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Bullish Bitcoin

Bullish Bitcoin Year 2020

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Bitcoin is back and is ready to claim its throne once again. Bullish Bitcoin year is upon us, according to analysts at Coinbase blog. Some analysts go even so far as to claim that Bitcoin will reach $400,000 after halving in May 2020.

Where does BTC stand today?

At the moment of writing of this text, the price of Bitcoin is set at $ 9,976.35. If we take a look back at the last year movement, we could say this is a slight decrease from last summer, when BTC had the value of approximately $13,000. However, many analysts claim that the recent break out is the real deal and that bullish Bitcoin year has already begun.

Storing Value in BTC

It has been estimated that the investments in Bitcoin showed their full potential when the Bitcoin broke the $10,000. Now, when we think about it for a moment, we will see that there are few reasons for this.

Firstly, people like to store value. The number of Bitcoin holders is on the rise. This trend has been ongoing for a year, apparently. The interesting thing is that approximately more than 12.5 million BTC has not moved in a previous year.

This draws attention because Bitcoin has been fluctuating during all those months. Nevertheless, the holders apparently decided to wait for BTC to reach the highest price. We could be witnesses of this happening soon.

If we were to judge according to the year behind us, BTC saw a total return on investment of more than 90%. If Bitcoin continues its bullish trend, we are yet to see the peak of its power.

Bitcoin Halving in 2020

The second reason why people invest in BTC is the future halving in May this year. As you already know, when something is scarce, it is therefore more valuable.

Bitcoin’s projected number of units in circulation is 21 million. Having said previously that more than 12.5 million BTC units did not move for a year, waiting for “better days”, we could see that it is more than half of the total number of units. Halving is the event everyone waits. It means that new bitcoin issuance will drop from 12.5 to 6.25 new bitcoins minted every ten minutes.

Once this happens, Bitcoin will become twice as scarce as before, theoretically meaning at least twice as valuable. In practice, the estimates say we should see the positive increase in value. We are yet to see this increase up, close and personal.

As a reminder, the previous times Bitcoin was halved, its price increased 13,000% (following the 2012 halving), as well as 12,000% (following the 2016 halving).

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bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin Transactions Break Half a Billion

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The Bitcoin network has surpassed 500 million Bitcoin transactions, reports Decrypt. This major milestone was achieved after 11 years of the first-ever transaction.

Crypto firm Casa CTO Jameson Lopp celebrated this on Twitter.

The Bitcoin network has doubled its number of transactions in the last three years, rising from 250 million in 2017. According to the data site Satoshi, there has been an increase in the number of Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain per year. In 2017, it crossed 250 million transactions, before rising to 500 million today. At this rate, Bitcoin could cross 1,000 million in under two years.

Nakamoto and the late Hal Finney made the first-ever transaction on Jan. 12, 2009. Nakamoto sent Finney 10 BTC as a test. After this venture, the computer scientist began mining blocks himself. Ten months later, on Oct. 5, 2009, the New Liberty Standard set an initial Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar. At the time, $1 was worth 2300.03 BTC.

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bitcoin emoji

Bitcoin Emoji Has Just Revealed

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The big news is that you can now use Bitcoin emoji in your tweets. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted the newly added Bitcoin emoji on Feb. 2 and showed how we can use it.

Dorsey’s tweet showed that, now, whenever a Twitter user writes the Bitcoin or BTC hashtag, an image showing its symbol appears next to it. His tweet also tags Unicode, possibly pushing them to introduce an emoji that can be used across all web platforms. Unicode has supported the Bitcoin symbol as one of its currency signs since 2017. But there is currently no emoji version, meaning the symbol only appears as a black and white glyph, and not in the orange it is frequently portrayed in.

The most popular symbol used for Bitcoin is exactly ₿ – a capital letter B with two vertical strokes at the top and bottom, as introduced by BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto. After Twitter added the emoji to its platform, many cryptocurrency personalities test-tweeted it, including Tron (TRX) founder and Bittorrent CEO Justin Sun.

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Blockchain Skills

Blockchain Skills in High Demand As Blockchain Phenomenon Spreads

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Blockchain is here and has apparently caught roots in our society. There are many industries that have changed deeply with introduction of blockchain. Still, not many people know exactly how it works, but ultimately it does not matter. One thing is for sure: blockchain enables for various online activities to perform quickly, safely, at low cost. Therefore, it is no wonder this fin tech has gained many supporters worldwide. Expansion of blockchain and demand in blockchain skills is a reality.

