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God Gambling

The God of Gambling Across Different Cultures

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Gambling is as old as humankind, and as with every other integral part of human activities, people assigned gods to it. The idea of a supernatural being holding the threads of one’s destiny is such a strong notion you can find it across every different culture of the world. And as much as it is common today for players to ask the God(s) for blessing them with a bit of fortune while gambling the more so applied to people of the past. So let’s take a look at some of the gods of gambling these people used to pray to for luck.

Hermes – The Greek God of Gambling and Luck

For ancient Greeks gambling held a high place. So high indeed, legend states that the whole universe was divided between gods after a roll of dice. And according to the same legend, the inventor of dice is Hermes, the god of luck, wealth, and gambling. Because of that invention gamblers consider him the patron of games of chance such as slots and roulette. If these are games of your preference, he might be the one to address.

Thot – The Egyptian God of Gambling, Wisdom, and Art

The Egyptian counterpart to Hermes, Thot is the god of wisdom, writing, art, and judgment. But how does he fit in a role of a god of gambling you may ask. Well, the story goes that initially the year was 360 days long, during which sky-goddess Nut was unable to conceive. Thot stepped in to roll the dice with the Moon for five additional ones and won allowing Nut to have children. The conclusion imposes itself as to why it is wise to summon him for help before placing bets. And if you’d like to get a taste of the mysterious land of Egypt and step into his shoes, you can try your luck on our Egyptian Gold slot.

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Lakshmi – Indian Goddess of Fortune and Wealth

Speaking of rolling the dice, it is what gamblers do to honor Lakshmi during the Indian Diwali Festival of Lights. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of fortune, wealth, and prosperity people summon whenever they need assistance in matters of luck. The story goes that she retreated to the bottom of the sea for thousand years when Indra, the god of war, became too proud and greedy for her taste. There’s a lesson to be learned from this tale and a reason why she is a goddess of gambling. The lesson being that if you gamble for fun and not greed you can expect to be blessed with good luck.

Lofn – Goddess of Comforting Love and Games

Lofn is unfortunately one of the lesser-known inhabitants of the Nordic pantheon of gods in Asgard. She’s a delicate goddess fond of outcasts, offering comfort to all who suffer from unrequited love and generally unlucky people. That makes her the perfect choice of veneration for every player who finds himself having a bad streak. She bestows good luck to those who bring her offerings in form of chips, cards, and dice and encourages people to gamble responsibly. Some gamblers even leave an extra chair at their tables so she can join the game as an additional player.

Macuilxochitl – The Flower Prince of Drinking Rabbits

Now we move to the Aztecs, the civilization that is usually portrayed as bloodthirsty and ruthless. So it may come as a surprise to you that Macuilxochitl actually means a Flower Prince and is in charge of all things fine in life. Arts, poetry, music, fine food, and of course gambling. He was a member of a Centzon Tōtōchtin group of four-hundred rabbits that met for parties that involved excessive drinking. That may not be a smart thing to pray for, but this rabbit god’s help can prove to be useful on a Run, Rabbit, Run slot. And if he doesn’t help what certainly will are 30 free spins you’ll get for a review of the game.

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Try Your Luck on Our Slots

We hope you enjoyed the fascinating stories behind these cultures’ different representations of gods of gambling. And if you want to convince yourself of their prevailing inspiration for modern gambling instant withdrawal casino Brango has a lot of slots that deal with these themes. Try them out and may blessings of fortune always favor you!

4 perfect gifts for gamblers

4 Perfect Gifts for Gamblers

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Hi, our dear players! Do one of your friends, who really loves to gamble as much as you do, have a birthday party coming up soon? Or maybe he/she already had it and you spent days wondering what to buy them? Today we are bringing an end to these thoughts. We at Casino Brango know how it is hard sometimes to buy a present for someone who loves betting, so we decided to give you a hand and make a few suggestions. Let’s check out 4 perfect gifts for gamblers!

