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Slots Tips to Keep in Mind

By June 9, 2020May 6th, 2021One Comment

We know that many of you are professionals when it comes to spinning the reels. Slots are convenient and fast way to have fun and keep the cash pouring. However, every now and then it is of use to remind ourselves about some of the basic things to look after when playing slots. Whether you are playing at an online casino or a land-based one, we advise to be responsible. It is possible to have it both ways – practice responsible gambling and still experience the ultimate fun. These are some of the slots tips to keep in mind.

Play on Many Paylines

Some beginners hesitate to take a plunge. So, they stick to fewer paylines, which is a beginner’s mistake. With respect to hesitation and lack of skills, we advise you to play on as many paylines as possible.

Online older slots usually feature 15 to 50 and sometimes even more paylines. For example, the latest from the RTG slots “Vegas Lux” features 720 paylines! How cool is that? Make sure to check it out!

Some slots have a requirement to bet on all paylines. Others don’t. Either way, feel free to explore and always keep in mind that playing on more paylines significantly raises the chances of winning. This is one of the basic slots tips.

In order to form a winning combination you would want all paylines active. Otherwise, you would be undermining your own chances of landing certain symbols on the reels. That way, you are risking a minimum amount of money, but the wins do not come so often as when playing on many paylines.

Moreover, playing on fewer paylines makes the game more volatile and narrows down your chances of triggering a bonus. Why? Because in order to trigger a bonus round, a player usually needs to line up symbols on all active paylines.

Watch Out for the Stacked Symbols

The goal is to win, naturally. If you have been playing for a while, you know that one of the ways to increase your chances of winning is to look for slots with the stacked symbols. However, this strategy only boosts your chances to achieve bigger wins. Stacked symbols can block other smaller wins that come more often. So, this is slots tips number 2.

Stacked symbols can fill the entire column. If this happens on every reel, your can consider yourself really lucky and earn some serious money.

On the other hand, the reel where the stack is, basically influences the forming of a winning combination. For example, if your stack is on reel 2, you win only if the stack symbol matches the one on the surrounding reels (1 & 3). Otherwise, the stack cannot fit into any other combination.

Look for the Jackpots

A jackpot is the jewel of every slot. We are all on a hunt for a jackpot, be it mini, minor, major or grand. Jackpots are always welcome.

Logically, smaller jackpots have minimum of a requirement or none whatsoever. These jackpots come often. On the other hand, in order to be eligible for bigger jackpots, a player needs to invest more money. Hence, the bigger prizes that we often measure in thousands of dollars.

However, the main thing to distinguish here is that progressive slots have the base game that pays less than non-progressive ones. However, the jackpot in progressive slots is way bigger.

One of the most important slots tips is to prepare yourself to be eligible for jackpots and then dive into progressive slots. Otherwise, switch to a variety of non-progressive slots and we at the bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango have a plenty of games to offer. On a similar note, have you tried our “Roll for It” casino promotion, available this month only?

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