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Crypto Social Media, a New Star on Crypto Sky

By May 13, 2020 No Comments

Crypto social media platforms are emerging rapidly. It is a fact that nowadays, social media is everyone’s window into the world. Apparently, people rely more on the information they dig up for themselves than on official information they can find in traditional media. Moreover, the word of mouth travels fast. And it collects a lot of admirers on its way. Therefore, the emergence of social media where people exchange ideas is not a surprise. Crypto social media has gone a step further, rewarding its members for creating content. These are some of the most popular crypto social media, a new star on crypto sky.


As the name suggests it, this is a decentralized version of YouTube. Moreover, it looks very similar to the YT platform. It is, therefore, easy to navigate.

If you like surfing the YT, but think it has become prone to censorship, DTube may be just the right choice. One of the first things you see upon visiting their site is the following wording which goes in line with decentralization:

“There are no hidden algorithms controlling the visibility or monetization of certain videos over others. All of DTube’s data is public and can be analyzed by anyone with an internet connection.”

How DTube works?

The best part of this platform is that the users will have the chance to earn cryptos for uploading, commenting, or sharing the video material. The tricky part about this is that platforms such as this one prefer unique content that can become very popular quickly. If you are a creative person, this should not be the tough task for you. If not, you can always stick to commenting on posts and still get rewarded.

As with all things related to blockchain, this platform is transparent as well. Basically, it means that creators of the content will earn cryptos depending on how popular their material is. Likes would be the main indicator of the content’s popularity.

DTube runs on a Steem blockchain. It is decentralized and thus – resistant to censorship.


Mamby is a very specific platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). If you take a look at their homepage, you will see that they are presenting themselves with a wording “Say Goodbye to Mindless Scrolling”. These are the 2 most important aspects of Mamby:

  • It delivers customized content. At the first glance, it is visible that this platform will tend to deliver the content tailored to your needs in the shortest possible period of time. Saving your time and delivering the proper content sounds like a good plan to start with. The users will have access to a “dislike” button, in order to eliminate the content they do not wish to see.
  • It rewards quality content. From the visual point of view, Mamby does not look like the most engaging social media you’ve seen. However, it must have been equipped with something to attract users other than customized content, we thought to ourselves. And yes – it rewards its users with cryptos. But there’s a catch and we will get to that later on in this text.
  • It is purportedly fighting false information. There have been indicators that the AI fights false information. Basically, it analyzes false information that exists on social media. Simultaneously, it rewards the with cryptos the quality, true and popular content.

What Mamby Asks from Its Users?

Unlike being rewarded through simply playing at our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango, some social media platforms reward their users for creating content. However, that content needs to be unique and likeable, which sounds way easier than it is.

The content that anyone can put on Mamby can be in the form of images, texts, or videos. The indicator that tells the AI which content is eligible for a reward is the number of views that a certain content generated.

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