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OMG, it’s Monday again! Was this your first thought this morning? Join the club of people for whom Monday is a painful transition from the lazy weekend to the obligations of the work week. But, we decided to make our Mondays better and didn’t feel blue anymore. Try these 5 tricks with us and try to beat Monday blues.

Prepare on Sunday Night

Everything you can, prepare on Sunday night to make your Monday wake up without stress. Get your schedule in order, pick out an outfit, pre-prepare your breakfast… If you’re not a super organized person, at least make a rough plan.

Do Not Schedule Anything Too Stressful

Don’t go to the dentist, in no way! Or book any kind of stressful appointments. Monday is hard enough without these not-so-happy things. Just go to work and back home. Or go to some nice cocktail with friends.

Let Sunday Be Your Day of Rest

When we say that, we mean it. Don’t do on Sunday anything connected with your job – don’t check work email and don’t start ramping up the work week before the weekend is over. Try to let your second day of a weekend be your day of rest – read a good book, listen to favorite music, spend a day outside or do everything else not stressful.

Don’t Make Big Decisions

Someone said: “Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions”. That couldn’t be truer than on Mondays. Most big things can wait Tuesday because making major decisions on the day when you’re down can have serious consequences.

Say “Happy Monday”

You know that smiling when you’re upset can actually lighten your mood. In the same way saying positive things out loud can make you believe them and feel better. This could be a good reason to walk to the office with a big smile and the words “Happy Monday”!

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