1. Good Luck Charm

Even the most skilful players love to have good luck charm in their pockets and that is logical, because, well, gamblers are used to relying on luck. There is a wide range of these kinds of objects that you can buy for a small amount and make someone happy. You can choose a Chinese one, like the statue of Buddha or a Golden Cat. On the other hand, you can opt for some classic, for instance, a lucky clover pendant or a classic rabbit’s foot. It all depends on the preference of the person for whom you are buying the present.

2. Trip to a Casino

All of the gamblers who love to travel will find this gift awesome! Land-based casinos give a unique experience, of course, for the gamblers who are into this type of gambling. Online casinos have their advantages like betting and playing your favourite games from the comfort of your home, but for people who are into traveling, a trip to a casino is a great option. You will need to prepare a little bit more money than for a good luck charm, but hey, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

3. Used Slot Machine

The used slot machine is also one of the 4 perfect gifts you can buy for gamblers. These machines are awesome because they are well designed and give a vintage vibe of some better times. Plus, if your friend is really into slots, he or she is going to truly appreciate this gift. Yes, it is expensive, but if you think that your friend is worth it, buy it! Also, it is not the same thing, but it is similar and maybe it will be helpful to you – video poker. Video poker games on Casino Brango are something like poker that is played on a slot machine, so show them to your friends, we think they will love them.

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4. Personalized Poker Chips

Poker chips are a regular part of the casino experience. At Casino Brango, we also give chips to our players, and sometimes we even give free chips! Yet, if you have a friend who is into poker, personalized poker chips are a perfect option. They can be some kind of a good luck charm for them, plus they are pretty and the gift says that you have truly invested an effort in deciding what to buy them.

We at Casino Brango hope that we have helped and relieved you of some hard thinking next time you need to buy something for your friends. These are, we truly think, 4 perfect gifts for gamblers! In any case, if some of the gifts don’t work out, you can always check our page and refer your friend to our games. They can always be a way of crazy and fun entertainment!

customer support team

Trustworthy Customer Support Team at Online Casino

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Hello dear players, we hope you are doing fine! When you are looking for an online casino that will be your gambling home, you should pay special attention to one thing – customer support. Luckily for all of you, our Casino Brango is famous for its great support team. They are available to you 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Let’s check out what a trustworthy customer support team looks like!

Why Is It Important?

You may be wondering, why is it so important to have a good support team. Well, the answer is simple. Online casinos, Casino Brango especially, gives special attention to the diversity of deposit methods, as well as the possibility of instant withdrawal a.k.a. getting real money in no time. We have helping materials for both options on the blog, but, if you have a problem with depositing or withdrawing your funds, or if you don’t know how to do it, customer support is there to help you.

To add, you may want to collect the bonus or to inform more about the promotion. In this case, support is also there to hear you and help you. We are trying to make things as simple as possible, but if you are having issues with collecting your free spins, support is there to help you resolve it.

Because of that, they must be at your disposal constantly. Nevertheless, people that work in the support team must be nice and pleasant whenever you contact them. And we are proud to say that our team is just like that! We have said already but, at Casino Brango, the customer support team is available 24/7! So, for any further questions feel free to contact them. But in what way, you may wonder? That will be the topic in the passage below.

Various Ways to Contact Online Casinos

Different ways to contact online casinos make them trustworthy, that is for sure. If we are talking about Casino Brango, you can contact the support team by phone, live chat, and e-mail. All these options are at your disposal, and you can pick the way of communication you find the most pleasant.

Generally speaking, the live chat option is perhaps the best one for objective reasons. You can just write the question and you will get your answer instantly. Our team is speedy, concise, and friendly, which is all that is important to have if you are bragging with a good support team. Nevertheless, if you have some questions which require authorization from other departments, e-mail communication may also be a helpful option.

To make sure about how awesome our support team is, visit Casino Brango and press play now. Huge prizes are waiting with Easter coming just around the corner, so stay tuned. May the luck be with you!

