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New to Online Slots? Starter Guide for Newbies

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We know that a lot of you know and love to play our slot games. But, for the rest of you – newbies in the world of online casinos, we decided to make a quick starter guide. In the next passages, we will explain the basics and give you some tips on how to play online slots.

How Do Online Slots Work?

You have most certainly heard of slot games. Any movie with a casino theme must contain a segment in which slots are mentioned. There is no essential difference between slot and online slot games. Yet have you ever questioned yourself how do they function?

Every online slot game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) system. This system creates random sequences every millisecond of the day. Every time a player clicks spin, the RNG produces a new random series of numbers.

Moreover, online slots have no memory, which means that no tracker is in place to record a player’s wins and losses.

Slot Machine Basics for Beginners

Now, it is time to introduce you to some of the basics of slot machines. There are a few fundamentals that you should know if you want to play with us at the Casino Brango.


Every slot machine contains reels. Reels come in series, and they are always odd in number. Mostly, machines have three, five, seven, or even nine reels. On every one of them are different symbols or icons.

When do you win money? After the reels spin, if they stop and align in a pattern that is a winning combination on one or more paylines, there is a chance that you have won the prize.


Every slot machine has at least one payline. The number of paylines can go to several hundreds and beyond. What are paylines? They are, in fact, the rows going across the reels from left to the right.

Paylines can contain symbols that are in rows that fluctuate across the reels. On the other hand, symbols on the paylines can be all in the same row.


Symbols of the games are always related to the theme of the whole game. If you play to win, you want to see symbols align and make a winning combination across paylines.

For example, at Casino Brango you have a lot of slots with mythological themes, like the Egyptian Gold slot. So, the symbols of this slot are in that spirit and you can see the Ancient Egyptian icons as pyramids and the Scarab.

Egyptian Gold slot play now

Some symbols have special properties. These properties can be free spins, scatters, wilds, and bonus symbols.

  • Free spins are usually offered if two or three designated free spin symbols appear on one turn
  • Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols and can be used to complete the paylines
  • Scatters work in a variety of ways, but usually, they have an effect on the start of bonus rounds and the ability to win free spins
  • Bonus symbols are, most often, introduction into the bonus round


You play to win and that is clear. Everyone who plays games of chance wants to win that huge jackpot! Check out the 5 games with the biggest progressive jackpot here!

A jackpot is a large prize that is usually accumulated until it is won by the player. If you want to get the maximum payout on a progressive slot machine, you need to make a maximum bet. Mostly, the higher the jackpot, the less often a machine pays off.

Payout table

The payout table is your source of information when you play an online slot. The payout table tells you what combination of symbols results in you going to the bonus round, hitting a winning combination, or capturing free spins.

How to Choose a Slot Machine

If you want to make the right choice and play a slot game that is the most suitable for you, we advise you to try our demo mode! Majority of our slot games have the option to try it in the demo first.

We offer you a variety of different slots with various themes so feel free to pick your favorite. Currently, we advise you to check out our Christmas-themed Big Santa slot, to get in the mood for the holidays that are waiting for us!

Big Santa play now

Check our slot games at the Casino Brango and try your luck with the one that is the most fitting for you.

Real Money Play

Real Money Play Advantages

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No matter whether real money play is your choice or not, it holds certain advantages which we would like to stress. Although practicing in fun mode is exciting, nothing can prepare you better for serious winnings than jumping into the fire and betting with real money. In this article, we will try to provide a brief overview of the advantages, and let you decide.

Real Money Play Winnings

Let us be honest and say that one of the main goals in online gambling is money. The fun which RealTime Gaming’s slots provide is additional reason to keep spinning at crypto casino Brango. Nevertheless, the real money play allows for real money winnings and that’s what it is all about.

Once you deposit in Litecoin, Bitcoin or some other crypto currency which we support, you can withdraw your winnings instantly.  Having in mind the variety of games which Brango offers and their winning potential, you can understand the biggest advantage of real money play. Many players so far have won and withdrew the winnings within a few moments from making a request. Some of the most interesting winnings we covered in our “latest winners” section. Stop by to see what others have won and take a pick of the favorite game. Speaking of which, have you tried the newest Legend of Helios?

Legend Of Helios play nowReal Money Play Promotions

Apart from being able to win and collect the winnings, real money play allows you to participate in the ongoing promotions and take advantage of the bonuses and other perks. We invite you to browse our lobby for the bonuses which you can get as early as today.

Moreover, allow us to draw your attention to the specialty of the day. Believe it or not, starting today you can claim the code AUTUMN-11 which rewards you with 15% No Rules Boost plus the 100% cashback in case you lose. The minimum acceptable deposit is $45. Wagering is set at 25x, and maximum cash out is 5x.  You are welcome to play non-progressive slots, Keno and video poker.

