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FAQs on bonuses

FAQs on Bonuses, Promotions and More

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Before joining the promotion, you should refer to the terms. How many times have you read or heard this line? Browsing through terms and conditions can be boring, we know. However, it saves you the potential misunderstandings later on. Moreover, it can cast away any doubts you may have concerning the general and more specific rules of online gaming. Therefore, FAQs appear to be a useful place to start digging for the information. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the only place to check for the extensive, full terms is our t & c page. Alternatively, you can always contact our live support team with any question you may have. Having said all this, let’s dive right into FAQs on bonuses, and many other perks you can find at crypto casino Brango.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

We know that any beginning can be a bit confusing. That is why we have decided to give you a little push at the start of your playing experience with Brango. The matter of a welcome bonus is one of the most FAQs on bonuses.

We offer $2,000 as a welcome bonus, to boost your chances of winning bigger amounts than you would usually do with just your deposit. We will allocate the amount of $2,000 on your first 5 deposits in a way that we would top each with 100% bonus up to $400.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Since we mentioned the welcome bonus, we will try to explain the wagering requirements using this example. Once you claim this bonus, you would need to wager it along with your deposit amount 15 times, before becoming eligible to withdraw your winnings. This is quite a standard term.

In short, the deposit plus bonus amount needs to be placed as a bet 15 times, before requesting a withdrawal.

Wagering is possible on majority of the casino games, with some exclusions. For more details, please refer to the Exclusive Promotions page or in the Cashier’s “redeem coupon” section for a specific coupon.

FAQs on bonuses also include the matter of withdrawing the bonus money. After you meet the wagering requirements and ask for a withdrawal, the casino deducts the bonus amount from the cash out amount. Therefore, the bonus amount is non-withdrawable.

Is Cash Out Capped?

Sometimes, it is. For example, the above-mentioned Welcome Bonus includes 30x maximum cash out as one of the standard terms. It means that the maximum amount you are able to withdraw with this specific promo offer is 30 times the amount of the deposit.

Other times, Bitcoin casino Brango hosts special promotional offers with no max cashout, giving you the chance to take home your winnings in full. For more details on this type of offer, make sure to check in with us every two days during July. We will be hosting various promotions with attractive features as part of The Heat is On Month.

What Is a No deposit Bonus?

Sometimes you can come across the mentioning of the “no deposit bonus”. This is the bonus you get without the need to deposit first. It sounds tempting, I know. However, you should know that no deposit bonuses are usually way lower than the ones you can get when the casino matches your deposits. Or goes even beyond the depositing amount.

What is an Unconditional Cashback?

Some of the most FAQs relate to withdrawing and cash outs. We will try to cover the FAQs on withdrawals in a separate post. As for the unconditional cashback, allow us to outline a few important things.

Again, if you take a look at our Promotions Page, you will find the mentioning of the Unconditional Cashback.  This is the offer you can claim to get 15% cashback with no wagering requirement, no max cash out rules twice a day!

The only requirement is that you have not played the restricted games (roulette, craps, baccarat, bingo, blackjack, sic bo or any live dealer game), or used your deposit with any of the promotions.

Can I Get a 100% Cashback?

One of the most popular FAQs on bonuses and cashbacks ever! Luckily for you, the answer is – yes. As a matter of fact, today is the last day to claim the Coupon Code ONCEAGAIN. It gives you the chance to get 100% cashback for playing and losing on non-progressive slots, Keno and video poker.

The minimum required deposit is $35, and the wagering is set to 25x. Make sure not to miss out on one of the hottest offers this July!

100% Cashback claim now

Litecoin withdrawals

Litecoin Withdrawals and Their Advantages

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Litecoin withdrawals have improved already exceptional payouts at your favorite crypto casino Brango.  So far you have known us as one of the best instant withdrawals’ casino. Now, you have the opportunity to try even faster and better service using Litecoin as a depositing and withdrawing method. May we remind you that June is the Litecoin Month at bet safe casino Brango. In that spirit we launched many promotions with special benefits for LTC users. If you are one of them, keep on reading to get informed about how Litecoin withdrawals function. If not, this text just may change your mind and you may be the next Litecoin winner.

Litecoin Withdrawals Advantages

In the previous few weeks we presented Litecoin through several of its main advantages. We even made a Litecoin Guide to Depositing, to walk you through the process of betting with LTC. Moreover, we also suggested some of the least expensive Litecoin Wallets . Now it is time to finish the month with a guide to Litecoin withdrawals.

Litecoin withdrawals are also the most attractive part of playing with LTC. The same as this crypto currency enables you to access the games faster with close to zero transaction costs, it saves your fees on withdrawing as well.

Additional benefit is the fact that Litecoin withdrawals are four times faster than Bitcoin’s, for example. Therefore, to say that Litecoin withdrawal is instant would be an understatement.

In which Cases I Can Withdraw in Litecoin?