How Widespread Blockchain Is Today?

The predictions are that people with blockchain skills will be able to choose jobs in a very near future, as blockchain is in high demand. Wherever there is a need for fast transactions of any kind, or for tracking the origins of goods or documents, for example, blockchain can step in.

Nowadays, we have food on blockchain, as well as luxury goods, clothes, entire supply chains in different industries, archives, university certificates, health care docs – just to name a few.

What Did US Companies Had to Say About Blockchain Skills and Its Use?

In 2019, the company Deloitte has conducted a global blockchain research among 1,386 senior executives from the following countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA. When it comes to the US research, Deloitte surveyed the executives from companies of $500 million or more annual revenue.

The goal of the research was to establish the extent to which blockchain is used, as well as future trends. Amazingly, 53% of respondents stated that blockchain has become a critical priority for their organizations in 2019. These respondents marked blockchain as one of the top 5 priorities for their businesses. Furthermore, they noted the increase in blockchain use amounting to 10%.

Interestingly, as much as 83% of respondents saw compelling use cases for blockchain.

Future Predictions

In order to function, experts say that more and more businesses will need to switch their processes to blockchain. In order to do that, companies will have to hire people with proven skills in blockchain. Hence, predictions about the growing demand in blockchain skills.

The number of job postings relating to blockchain skills is increasing daily, as blockchain sees what they call “maturing”. We can only assume how competitive conditions they offer.

US Tech Hubs did research into the most in-demand blockchain skills nowadays. Apparently, software engineering is the most popular branch, with 44% share. It is followed by marketing, operations and finance. As for software engineering, the most sought-after fields are front end (24%), JavaScript (13%), Java (13%), Goland (7%).

Gaining Blockchain Skills Through Education

On the other hand, in order to produce professionals in any industry, the government and universities need to secure proper training. There have been many universities worldwide that reportedly started performing courses and training in latest fin tech, blockchain included. The estimates are that nearly half of the universities worldwide included blockchain training.

When it comes to the situation in the US, we found references to the following universities: Stanford, University of California, New York University, MIT, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania.

Do you think blockchain training will eventually be introduced to schools?

2019 review online casino

Casino Brango’s 2019 Review

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In 2019 Casino Brango was filled with new games, big and fast payouts and plenty of great bonuses for our players. We can proudly say that the year behind us was very successful, but our job is to make 2020 even better. Because of that, we first have to recapitulate last year to find out what we have done good and what we haven’t. Follow us through the Casino Brango’s 2019 review.


In addition to exclusive promotions and hot offers that our players can enjoy daily, in 2019 we had several big promos with a bunch of coupons that gave you some big wins. As real sports lovers, we started last year with Super Bowl promotion and predicting a score of the game. In February the Cupid was at Casino Brango and brought our players love and codes with big bonuses. Easter at our casino was all about free spins, free chips and many other opportunities for our players to win . In May there was NBA frenzy and one more promotion for all who like sports. We had bonuses for Labor Day, as well as Halloween. Thanksgiving was very enjoyable with bonuses that you got from our casino and Black Friday brought some big discounts. We gave you 100% cashback and asked you to rate us to get prizes. Of course, the end of 2019 was in the Christmas and New Year mood.

New Games

2019 is very plentiful regarding the new releases from RTG. We have enjoyed these new games: “Wu Zetian“, “Pig Winner“, “The Cubee“, “Fire Dragon“, “Trigger Happy“, “The Mariachi 5“, “Mermaid’s Pearls“, “777“, “Storm Lords“, “T-Rex II“, “Halloween Treasures“, “Rudolph Awakens“, “Magic Mushroom“.

Top Winners

Last year we had some really big hits at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango. Top 5 winners for 2019 were: Scott who made $78.795, Rhiannon with $39.563, Amparo who got $35.146, James with $27.592, and Brett who got $20.383.

Most Paid Games

The biggest hits in 2019 were made on these 5 games: “Plentiful Treasure“, “Cash Bandits 2“, Blackjack, “Super 21“, and “Gemtopia“.

Most Played Games

Online slots are definitely the most popular games at our casino. But, these 5 you liked to play the most: “Gemtopia“, “Cash Bandits 2“, “T Rex“, “Kung Fu Rooster“, “Plentiful Treasure“.

Casino Brango wishes you a Happy New Year!