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The Most Popular Baccarat Strategy

By November 20, 2019May 5th, 20216 Comments

Baccarat is a very logical game. There is no dispute regarding this fact. The fans of Baccarat claim that it is a fun and not at all complicated game. However, as in every other casino game, there are challenges. It is what puts fun in the game. Apart from catching upon the basics, learning a strategy or two can propel you into true success. Today, we talk about the most popular Baccarat strategy.

One-Sided Strategy Overview

Skeptics usually cannot understand that there is a game which puts a player in a position to gain advantage. In One-Sided Baccarat strategy, this is the usual situation which happens in 80% of situations. Moreover, the same goes for the Banker as well. The player and the Banker are in a position to gain the same advantage during a shoe.

What this actually means is that whatever side you have chosen to play, the chances are you will have the advantage at a certain point, and you should use it wisely.

Alternatively, in case you prefer flat bets, you would have more difficulties gaining an advantage. Pushing for at least 3-unit wins for an advantage is way more challenging in comparison to playing one-sided Baccarat strategy. That strategy provides 80% of chances in your favor to win at least 1 unit in order to go ahead.

The professionals claim that the odds of a player to get into a winning lead in 1 out of 2 Baccarat shoes is app. 3:1. On the other hand, the estimates say that the player’s bankroll is likely to move around the break-even level at app. 4:1 odds.

More Details on One-Sided Strategy

One-sided Baccarat strategy in practice is all about consistency and observation. First of all, a player has to know his or her own limits. The general rule of a thumb is to stop betting in case you lose 3 times in a row. That is the moment to pause and wait for the player’s side to occur again. Stick with the side.

Furthermore, knowing your limits is crucial, as with majority of the games. It is completely up to a player to decide how far he or she would continue betting. Setting the number of winning units at the very beginning is a wise thing to do.

All strategies aside, the player should feel free to act on a hunch as well. In case you feel there are higher chances of a certain outcome, feel free to double down.

We would love to hear about your experience with Baccarat. If you still have not played it, maybe it is time to check it out.


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