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Get Free Spins for Your Thoughts About Fathers

By June 10, 2019April 27th, 202150 Comments

Fathers – the persons who should provide the strongest support. For centuries, they have been perceived as dominant figures, the ones whose word is not questioned. Thankfully, the situation has changed significantly in large part of the world. However, fathers are still immensely important in every child’s life.  And above all, they have been given a new role – the one of a caregiver.

Father figures are not just the men you are connected to by blood. Fathers can be protectors to whom we are bound by love. In the name of that, we decided to reward your thoughts about your fathers. You can win some great prizes. Write it with your username in the comments below this post from today up to June 16th, the Father’s Day.

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  • As I look at me is like looking at my dad and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know it’s hard to see yourself in the body of another. A smaller, girlier, hard-headed, punk that’s going to try and make the same silly decisions you made when you were that age. But I’m glad for it. If it weren’t for you, that piece of you that it took to make me, I wouldn’t be the person I am. So here, now on the cusp of 30, contemplating the terrifying fact that I maybe sooner rather than later I may have children of my own, just thank you. Thank you for being my Dad.

    • Rob Lowery says:

      The thought of Father’s day is the fact he was a part of u being born.. he is truly apart of u an on Father’s day he gets to feel the special for him bringing me into this world so I camn one day be a father an get to experience the same thing as my father felt… So happy Father’s day dad and to all the Father’s out tbere

      • Olivia says:

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Unfortunately, as we wrote in the previous comment this promotion is over.

        • Johnny says:

          Any freebe can u please

          • Olivia says:

            Hello, processing of free spins for Father’s Day promotion is in progress. If you are eligible according to the standard free spins terms, you will get it.

        • mike thielen says:

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          • Olivia says:

            Hi Mike, this isn’t the post where you have to write a review to get 100 free spins. It was the promotion for Father’s Day. If you want to write your impression about Casino Brango, please do it below this post and we will get you spins if you are eligible for this promotion.

  • Mary says:

    Poppa fart is the poppy for our 9 grandkids 2 dogs and a cat .He does make an effort. ButAt times I wonder who is the sooky one. Him or the kids. Ruby222

  • Michael berroteran says:

    Unfortunately my father wasnt around when i was growing up i didnt have a male figure in my life it wasnt until i turned 20yrs old that i became a father myself that was the best day of my life 16yrs ago the first time you look at your child you promise to protect and always be by their side and thats exactly what i have done i gave my son the father i didnt have growing up all i want is for him to shape into a good man and orepare him for the day he has to take on the world happy fathers day to all

  • Karen Colvin says:

    I love my dad. He’s the best. Unconditional love… it’s a real thing <3 KC

  • Joshua neumayer says:

    I met my father when i was 19 years old he he had a stunning 26 year old wife and 3 kids all half siblings of mine. As I came to get to know them over the next month I started staying longer length with time in one week only knowing him for a month or so it was a hot Summer’s Day Southern California. My father was at work and his wife started an ice fight with me. Taking advantage of the situation and me. I was completely overwhelmed with the hormones of a 19 year old virgin. Long story short I lost my family I had just gotten my life two sister a brother a father i had never gotten to know gone. Leaving me feeling responsible and guilty and blaming myself. That was 18 years ago. And ive felt terrible and alone ever since. Until six months ago my now twenty-seven-year-old little sister calls me ” Dad forgives you and wants to get to know his grandson.” I couldnt believe it. I was floored. I told my dad i didnt deserve his forgiveness he told me it wasnt my fault. She was gorgeous and used it and you cause she was bored. Ive been in contact since. Sadly i no longer live close to them i moved haveway across country. Thinking this would never happen. But i can honestly say this is the 1st fathers ive had one to say it to and it feels amazing to say.