AUTUMN-11 claim nowVideo Poker as a Plus

You may have noticed that the only game you can play in fun mode is a slot game. Real money play allows for playing much wider offer of games, video poker being one of them.

Video poker games at bet safe casino Brango are many. Although there are slight differences in variations, all video poker games have excellent odds. Moreover, these games can reward jackpots as well. In case you are a newbie at Brango, feel free to check out the video poker tips on our blog. Also, there are video poker winnings and promo information which we covered on the blog.

Aces and Eights play nowLive Dealer Games as a Plus

Once you leave you comfort zone and decide to invest into real money play, live dealer games are a special plus. This is something you cannot practice in fun mode. Live dealer games can show what you are made of. Not to mention that these games can potentially pay out significant amounts of money.

Furthermore, live dealer games provide for unique experience close to playing at the brick-and-mortar casino.  Remember that playing against the live opponent at the table is one of the best ways to master your skills. You can find out more about the live dealer games in the text Live Dealer Games Have Arrived.

Start your real money play experience at Bitcoin casino Brango!

blackjack terms

Blackjack Terms We Use Frequently

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Casino Brango is the right place to be if you are a fan of the game of 21. We know that some of you are very experienced at blackjack, so you can skip right to our lobby and choose the variation you prefer, or try out the live dealer , for example. Others would need some preps, and we therefore invite you to continue reading this text in order to get familiar with some of the blackjack terms you will encounter often. Also, make sure to browse our blog for more tips on blackjack.

Blackjack Terms You May Hear Often

After browsing our blog and getting to know some of the blackjack basics, this is the right place to continue where you left off. Mastering blackjack is fun but demands some dedication. Beginners may be puzzled by many abbreviations appearing at any blackjack table.

Blackjack terms or a vocabulary is something you need to know to be able to follow through with blackjack lessons. We tried to cover some of those blackjack terms in this text.

Burn Card

Burn Card which bears the fiery name is the fresh card, i.e. the first card from a new deck. Once the deck is shuffled, the dealer takes this first card face down and puts it in the discard tray.

Go Bust

As the name suggests, when you “go bust” you exceed the 21. This means that you lose your bet. The card which results in your hand going “bust” is called the Bust Card.


Again, as this one of the blackjack terms suggests, “to surrender” means exactly what it says – to surrender your hand or give up. Be aware that not all blackjack tables allow surrendering. On the other hand, some might still allow “early surrender”. It means that you can surrender before the dealer checks for blackjack. In this case, you surrender as early as upon receiving the first two cards, and you lose half of the bet.

When you come across the ESR abbreviation at the table, it means: early surrender allowed. On the other hand, LSR refers to the fact late surrender is allowed.

Even Money

When you stand to either win or lose the same amount of money, you bet with even odds. This is called – even money. If the dealer has an Ace Up card and you have a natural hand, you may ask for the 1:1 payout.

Suit them up play now


One of the blackjack terms with a tricky name refers to the ability to recognize the dealer’s hole card while positioned at the first base. In addition, the “first base” is the spot on the dealer’s far left.


Hit refers to nothing more than drawing a new card and adding it to your hand.

Hard Hand

As many of you know, Hard Hand is the hand lacking an Ace. Alternatively, a hard hand can contain an Ace valued as 1.


As you may imagine judging by the term itself, half-shoe is not a player-friendly term. It refers to cutting the shoe in half by the dealer, which diminishes the player edge.


This term of a nice sounding name refers to a side bet which predicts that the dealer has a natural. This bet is completely separate from the main bet, and it pays 2:1. However, the insurance is not always available. What you should aim for is an Ace as the dealer’s exposed card. That is when insurance is on.

The above are just quick overviews of only some of the blackjack terms. We will cover more terms in some of the future posts. If you are a blackjack enthusiast and wish to try playing both online variations and live dealer game, crypto casino Brango is the right bet safe place. Plus, we are one of the rare online casinos with truly instant withdrawals. Hurry up and let us know your impressions!

safe online casino

How To Choose a Safe Online Casino

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Due to the fact that online casinos can be played anytime and anywhere, this type of entertainment is one of the most popular in the world. On the internet, you can find many sites offering a good experience, and sometimes it is so difficult to choose a decent place for gaming. They all have plenty of games, attractive bonuses, and friendly customer support, but sometimes it isn’t like that on the field. We’ll try to find out how to choose a safe online casino.

How to Avoid Mistakes in Choosing Safe Online Casino?