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12 new goals

12 New Goals for Gambling and For Life

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When the weather is good, we are feeling even better! That is the reason why these days we like to share good vibes and positive energy all around us. As a matter of fact, this post is going to be all about YOUR goals for each month of the year, both in gambling and in life also. So, our current topic is – 12 new goals for gambling and for life!

1. January – Save Money

The first month and the first target of the potential 12 new goals of the year is always the hardest and the longest one. You give a lot of money buying presents, having a great time and going on a winter holiday somewhere in the hills. Yet, especially this month should be all about taking care of your money. That means saving, but it also means spending it with a plan. And what is better than spending money on something that can make you rich? So, online casino games should be your choice!

 2. February – Fall in Love

February is all about love. It doesn’t matter if you are in love or you are still looking for one, your goal should be to celebrate it!  Valentine’s Day is there to remind you of that. Nevertheless, Casino Brango loves to make you feel loved, even if this is not the type of love that you are perhaps looking for. But our slot games are so good that you will fall in love with them, trust us! Therefore, the goal for the second month of the year should be –to fall in love!

3. March – Do Something That Scares You

Taking risks is something we are all afraid of. On the other hand, that is the only way to make progress and to grow in every sense of the word. So, the motto for March should be to do something that scares you. That can be a lot of things and some of them are directly related to the casino world. Jump in the crazy train and try out all the adventures you can find at Casino Brango.

4. April – Reach Out to An Old Friend

Getting in touch with someone whom you haven’t seen in a long time is always a good idea! You can remember all the crazy and funny things you have done together. Remembering will bring back the old memories which will make you feel happy and positive about all the future endeavours. That is why in April you should reach out to an old friend. Maybe that will be the best thing that you have ever done!

5. May – Kick the Habit

We all know to get into some habits. They can be good because they give you stability and structure to your life, as well as your working days. On the other hand, some habits can be extremely bad for your creativity, energy, and general will to live. That is why May should be dedicated to kicking the bad habit away! Put your spirit up for a rest and let it fly wherever it wants. This will help you improve the quality of your life enormously.

6. June – Be Kind to Yourself

We are halfway through our 12 new goals for gambling and life road trip! On a regular basis, we can be our biggest critics. Well, don’t be! The whole world will judge you and criticize you. Your job, your family, your lifestyle, everybody will think that they have the right to criticize it and give you their opinion. Unfortunately, you cannot change everything and everyone, but you can change yourself. Therefore, be kind to yourself. Try your best and be okay with every possible outcome and decision you have made because you have made it consciously. You felt that you needed to do something at that time and that is absolutely fine!

 7. July – Get Some Fresh Air

Warm weather means more time outside and July is the best month for getting some fresh air with the sun shining over your head. Go out and get it! The advantage of online casinos is that you can gamble wherever you want and that means outside as well. So, breathe and bet while playing your favourite games! What more can a man ask for?

8. August – Practice Some Self-Care

We have already discussed the topic of being kind to ourselves and we are now moving in that direction also. This time, our job is to let you know that you should practice self-care. As we have said before, you are your best friend. Everyone else will be harsh on you, life will be harsh on you, so why would you be harsh on yourself? Work and improve yourself, but don’t forget to enjoy as much as you can. You are one of a kind that is for sure!

9. September – Try Something New

The summer is slowly going away, and the 9th month of the year is the perfect time to try something new. Start off the Fall with new experiences and use the last part of the year to do something you find interesting. Perhaps signing up to an online casino is precisely the thing you needed. Casino Brango is there to help you make your first experiences beautiful and joyful. So, feel free to find out more about depositing methods we have. Plus, with the possibility of instantly withdrawing your funds a.k.a. get real money in no time, you will find this decision the best one ever!

10. October – Practice Mindfulness

October is all about practicing mindfulness! Be there, be present, live in the moment! Don’t let life pass you by, take it into your own hands. In this way, you will enjoy more all the beautiful events that will take place. Moreover, you will be a better parent, friend, sister or brother, husband, or wife! Don’t hesitate and dive into the life you have. Still, it is a one-time opportunity.

