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Comparison Between The Gemtopia & Copy Cat Fortune Slots

By September 20, 2022September 26th, 20225 Comments

How are you doing today, fellow players? Are you too feeling a bit off with the impending fall, daily chores, and all the stresses of everyday life? All you’d want to do is sit back, relax, and spend some quality time playing online slots. So, you decide to log in to your favorite instant withdrawal casino Brango, but suddenly anxiety hits you once again from having to pick something out of so many great games we have in our stack! Exactly because we know how challenging it can be, we’ve decided to spare you the trouble by making a comparison of two of the most popular and played games here at bet safe casino Brango. The Gemtopia & Copy Cat Fortune. Let’s see what they have to offer!

The General Theme of the Two Slots

Diamonds and casinos go hand to hand and Gemtopia is a great confirmation of that saying. It started the trend for many games with similar themes such as Gem Strike and many others. It’s set against the background of a pitch-black cave filled with shiny precious stones of all shapes and sizes. And the size of them does matter here because the bigger the size the bigger payouts they deliver!

Copy Cat Fortune on the other hand is a slot in line with another popular theme among slot players. The animals, or the cute pack of cats in this case. They’re not just the staple of funny YouTube videos but are considered lucky charms symbols across many different cultures that bring luck to their owners. And it seems that there is quite a bit of truth to it because many players got copious amounts of luck playing it since its debut here at crypto casino Brango. Let’s see why.

The Gemtopia & Copy Cat Fortune Special Features

The main reason you’ll encounter behind most slots’ popularity lies in the special features that make them unique.

For Gemtopia it’s the Re-Spin feature that gets triggered when 1 or more expanded Wild Symbols appear awarding an instant Re-Spin with the expanded Wild held in place. Any Wilds that appear after the Re-Spin trigger another instant Re-Spin, with all Wilds held in place. There are also 15 Free Games, with bonus gems added to the reels, of which 3 or more will award you extra Free Games with an instant prize of up to 1000x bet per Bonus Gem! And when those gems strike you, you’re in for a luxury treatment!

As far as Copy Cat Fortune is concerned, don’t let the name trick you into thinking it has nothing new to offer. Because the game actually has one of the most original and unique features. The first one is the Mystery Stacks where a consecutive stack of mystery positions gets replaced by game symbols after every reel spin. And the second one is the Reel Copy feature that triggers whenever matching symbols stack up on the first reel either during Base Games or Free Games. That’s when the copying part kicks in with symbols copied to other available reels. Once that process finishes, the winnings go through evaluation and payment procedure. And boy, do they pay!

Gemtopia play now

The Gemtopia & Copy Cat Fortune Rewards

Both The Gemtopia & Copy Cat Fortune have generous Free Games & Jackpots to offer. The Gemtopia has 15 paylines while Copy Cat Fortune has 25 of them. The volatility of the first is medium which means you can expect more frequent payouts. On the other hand, Copy Cat Fortune is high in volatility with fewer but more generous payouts.

We’ve already mentioned what to expect from Free Games in Gemtopia, but Copy Cat can boast of having both the Regular Free Games and 50 Lines Free Games. If you get more than 30 Free Games you get to pick either Super Free or Mega Free Games. It allows you to multiply your winnings up to x5 times across all 25 paylines, so it’s a pretty good idea to enter that mode. It’s also worth noting that the Gemtopia offers two progressive jackpots that trigger randomly, with Major set at $1,000 and Minor at $250, while the Copy Cat Fortune doesn’t offer any.


All the mentioned features of both The Gemtopia & Copy Cat Fortune with frequent payouts deserve credit for their popularity, and you can easily check that out if you read our monthly reviews. Either way, we think both are worth the effort and offer a lot of fun if you choose to play them. We’re sure you’ll have a pretty good time with both in any case!

copy cat fortune play now


  • Sarah36 says:

    Hands down , GEMTOPIA is the better slot of the two. Not only are the graphics suoer pretty, but the free games offer 15 games, and bonus gems to pick which award a certain number to times your original bet by. It makes for for,our wins if you happen to get 1p, 20 or 100 times your bet. In my opinion, GEMTOPIA is the better of the two.

  • Millyconley5 says:

    I would like to say that Copy Cat Fortune would be the better of the two if only I’d ever get a bonus once in a while. Unfortunately, I very very rarely ever do! But Gemtopia has great graphics.

  • Jbear123guy says:

    I favor copy cat over gemtopia hands down I like that you get 4 different levels of bonus game and and that if you get a triple bonus token in the first row you can fill the boards for extra huge bonuses. I like gemtopia sometimes for that thrill of getting that opal stone but In a vote copy cat has mine

  • Daishuan Collins says:


  • Millyconley5 says:

    Copy cat fortune would be my favorite between these two. Although I do enjoy Gemptopia also so it was a close call between them.

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