As you may already know, crypto casino Brango is well known for its fast payouts in Bitcoin, which a preferred payment method. However, players who deposit in Litecoin can now expect to collect their winnings in Litecoin as well.

On the other hand, those of you who prefer Bitcoin, can deposit in Litecoin and request a withdrawal in Litecoin, but not the other way around.

Litecoin Withdrawals in a Few Steps

Withdrawing your fund in LTC is easier than you may think. In case you have deposited in LTC, you may request the withdrawal in the same currency. To complete the withdrawing process, follow these few simple steps:

  1. Gt to the cashier under the tab – INSTANT WITHDRAWAL
  2. Define the amount you wish to withdraw and choose Litecoin as the withdrawing method.
  3. Copy the address of your wallet to the next screen, and if needed post additional instructions for our support team.
  4. Request payout by clicking the “Request Payout” button.

Are There Still Litecoin Promos Available?

There are still a few more days to till the end of June. Therefore, you should better hurry up to snatch some of the attractive offers which will be active in the next days.

Starting June27th, you can claim the SPINOFF offer with NO WAGERING requirement. The offer includes 65% boost up to $650 plus additional 10% on LTC deposit.

Get the most out of the Litecoin Month!

SPINOFF claim now

Litecoin wallets

How to Choose Litecoin Wallets?

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Litecoin special promotion at crypto casino Brango has certainly caused interest among many punters. To get the best out of our online casino promotions in June, we invite you to deposit in Litecoin. Lat week we took you through Litecoin Guide to Depositing , so that you can save on your depositing fees and get your transactions done 4 times faster than usual.  Today, we have prepared a brief outlook on Litecoin wallets and how to choose them wisely. Remember this is just an independent view on Litecoin wallets, based on many reviews online. We suggest doing your own research and choosing the one that suits your needs.

Litecoin Wallets in General

Before depositing at crypto casino Brango, you would need to secure your own Litecoin wallet.  Whether you would store your cryptos online or offline it is up to you. Both options have their pros and cons. One thing remains, Litecoin wallets are important, and you should choose them wisely.

All wallets are highly secured. Naturally, storing your Litecoin in a cold storage, i.e. the hardware device may be considered ultimately secured. On the other hand, for regular users, who do not store huge amounts of cryptos, online Apps may work just fine.

Online Litecoin Wallet Apps

Major crypto exchanges have their apps for storing your crypto currencies. These apps are native to a certain exchange such as Coinbase for example, yet completely independent when it comes to storing. It means the following:

  • They are free of charge, regardless of whether you have an open account on the exchange or not.
  • These apps also store user funds offline, and there is an option to store the cryptos in a virtual vault.
  • The App may offer 2-step verification for all accounts, and all transactions should be encrypted with SSL.
  • Your Litecoin wallets and your private keys deserve the storing with a special encryption. For example, Coinbase uses AES-256 encryption, as per their claim.
  • These Litecoin wallets use strong authentication relying on hash factors.
  • As for the fees, you can find the examples of transactions with all applicable fees stated at this link. As you will see, for transactions whose total value is between $10 and $25, the fee would be $1.49.

Offline Litecoin Wallets

Offline Litecoin wallets go a step further in storing your crypto currencies. The difference between online and offline wallets is in a fact that offline ones store your cryptos on a hardware.

Hardware wallets cost between several tens of dollars, to several hundreds, and they may go even above $1k.

The cost of a transaction depends on the wallet itself. This is also an aspect that you need to research for yourself, as we cannot endorse any crypto wallet.

Litecoin Wallets All Set, What Next?

In choosing the right wallet we advise you to rely on the aspect which is the most important to you. Cryptos are generally safe and provide you anonymity when playing online. There is a reason why people use both online and offline wallets. After all, you know how much money you store and for what purpose. In accordance with all this, you should choose the most suitable wallet.

When you have a safe place to store your cryptos, go straight to our lobby to find the June promotions featuring benefits for Litecoin depositors. Good luck!

Litecoin guide

Litecoin Guide to Depositing

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Have you tried playing with Litecoin yet? Apart from the advantages which Litecoin holds over Bitcoin and which we explained last week , there is an additional reason to try depositing with LTC in June. The entire month, we will be boosting your LTC deposits, giving cashbacks, including special no wagering promotions and many more! If you are a newbie to LTC depositing, allow us to walk you through this brief Litecoin guide.

Litecoin Guide to Special Promos

So far, you’ve got accustomed to the fact that your favorite crypto casino Brango makes sure things run smoothly and instantly. Now, we bring to your attention the fact that depositing, withdrawing, and accessing the games can be even faster. It sounds incredible, I know.

Litecoin Guide to Depositing at Casino Brango

In addition to the above-mentioned promos, there is an extra perk. Namely, the entire process of Litecoin depositing measures in seconds. We understand that many of you haven’t had the experience with Litecoin so far. That is why we have prepared this short, concise Litecoin guide to depositing.