  • Charlie says:

    U no u have a good dad /teacher when u learn he has forgot more then his son/student will ever no but he dont let u no that he makes u feel good about what u no !! Charliedad

  • For me, I consider my father as my Superhero. When i was a child i was used to not seeing him for 6 months then he will stay for a month with us for his vacation because he works as a seaman before but eventhough we dont see each other that much he never forgets to get in touch to ys often and he is really a good provider and with a great spiritual spirit to the lord and he never forgets to say i love you to me. I love you so much papa because you thought me and showed me how to love unconditionally.

  • stephen mills says:

    There are so many things my father told me that I’d wished I’d listened to, but there’s one thing he always did that bled into my life- he never lied. No matter how small it was, he wouldn’t say anything even a little untrue, not even telling someone I didn’t want to talk to that I wasn’t home. Now, I’m making sure my kids have the same example!

  • Cynthia jeter says:

    My dad disowned me and told me I’m not his daughter because I date black people so I hope he rots in hell however I do wish one day me and him can separate our differences so we can have a relationship and he can be in his grandchild’s life’s . Anyways I have a stepdad and he’s one of the coolest mfrs I know I wish him the most on Father’s Day because he does so much for me and my mom !!! Love him with my whole heart ♥️

  • Kristin Takemori says:

    Who is your father? Well like many other’s situations mine is different as well. My mom had me at 16 and the sperm donor just doesn’t count!!! Her dad, my grandpa raised me. My grandpa was very simple and humble and taught me not to let life get me by the seat of my pants because I would miss the whole point, as it was passing me by. He taught me strength and how to endure it, and trust, how to embrace it, and unconditional love no matter what. He died when I was 17 and it was very tragic for me. His strength though has kept me going and thriving through this crazy life and it’s been the simplest memories and things that have been said that I will treasure the most and always. Be happy with your life, and if it knocks you down, get up and fight back because you are worth it. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you but what you think of yourself and always know you are the shiniest star in that sky and your shine makes a difference, and don’t forget opinions are like assholes everyone has one!!! Don’t be afraid to be you and stand for what you believe because there is only one of you, so make it the best one. His inspiration and things he used to say to me have made the biggest difference to me in my life. He taught me everything I need to know about cars and I am proud to say that yes I can change my own tire and change my own oil and drive a stick shift!!! From gardening too fixing a toilet I learned it all from him. I can say that the thing I cherish most is the unconditional love and support he gave me and made me see and believe in myself, and I have passed that down to my children. It goes to show that words do make a difference, they are priceless. Happy Father’s Day to my Grandpa Joe. Happy Father’s day to all the men out there!!!

  • Angeline Mariano Dela cruz says:

    Say “I love you PA” while you can.. Regret is a burden that we may carry for the rest of our lives. Many of us are too shy to say Iloveyou to our parents, but when the time comes that they are gone, that’s when we realize how important they are to us. Like almost everyone else, I grew up with an enormous fear of my father, he is very strict when it comes to my studies, and my gender preference, so while growing up I always avoid him, even small talks or conversation, I have my excuses always. So he went overseas and worked there for many years, almost half of my life I would say, he was then supporting me with my needs financially eventhough I stopped studying in college when he calls, I apways told him that I need to pay something for school but I spend the money with my leisures and vices (drinking bar hopping & other things a dropped out college does) I didnt know at that time that he knew the truth as he had one of our neighbors watch over me and my siblings while he’s abroad, but still he’s been sending me money for whatever reason I tell him, then after 15yrs he came home, showed his hands to me and I was surprised he cried and stated “you know what, this hands of mine are aching with the cold weather but still I do shovel tons of snow just to earn money and send it to you, eventhough ai know your fooling around, I waited for you to tell me the truth, but you didn’t, what I do hope in my life is for you to finish your studies so in the future when im gone, you can get a better job to support yourself ” I didn’t know that he was sick and diagnosed with cancer at that time, but seing him cry pinched my heart and what I did was I studied hard for him, but a month before my graduation, he died, im devastated as I wasn’t able to show him as I climb up the stage and get my college diploma, and the saddest part, he died on my actual bday, so since then for 12yrs now, everytime my birthday comes, tears are overflowing from my eyes as I reminisce and wonder what would it be like when my pop is still here? 🙁