11. November – Eat the Cupcake

As you can see, November is all about the sweets! Let go of your diet and give yourself an opportunity to eat the cupcake. It will make you feel much better, happier, and more energetic. Maybe eating the cupcake is not the right choice in terms of healthy food, but in terms of a healthy lifestyle, definitely, it is. Therefore, go to the nearest bakery and take your favourite one with all the toppings you want.

12. December – Give Yourself a Gift

Finally, the 12th of the 12 new goals! The year has come to its end and holidays are coming your way. You will buy presents for everyone as you are used to doing every year until now. Yet, one thing is going to change. This year, you will buy one gift for yourself also because you are important. Pick your favourite item of clothes or a new laptop or phone and buy it! Let yourself dive into the holiday spirit. Plus, Casino Brango is always there to welcome you with a gift, any time of the year, so keep up with us.

These were 12 new goals for gambling and for life. We are hoping that it will help you advance your game and your life. Visit Casino Brango and spin the wheel of fortune! That can perhaps be your best decision ever.

women in casino world

Top Women in Casino World

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It is the 8 of March already, the day we celebrate the long-neglected phenomenal achievements of women worldwide. Here, at bet safe Casino Brango we take special pride in having always honoring our great women players. That’s why we prepared this article of top women in casino world as a sign of respect for the irreplaceable role they play in making it as great as it is! Ladies, stay tuned because a little surprise gift awaits you too!

Contrary to the popular belief, women have always been an integral part of the gambling industry from the very beginnings. From website developers and designers through management and ownership of casinos, their role has been crucial. That proved especially true with online casinos who always matched the progressive nature of the platform with women’s emancipation. Join us as we review some of the most influential women in casino world without whom our field would be nothing close to what it is today.

Mayme Stocker

It may come as a surprise to you, but the first lawful casino license in Las Vegas was held by a woman called Mayme Stocker. She came to Las Vegas in the year 1911 and wanting to earn some money she opened a soda shop.

Thanks to her perseverance and hard work after 20 years it turned into one of the most famous casinos, that went by the name La Bayou. By doing this, Mayme Stocker forever inscribed herself into casino history.

Judy Bayley

The next woman we have the honor of mentioning is none other than the “First Lady of Gambling”. Judy Bayley is the first woman to solely own a Las Vegas casino after taking over the thriving hotel business she ran with her late husband. Despite lacking any formal education in business management her business thrived.

And if you wonder how she got the nickname of “First Lady of Gambling”, know that it’s absolutely fitting for a woman who added casino games like pan, keno, and poker to her casino’s operations.

Sarann Knight-Preddy

The list of achievements of Sarann Knight Preddy is so long that we can fill a whole new article. She was the first African American woman to receive a gambling license in Nevada at a time when such things were all but impossible.

She was also a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas until 1957 when the backward laws of the era forbid it. That made her devote the rest of her life to the struggle of promoting equality in the Nevada casino world. Nowadays, numerous museums throughout Nevada are dedicated to the memory of her countless contributions.

Vanessa Selbst

Speaking of contemporary times, one cannot go without mentioning Vanessa Selbst, who is probably the greatest female poker player ever. She ranks at the top of Global Poker Index, having won three World Poker Series bracelets.

The knowledge a professional poker player must have come in handy because she ventured into Wall Street as an entrepreneur and investor. With earnings of over $12 million from poker tournaments, she is one of the most successful players ever. And her success doesn’t stop there because her companies have been inducted into Gamblers Hall of Fame in Nevada.

Women’s Day Promo

In honour of all these incredible women, your favourite instant withdrawal casino Brango wants to extend the same to all our wonderful female players too. For the whole day, women are entitled a chance to collect 67 FREE SPINS to use on Bubble Bubble 3 slot. The only requirement is that you made at least one deposit during the past year. For more details, check out the terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

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  • Wagering: 45x
  • Max cashout: $50
  • Allowed games: Non-progressive slots
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