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Being a Whale at Roulette

By September 11, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

For every passionate Roulette player, the ultimate goal is to become so successful to reach the status of a “whale”. However, we should remember that whales are individuals who have enough resources to invest in the first place. Nevertheless, becoming and being a whale in Roulette is possible, providing a person dedicates to a lot of practice and developing skills. Moreover, a whale should posses certain character features and demeanor in order to be considered a true “whale”.

Whales have a certain magnetism. The appeal that surrounds them is mesmerizing. Everyone wants to be a “whale”.  Let us see whether you have the personality and attitude of a “whale”.

Financial Base

Before the money came flooding in… well, there was money. As stated previously, a person can become rich by playing Roulette. However, if you already have an extremely large amount of money to start with, the chances are you will get there faster. The same as in life in general, money brings more money until, it is multiplied to the absurd amount and you stop counting.

Obviously, if you invest more you can win more. Having money at your fingertips gives you a certain power. It enables you to spend it the way you wish. If you invest it wisely, the financial gain is not questionable. And wise investment requires skill and knowledge, which brings us back to our starting point and the fact that whales have both type of resources – the money and the knowledge.

Time at Disposal

Being a whale at Roulette sounds glamorous and exciting, but it requires time. Players who decide to pursue this status should know that this game entails passion. Again, gambling resembles life in one of its main features. Passion is the feeling that can consume a lot of time and dedication.

Passionate players, the same as passionate people in general, consider consistency to be a pleasure. In order to follow the streak, a Roulette player would need to dedicate hours and hours from time to time. Not many people are in a position to do this. Then again, it is all up to a player. The whale decides to what extent the personal or professional life should be put on hold.

Therefore, a whale puts all other obligations aside and enjoys the passion. The whale shows that he or she can be focused and able to follow through the game with the same commitment and display the same firm consistency.

Readiness to Risk Big Time

Readiness to put it all to risk is probably the very essence of a gambler. Roulette is a game. It is not the life itself. We are not risking someone’s life, but our own resources which we have put aside for gambling purposes.

Therefore, the logical reasoning tells us that there would be no possibility to loose, other than the one we accept at the very beginning when we look at the odds and engage in a game. Regardless of this type of reasoning, many people still hesitate to give it a go, or to simply play with their funds. This is where the whale dominates.

Whales have no hesitations and no second-guessing. They make bald decisions and they think quickly.

Ability to Plan in Advance

Ability to plan in advance is crucial in every business. Being a professional gambler is no different. Also, this ability is strongly connected to the previously mentioned one. When a whale is ready to risk, he or she knows what that risk means, because that player planned ahead. The whale knows what to expect in certain circumstances.

Whales are also skilled at certain manipulating techniques. They know when and how to apply them. And they have several scenarios already played out in their minds. This facilitates making the next move.

In other words, they are prepared. Concurrently, whales also display “come what may” attitude. Whatever the outcome, they will take it with dignity.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a whale?


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