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New Year’s Resolutions and Crypto Wishes

By December 31, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

New Year’s Eve is upon us and we are looking forward to the midnight madness! We know we will be making some New Year’s resolutions and crypto wishes when the clock strikes midnight. How about you? Do you have your resolutions ready? More importantly, are your resolutions achievable? Let’s exchange some of the plans, hopes and dreams for 2020.

Achieving a Better Budget

This is one of the priorities one way or the other. We may feel like hedonists and playful individuals. However, we all need means to support our desires. Securing the budget, or in our case, a solid bankroll is very important.

Planning your budget goes a long way. If you have this habit, it means that you are good in planning long-terms. Nevertheless, planning entails more than just drafting a plan on how much money you wish to set aside. Be creative when it comes to planning the ways to save the money or earn some extra cash. Be resourceful. Moreover, be consistent. Once you have your plan all set, make sure you can stick to it no matter the circumstances. Alternatively, try to predict the unforeseen situations and decide how much money you would be able to spend and save when such a situation occurs.

Sharing is Caring

It is no news that sharing forms bonds. And “no man is an island” and all that wisdom… Let one of our wishes be: We hope you will have the courage to share. Once you take that step and actually share your thoughts, knowledge, and love, you will make this world a better place. If you add donating to charity to this list, we could say the circle of sharing would be complete.

Sharing means showing confidence in both yourself and the person you are sharing with. It also promotes the best of you and elegantly asks the same in return.

Additional benefit of sharing is that it helps you to stay on track. Some researches show that once a person shares the goals with someone, he or she has the impression they are halfway through in achieving it. Later in the process, this impression is crucial in boosting self-confidence. Furthermore, it pushes us to stay on track and be consistent in achieving our goals.

Do Not Forget to Exercise Both Body & Mind

We bet you did not forget how important exercising your body is. However, we often forget that exercising your mind can sometimes be even more important.  Therefore, keep exercising as often as possible. Try introducing one new exercise every now and then. Just to break out the routine.

There are things you can do at home. Exercises that do not require going to the gym can sometimes help you a lot in staying fit and vital. Not all of us should have amazingly firm bodies. Staying healthy and having enough energy to get you through the day is sufficient.

Moreover, exercise your mind. Read books. Alternatively, if reading is not your thing, there are various audio books on the market that can spark your imagination or inspire you to think about the things that did not even cross your mind.

Do scrabbles, try finding solutions to simple or more complicated logical problems. Or, alternatively, you can always check out our crime stories, help us solve the cases and even win some free spins.

Are there any New Year’s resolutions that you wish to share with us?

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