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In case you love luxury, vacation and wild animals – especially giraffes, the Giraffe Manor  in Nairobi, Kenya may be just the right place for you. Wilderness and luxury usually do not go hand in hand. However, this unique boutique hotel provides everything you need to enjoy your stay.

The Giraffe Manor Origins

The Giraffe Manor is part of The Safari Collection. It is situated in the midst of 140 acres forest, in the suburb of Nairobi. The hotel itself features the 1930s style, depicting the first European safari adventures. It actually originates from that time. Namely, it was built in 1932 as a family home for Sir David Duncan. It is honest to say that it has kept its character through decades. The rooms feature wooden furniture and are equipped with fireplaces and handmade pieces of interior that add the special touch.

Giraffes as Special Guests

The most interesting thing about this beautiful hotel is the fact it is a home to a herd of Rothschild’s giraffes. Imagine dwelling in the garden in the middle of wilderness and a giraffe walks by and shares breakfast with you. Or gives you a kiss, for that matter. Animal lovers would enjoy making friends. You have to admit that having giraffes sticking their long necks through your window just to say “Hi” is a unique experience.

Interested tourists should know, however, that these giraffes are wild animals and that no one can guarantee that they would be willing to interact. Nevertheless, there are always buckets of grass pellets ready to offer some treats to these beautiful creatures. Luckily, the giraffes got accustomed to feeding this way, so they have developed the habit of “stopping by”. Furthermore, they visit frequently, as they simply love to eat. This particular type of giraffe eats approximately 75 pounds of food daily and spends between 16 and 20 hours chewing each day.

On the other hand, they sleep only about half an hour a day. Supposedly, this means that they can walk by your window while you are sleeping. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The most important thing about this place is that they treat these 16 to 19 feet tall giraffes humanely. The Giraffe Manor is very close to the local sanctuary for endangered animals. The staff at the Manor apparently pays close attention to how tourists interact with giraffes. They make sure everything goes smoothly, to the satisfaction of both the animals and humans. They also offer advice on how to approach the giraffes and avoid any type of stress. Everything is adjusted to secure the stress-free environment.

Impressions From Tourists

According to reviews from tourists worldwide, the hotel also offers excellent food and traditional English tea-time in the afternoon. Cuisine appears to be European, featuring fish, pasta, salads and exquisite desserts. The manor is also part of the vineyard, so they have excellent collection of recommended and home-grown vines.

Spa is also an option, while quality service goes without saying. Some say that the hotel lacks pool and gym. Personally, I think that it is difficult to compare this wild experience with swimming in the hotel pool or doing push ups.

Giraffe Manor hosts visitors all year long except in early spring when they do repairs. If you are planning a visit, we advise to inform yourself about the weather. There may be periods of rainy days which can last for a whole month or two. Nevertheless, the rainy season of this kind is usually quite predictable and occurs from mid-October to mid-December.

You should also know that unless you are the guest of the hotel, you are not allowed to visit the gardens and play with giraffes. This is logical, if you think about it. It is not a zoo, and too many people could cause anxiety in giraffes, making the experience less enjoyable.

Looking forward to hearing if the luxury vacation in the wilderness is your thing.

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