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Halloween Fun Facts

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We have no doubt that your candy bucket is filled and that the spirit of Halloween has taken over. As every year, you will be looking for the scariest costume and tons of sweets. However, this holiday evolved through centuries and had various meanings in the past. From marking the end of the harvest season to trick and treating, here are some Halloween fun facts you may have never heard before.

Celtic Origins

The festival which the Americans celebrate as Halloween has Celtic origins. In the beginning, the festival used to mark the end if the Summer. It was usually celebrated around November 1st, as the final day of the harvest.

At the same time, the end of Summer was believed to be the time when spirits cross over to the underworld. Therefore, people used to organize bonfires to help the spirits cross over. While doing so, people reportedly wore costumes. Hence, dressing up for Halloween.

When coming to America, the Irish brought some of their beliefs with them. Many of the initial beliefs sparked the legends that became Halloween fun facts through time. One of those beliefs was that the man Stingy Jack resented the devil, who in turn banished him from both heaven and hell. Therefore, Stingy Jack remained here on earth, wandering as a ghost holding his lantern.  And so, the legend of Jack-O-Lantern was born.

Sugar, Sugar and More Sugar  

Today, this festival is more focused on children collecting candy bars around the neighborhood. However, originally, the festival depicted beggars asking for food while offering singing and other or other “tricks”.

One of the interesting Halloween facts is the so-called “sugar rationing”. It happened during WWII. It was the only time trick-or-treating stopped.  After the war ended, this aspect of a festival gain in popularity through commercialization.

Women and Sinister Halloween Traditions

You may have guessed so far that many of the Halloween rituals changed over time. At one point in the 18th century, women were at the center of some bizarre rituals.

Namely, they believed that if a woman throws apple peels over her shoulders, she would be able to see the initials of her future husband.

Additionally, there was also the belief that if a young woman stands in a dark room in front of a mirror, holding a candle, she would be able to see the reflection of her future husband. I do not know about you, but I am glad that we do not practice these kinds of rituals any longer. What strikes us the most is the obvious belief that the most important thing a woman should do in her life is to get married. And, men were perceived as beings to be worshiped or summoned. Thankfully, nowadays, Halloween is a fun holiday.

Do you know any interesting facts about Halloween?

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