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Can You Name the Best Reward You’ve Got?

By January 23, 2021September 23rd, 20213 Comments

Would $1 million be the best reward ever? You may remember the movie Indecent Proposal which romanticizes this question. That was the first time many of us thought deeply about whether the goal justifies the means. If the goal or a reward is obviously worth the risk, anyone would take it.  But how to decide if the risk is worthwhile? Join us in exploring today’ s topic. Feel free to express your opinion. We would like to know: Can you name the best reward you’ve got so far?

What Is the Best Reward?

Rewards are worth the trouble, they often say. However, not every reward is reciprocal compensation for the risk. Not to mention the time and energy invested in reaching a goal. We give rewards to our pets when they obey and acknowledge the training. However, we often teach our kids that some things should be done just because these are right things to do. No questions asked, no rewards expected.

This would mean that rewards should not be taken for granted. Still, we cling to rewards on daily basis.

Many people expect, or at least feel that they deserve either material or emotional compensation. It seems as though rewards have become or have always been a confirmation of our value.

The Advantage of Living Today

The good news is that the times we live in are the best yet, when it comes to rewarding customers, consumers, clients, etc. No matter how this may sound, our era is very rewarding.

Yes, it is a paradox if we take into consideration the global trends in politics, security, healthcare and so on. Nevertheless, if we take a closer look at the micro worlds, we will see that the businesses are competing in gaining the consumer’s trust, loyalty and attention.

Each and every one of us is a consumer in one way or the other. And when you put your money into something, you like to get even more in return, right? Luckily for you, the bet safe Casino Brango is taking care of its players’ needs. Therefore, there is always a chance to make your money worthwhile when playing with us. Whether we provide big bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, free chips or any other benefit, the rewards reflect the appreciation. They confirm how much we value your loyalty.

12 months of luck promotion play nowInstant payouts at crypto accepted casino are just an example of some of the modern advantages. However, when it comes to the matters of the heart, things get a bit more complicated.

What About Emotional Rewards?

We have come to the tricky part of this text. As stated at the beginning, one of the toughest decisions in life is to conclude whether the risk is worth taking it.

Believe it or not, unstable times and circumstances have one big advantage. They take away all the hassle of thinking too much and facilitate decision making. You may be wondering – how? It is very simple actually. When people have little or nothing to lose, there is only one possible and logical decision – to take the risk no matter the reward.

Speaking of emotional or spiritual rewards, these often fall into the category of “nothing to lose”. It doesn’t mean that a person is emotionally empty and therefore risks everything. Quite the contrary. It means that the reward of emotional gain is so much bigger than the potential risk.

Naturally, not everyone has chosen this path of being open to others and ready to give and receive. But emotional reward doesn’t apply only to relationships. For example, when you land a job you wanted – that is an emotional reward. The satisfaction of confirming your value. Above all, the emotional reward is playing the game of life in your own way.

Let us know what is the best reward you’ve got so far?


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