Read Forums

You can ask for help from professional gamers who are ratting online casinos on many forums and these types of sites. Their personal experience could be a good guideline for you. Based on the information received, you can determine four yourself several best options, and then pay attention to their characteristics;

Check the Gaming Platform

In the description of online casino sites, you can find out which gambling platform the casino is based on;

Pay Attention to Bonus System

Casino bonuses are a very important parameter in choosing a safe online casino. There are various bonuses like welcome bonus, cashback, deposit bonuses, as well as free money bonuses. All of these types of offers you can find at bet safe casino Brango;

Check a Payment Methods

This is one more important parameter to determine a place for safe gaming. CasinoBrango can proudly and responsibly claim that we do host one of the best secured, most convenient, and fastest deposit and withdrawal methods in the industry.

Good Online Casino Must-Haves

You can easily open the account anywhere, but how do you know whether that casino is the bet safe place? We have answers to that question. First of all, a good online casino must be:

  1. Above all secure;
  2. Solvent, allowing players to get payouts immediately after request. At Casino Brango instant means instant, and we can proudly say that our casino is recognized as an instant withdrawal casino;
  3. The online casino should have diverse gaming offers and update the range of games regularly;
  4. Having friendly, professional and 24/7 available customer support is very important for every good online casino. We at Brango are trying every day to provide you the best and safe gaming experience;
  5. Good player feedback is essential. They give you a clear picture of the casino. While a casino will never be able to keep every player satisfied, the casino’s overall review must be good. We at Casino Brango are getting feedback from our players almost every day on our blog;
  6. With the growing availability of mobile devices, the casino must be mobile-friendly.




FAQs on withdrawals

FAQs on Withdrawals

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Withdrawals are the best part of any gaming session. Maybe not the most exciting part, but definitely the most rewarding. Playing at crypto accepted casino Brango is always a smart choice. Apart from the fact that we are fun and reliable, we also offer some of the most attractive promotions and the fastest payouts in the industry. With understanding that some of you still may have questions regarding payments, we compiled the answers to the FAQs on withdrawals. Here we go.

What Are Withdrawal Limits?

Withdrawal limits are a standard rule at any casino. Moreover, we encounter withdrawal limits in many other institutions, companies, etc. Take ATMs, for example. For the similar reason the ATMs impose withdrawal limits, casinos do it as well.

Above all, these limits enable reliable and more secure environment to play at. Withdrawing your winnings is exciting, we know. Sometimes, the amounts you win are pretty big and available for withdrawing in a few installments, so to say.

This means that the casino imposes either daily, weekly and so on – limits to the withdrawing amounts. As we have explained the other day in the post FAQs on Bonuses, the bonus amount is not withdrawable and we deduct it before transferring the money to you.

Withdrawals can also be limited for every promotion separately. This is why we always recommend that you read the terms of the promo prior to participating.

The logical question which arises here is – in what way you can make sure you have higher withdrawing limits? As this is one of the most FAQs on withdrawals, we will try to answer it in the next section of this text.

How Do I Qualify for a VIP Level?

VIPs in Bitcoin casino Brango have certain benefits. We tend to reward them according to their gameplay and engagement in a casino. Anyone is welcome to our VIP Program. To enter our VIP Lounge, you would need to fulfil some of the simple requirements.

For example, the starting level called Silver requires that you have deposited at least $100 at the casino Brango. This deposit gives you access to a $4,000 weekly withdrawal, 1 comp point for every $10 wagered, $1 for every 100 comp points collected – which you can convert to real money with no max cash out and no limitations.

Silver level is just the starting point of getting to much higher withdrawal limits. For instance, the next, Gold level allows for $6,000 weekly withdrawal, $50 worth free monthly chip, and an increased scale for collecting the comp points.

The withdrawal limits increase with every VIP level, reaching the $15,000 weekly limit at the Diamond level. Other perks increase as well, giving you the opportunity to enhance your chances of winning with every bet. We invite you to browse our site and explore the details of the VIP advantages. We eagerly wait for you to join.

How Can I Become Eligible for a Withdrawal?

Fulfilling the withdrawing requirement is easy. Simply follow the rules, and you will be good. If in doubt, our live support team is online 24/7 and ready to provide the proficient and the friendliest assistance out there.

Your starting point in exploring the withdrawal requirements should be the terms and conditions page. Other than that, specific withdrawing requirements you can find explained in every promotion coupon separately.

Speaking of coupons and promotions, do not miss the final and the most exciting paragraph of this text, which is below.

Neteller, Upaycard, Ecopayz, Skrill

How Do I Get the Fastest Possible Withdrawal?

The ultimate question of the FAQs on withdrawals – are there even faster withdrawals than usual and how to reach them?

The short answer is – yes, there are. The same as in June, we continue stressing the advantages of Litecoin transactions. As a quick reminder, these are 4 times faster and 100 times less expensive than Bitcoin. The way to get to this fastest withdrawal so far, is through depositing in LTC. For more information, refer to the Litecoin material on our blog .

Now, head right to our lobby and start playing. It would be a shame to miss out on today’s 80% BONUS with NO WAGERING requirement! This is the last chance to snatch it. Good luck and many happy withdrawals!

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