To be able to follow through these depositing steps, you would need to have your casino account all set up, as well as your crypto wallet opened. Here we go:

  • The first step in Litecoin depositing is to login to your casino account.
  • Once you are in, choose the option “Cashier” from the top of your screen.
  • In Cashier, you will see three options: deposit, withdraw, redeem. Choose “deposit”.
  • Choose Litecoin as a depositing option.
  • Define the amount you wish to deposit. Please note the minimum depositing amount is the LTC equivalent of $10. Click “deposit” button below the amount section.
  • Once you have completed this step, the LTC address will pop up on your screen along with the QR code. You can either copy the address or scan the QR code appearing on top of the screen.
  • Now, go to the “send” section of your wallet and paste the Litecoin address previously generated on your screen. Clicking “send” ends the depositing process and the money appears on your casino account. If you are using the QR code, simply scan it with your phone.

Note: Please do your research on Litecoin wallets and their performances as Casino Brango cannot be held responsible for confirmation times and fees originating at their end.

Litecoin Depositing in Practice

If you are more visual kind of a person, perhaps it would be easier for you to follow through the video below. You will see the above steps included in this video. Theory is one thing but putting guidelines into practice makes things clearer.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you still have questions regarding Litecoin guide or depositing. Our support team will gladly answer all the questions you may have. Plus, we are live 24/7.

Litecoin benefits

Litecoin Benefits Overrun Bitcoin’s

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The fact that we provide instant withdrawals has become common knowledge. However, we rarely talk about cryptos other than BTC, and Litecoin (LTC) getting stronger is a good reason to start. Today, we will focus on many advantages which Litecoin has over Bitcoin. We will focus especially on saving your money on fees. Although BTC is still the leading crypto currency in many ways, Litecoin has become unbeatable in certain aspects. The time has come to draw out to the open the Litecoin benefits as facts.

Litecoin Benefits Which May Surprise You

Once you enter our bet safe casino Brango, you probably wish to start playing as soon as possible. The time it takes to process your deposits is short, but could be shorter. Nevertheless, as online casino gaming always strives for more improved dynamics, we feel obliged to draw your attention to Litecoin benefits. This cozy crypto has been around for a long time, and apparently it is now its time to shine.

For the most part, Litecoin benefits include a few remarkable features which outrank Bitcoin. We will explain them in detail in the following paragraphs. In short, we refer to the following:

  1. Litecoin is 4 times faster than Bitcoin.
  2. With Litecoin you can save at least 100 times more on transaction costs, comparing to BTC.
  3. The intermediary fee when paying with LTC is close to zero.
  4. Litecoin has psychological advantage being less expensive and present with more units on the market.

Keep in mind that points 2 and 3 are closely related, so we will cover them as one in continuation of this text.

Litecoin Speed

Crypto casino Brango is constantly trying to live up to the reputation of being known for instant withdrawals. Apart from the benefits of collecting your winnings instantly, many of you wish to start playing instantly as well. Needless to say, Litecoin provides exactly that.

As we stated above, LTC is 4 times faster than Bitcoin. It may sound strange, since BTC has been the leading crypto currency for a long time, but it is true. This ultimate speed puts Litecoin several steps ahead of all other cryptos in the market.

So, what does crypto speed mean to you, the regular player?

In short, it means more reliable, cheaper transactions and faster access to games. Since it has shorter confirmation times, the already high security of a transaction is even more enhanced. The reason is that the shorter confirmation period, the less chances of interruption or anything going wrong.

For example, if Bitcoin transaction takes 10 minutes, Litecoin would take 2.5 minutes. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Save on Your Transaction Fees

We said that with Litecoin you can save 100 times on a transaction fee. Depositing with Bitcoin is cozy, but Litecoin brings a dash of fresh air. Why paying any fee if you do not have to?

For example, for a $20 deposit, the fee would be app. $0.02. On June 1st, 2021 the average transaction fee for payments in LTC was app. $0.028, according to

You cannot ignore the difference and Litecoin benefits when it comes to fees. We doubt you would be able to find any crypto which is so attractive and beats the Litecoin benefits relating to fees.

Litecoin Reliability

Apart from proving its reliability through extra security, speed and close to zero transaction costs, Litecoin distinguishes itself in one more field. Namely, you may have noticed the original supply of 84 million units of LTC. This is 4 times more than the total number of Bitcoin units on the market.

Analysts often debate this aspect. However, majority agrees that the bigger number of units reflects in lower price per unite which gives psychological advantage to Litecoin.

When we add lower fees to that, we got ourselves a winner!

In case you haven’t tried depositing with Litecoin yet, there is no better time to do it than now! Do not hesitate to contact our live support 24/7 should you have any questions regarding depositing or withdrawing in Litecoin.