    UN petmalungpes

  • Ni Kadek Agni Subimantari says:

    Happy Father’s Papi 👮
    I miss you so much!!!😘
    Sei sempre nel mio💌

  • Rene says:

    I always admired my father when I was younger. He was pretty much all round good at everything he did when it came to playing sport, socialist etc. He always had my best interests at heart but at times I could never understand why he shed so many tears. As I grew older I realised he suffered pretty bad depression. This resulted from a couple of big events in his life. I guess in my earlier years I was unaware but glad he opened up as I got older to understand why. The statistics are so high for men who do and only hope we can do more for this in the future. Love u dad.

  • beth says:

    Michael Emrick Bronkey
    My Hot Rod Daddy

    Our Father Who Ought Not Yet Be In Heaven—
    Our Fathers Who Ought Not Yet Be In Heaven-
    My Father—My Father—
    My Father Who Ought Not Yet Be In Heaven.
    My Father–My Daddy—
    My Hot Rod Daddy Who went to the dentist at
    Two Thirty—
    Whose USC ICU Nurse was Miraculously named
    Peek-A-Boo Street-Really?
    Who had Simple Kind of Man dreams of
    Eating giant Marshmallows, plates of Spaghetti, and of
    Candy Apple Red 2 Door Chevrolets.
    Who slept beside an Angel for Over 20 Monogamous Years—
    Who gave Her His Giant, yet Faint and Fragile, Heart—
    Who bestowed upon Her
    Her First Ever Nickname—An Angel He named
    Janey Weeze—
    Her Ears and Heart Tuned and Beating
    Only For Him—
    “Was that Rick I Just Heard?”
    “Did Rick just Speak?”
    “I am just going to Check on Him—See if
    An Angel Whom He Married on an Unusually Hopeful February Afternoon—
    Whom He Married on an Island Mountain Lake amid Cupid and
    Mutual Dreams of Beds and Stuffed Blackberry French Toast Breakfasts.
    Then He Built Them-He and Her-
    Their Very Own Buck Bayed White House—
    Created from an Old Discarded Barn which He Re-Built with
    His Forever Calloused and Always Hard Working Hands—

    Those Same Hands I Held The Night Before Jesus Claimed
    Him As His Own—
    Those Same Hands that Reached for Mine as if He
    Knew That Moment—That Memory— would Help Sustain Me in
    These Moments
    When My Tears Run like a River Breaking Through a Dam—
    Who Always invited his Repentant Daughter—
    Who Always Invited Me to spend My Colleged Summers with
    He and She—Trying to Properly fold Fitted Sheets-
    Pick Angry Angry Blackberries and create
    Perfectly cut and Placed fruit Platters.
    My Father—My Father-
    Who was Always Grateful-Always Grateful—
    Especially for the Little things-the Simple things like
    A Place to rest His Sawdust head—or a
    2 by 4 with no Knots or just One Little Wooded Imperfection.
    “I Can Make It Work” He’d Tell
    All of Us who Love Him as Much as We Need God.
    My Father-My Dad-My Father-Our Father
    Who God Loves as Much as a Little Braided Girl Loves Her
    Big Strong Cabinet Creating Daddy.
    My Father who Spoke quietly to God Daily and Directly-
    And it Never crossed His joke filled mind to Ask for
    A Little More Time—Just
    A Simple Kind of Man who Lamented-
    Exactly Once-
    Lamented the Fact that He did Not receive His Promised
    Hot Rod in the Year of
    Our Lord 1959.
    A Year He Cruised with a record player in a Too Lowered car he Did Not Want—
    Listening to What Would Too Soon be known as
    Old Time Rock n Roll—
    Rockin’ and Boppin’ as He adjusted His Wimpy as if
    He would have it Forever and a Few More Days—
    Just A
    Just A Few More Days.

