our female readers to join our instant withdrawal Casino Brango and to play some interesting games. Until next time. Good luck!

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