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Sleep and Play Is What Weekends Were Made For

By January 18, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

Weekends are made for rest. You may like active rest, for example, which is good. However, at the end of the day, activities such as participating in our Free Spins Fever may wear you out. Eventually, everyone needs sleep. It may be your favorite time of the day, or you may be completely indifferent to the fact the night was made for sleeping. All the same, sleeping on weekends has a special flavor to it. Sleep and play is what weekends were made for, and these are some everyday items that can help you with your power nap.

Sound Machines 

In order to get a healthy sleep and relax, scientists always recommend eliminating electric devices from bedroom. This includes all wi-fi devices, meaning your phones as well. Nevertheless, there are these small jewels that do not cause unhealthy vibrations or irritation, but rather bring calm and help with stress-relief.

I am talking about the so-called “white noise” gadgets. According to their description, these should block all other noises in the background. There are several manufacturers on the market that produce these mini speakers. Not necessarily, but they can emit pleasant noises, such as rain or surf waves for example. All you have to do is choose your favorite machine, set up a timer and relax.

Light-Emitting Devices

The same as sound, light has soothing powers. Naturally, not all types of light can help you fall asleep. What we have in mind is a small gadget that emits light at intervals. Manufacturers claim that it works as a metronome.

Basically, if you wish to catch some sleep as soon as possible, you should coordinate your breathing with the appearance of light.  The magical thing about it is that the timer sets to 8 up to 20 minutes, which is presumably the time it would take you to fall asleep, in case you are using this device.

Pillow Sprays

Yes, these exist. I know, you can use your favorite scent, be it perfume or similar. However, the sleep professionals claim that our favorite scents actually wake us up. They do some calming, that is true. However, they usually evoke sentiments and make us reminiscence or stimulate millions of thoughts, forcing our brains to stay in active mode.

Pillow sprays contain herbal essences that proven work when it comes to calming effects.

We all love both sleep and play. What is your favorite ritual for burning the candle at both ends?

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