    My Father Who Ought Not Yet Be In Heaven.
    Yet Time Somehow Still Dares to Tick Away—and
    Just Like That—
    He is 7 Days In Heaven—and as
    He sits by God’s Right Hand He
    Begins to tell Him a Joke—
    God Can’t Help but Interrupt—

    My Loyal Faithful Servant-
    Rick-My Love-
    You have told That Same Exact Joke to
    My Son-
    To Your Son-
    To the Holy Spirit-
    To My Army of Angels-and Also
    to Saint Peter—
    Come-Take My Eternal Hand and
    I will show You the Most
    Humongous Hot Rod Show ever Assembled-
    And Here is the Best Part—
    Not a Ford to be Found.”

    And My Father-My Father-Our Father
    Grasped God by The Hand and said

    “You Just Show Me The Way”

  • Brady Gockel says:

    I’ll start off by saying writing is not my strong suit but this needs to be said. My Dad wasnt always around a lot growing up he owned a small grocery store that he worked at 7 days per week except Christmas. He always said goodnight and texted me he loved me every day. In 2008 he lost that business and we were evicted from our upper middle class house to assisted living apartments. He never gave up and kept trying. I didnt handle it as well. By my Sophomore year in college I was by all means a full blown alcoholic. Out of shame I quit talking to both my parents. On August 15 2015 my Dad came over unexpectedly to watch a ball game (The Royals). It was great, like nothing ever happened. In the 3rd inning he went to use the restroom and I heard him fall. I knew something was wrong but I was drunk and too scared to react quick enough. The paramedics did the best they could but that was my last night with him and I will always be grateful for that night even if I blame myself for not reacting quick enough. 2 months later on Oct. 18th I went to rehab and committed to being sober not just for my dad but for myself. I went on to finish school and have a great relationship with my Mom but my Dad was truly my best friend. Love you Dad, Brady

  • Amanda Decker says:

    I so miss my Father. He was the most kind hearted soft spoken man I ever was honored to meet. He came into my life when I was in 2nd grade i believe and he treated all of my moms kids like we wa as his. Step was not a word in our home He said as DAD. He passed away in 2014 due to ailments that came along with MS God always takes the good ones and I wish I would of been able to spend.more time with him. But I will see him again. I miss you and love you dearly Dad wish you the best fathers day in Heaven

  • Ni Kadek Agni Subimantari says:


  • Ni Kadek Agni Subimantari says:

    I ❤ Brango Casino

  • Aurora1430 says:

    Even though my biological father signed his rights away I was blessed with 3 men who stepped up to be the father he chose not to be. My grandfather, my uncle, and the man who ended up adopting me. From them I learned about love, respect, hard work and much more. They did not raise me with the false reality of a fairytale ending. They raised me to be able to take care of myself without having to rely on anyone. I learned so many valuable things from those amazing men that I have been able to share with my kiddos who biological father signed his rights away sadly. For a girl a father is very important because he teaches her how a man should respect a woman and how to respect ourselves as well. In all truth a father is the first real man in a daughters life. I was blessed to have 3 who made many many sacrifices for me and the words to express just how much they mean to me and how each one of them changed me for the better have yet to be created. To all the men making sacrifices for their children you are truly amazing and very much needed. I wish you all a very Happy Fathers Day.

  • Guinolda Bell says:

    I did not have a Father growingup. I’m engaged and my fiances Fathers has been the ultimate Gather figure to me. I am African American and they are white. Since day one my fiance never told them my race. When I met them I would have never known they took me in with open arms. Going on 10 years now. The past two years has been really hard. He was an engineer now he has a disease that causes him to forget everything and I hurts me so because he was the one they kept everyone else alive. Seeing my dad this way is like I am hurting inside with him. No matter what I will love him as he has loved me from the very beginning all the way to the heavens above. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND ALL AROUND IT AND BACK.

  • Christina says:

    My father hasn’t really been in my life, but that’s okay with me…


  • Jesus says:

    Hmm, well what can I say, my mother has been my father figure for so long. Happy day to her again (:


  • John Anthony Herrera says:

    Growing up I only saw my dad every other weekend if that. When he would pick me up in our father-son outing is usually ended at the bar while he drank and I learned play pool. He taught me a lot of horrible things. To be honest it’s the reason why I started acting out getting into trouble with the law and never wanting to have children of my own. I never liked Father’s Day until I met my daughter and I became a father myself. Then I realized my father was inspiring, Not because he was a good person but because he taught me who I did not want to be raising my daughter. And so for that I have to thank him because I feel I’m a great father so for all the men out there who take being a father serious I just want to wish y’all all a happy Father’s Day

  • John Anthony Herrera says:

    I never thought much of Father’s Day seen how my father was barely in my life and when he was there were not many good times he was always drunk taking me to the bar and very abusive. I grew up acting out getting in trouble with the law and not ever wanting to have kids of my own. That all changed the day I became a father and met my daughter. I found out that although my father was not a good person he could still be very inspiring. He has inspired me and motivated me to never be anything like him and I feel like I am a great father because of that. So to all the real men out there who take being a father serious congratulations and happy Father’s Day.

  • Angie says:

    My d\Dad is one of the best men there could ever be called “Dad.” He has been there for my daughter and I through thick and thin. And even though my daughter’s dad has not been there like he should be, my Dad stepped in and filled that role. God knows my Dad hasn’t been perfect, but God also knows my Dad has tried to make up for his mistakes. He took ownership and made all his “wrongs”, right. I’m so Proud to be able to say “Happy Father’s Day” to my Dad. XOXOX Happy Father’s Day to ALL You WONDERFUL FATHER’S out There!!!!!

  • Janice Bradshaw says:

    A father shows his support threw out your life. He takes care of you with every might. He longs for you to have happiness.

  • Olivia says:

    Thank you all for being a part of honoring fathers in this way. We appreciate your sincerity and efforts to write very heartbreaking stories. The winners of the first three prizes will be announced soon. All other free spins will be credited during this week according to the terms of free money promotions.

  • Rob Lowery says:

    Comment is that Father’s day means that all Father’s get to feel a lil more appropriative an can see an hear what great thing that he has done for me an i just want to say happy Father’s day dad in hell an to all Father’s out there

  • Mamalisa1969 says:

    olivia, i dont see my comment about my husband and fathers day. did you receive it?

  • Mamalisa1969 says:

    i think i left it in the wrong spot, i left my comment on the post where it says the importance of being a father…

  • My dad, is a miracle child. Reason being because at birth he had a very high fever, which almost took his life! Yet by grace, he survived. An the Doctors diagnosed, my father as sterile, and mentally retard because he suffered brain damage from the high fever at birth. Although all odds were against him an myself, he later went on too achieve great endeavors an accomplishments. He took 1st place in special Olympics as well as maintained a job. An as luck would have it I was conceived by fate. Tho all odds were against him an his condition. I am his only child but a miracle baby, because as Doctors told his mother is is my late” Grandma Me Wilma Hampton! That he’d never have children an here I stand.
    An as a child coming up, I analyzed my father, because I could see no sickness nor handicap. All I could see was my hard working papas who gave me the world, and protects me to this day. My most fund memory of my Father is the day, we took a walk thru town, heading to his friends place. An I whined about being tired and hot lol. Not wanting too walk! My dad grabbed me up, and placed me around his neck carrying me to our destination. Never complaining just being my strength and securing my well being with his might.
    That’s my dad, and I’m thankful that I’m here, as well as more than blessed for my Lord keeping my dad here.
    Happy Father’s Day Daddy I love you forever an always.

  • Joseph Eric Smith says:

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  • Christina says:

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  • Olivia says:

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