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Betting Limits and Betting Odds

By January 30, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

Betting limits and betting odds are among the most important details every gambler should know. Whether you are an experienced high roller or just starting out, there are thing you should keep in mind when placing bets. The goal of gambling is earning money, of course. However, equally important are the circumstances that provide some real fun. Our bet safe Casino Brango has put away all the hassle and chased away any doubts one may have when it comes to betting.

Betting Limits

Strictly speaking, a betting limit is the maximum amount a player is allowed to place. Usually, people think this has been invented to limit the casino liability. This is partially true. On the other hand, clearly stated betting limits make the gambling experience transparent and online casino – reliable.

In this way, the casino is sending the message what the potential payout limits are. As a result, there are no unpredictable situations or possible misunderstandings. Bet safe casinos do not offer more than they can handle.

Players are always welcome to check out the betting limits which are clearly stated on a web site, or in each promotion separately.

Betting Odds

Betting odds are nothing more (and nothing less!) than a probability that a certain event would happen. Essentially, the odds represent the calculation of the chances and can help you a lot in deciding how much money to bet on a certain event. Betting odds tell us more about the probability of a certain event to happen, as well as how much money we could possibly win.

Calculating the odds exceeds pure luck in gambling and takes players a step further in mastering their game of choice. It puts a player in a situation to have control. This is just a short example to show some insight into how these things work.

How to Calculate the Odds

First of all, we should all understand that for every event, there is a limited number of outcomes. This is usually compared to the rolling of a dice. As we all know, dice has six sides, hence six possible outcomes. In case you bet on number 5, for example, there is 16.67% chance number 5 will come out.

And although percentages are easier to understand than fractions, in most parts of the world, people express odds in fractions. You must have seen the odds referred to as 4/1, 9/1, etc. What this actually means?

Let’s take one of the mentioned fractions (9/1) and see how it translates to percentages. And this is something you will most likely do often. The formula to translate fraction odds to percentages for better understanding is: Y / (X+Y)

Therefore, 1 / (9+1) equals 1 / 10 which results in 0.10, meaning 10% of chance the given event will happen.

Now that you caught the basics, you can start betting! There is still time to make your prediction on the Super Bowl winner, rush winner and the exact score of the game. Hurry up and join our latest online casino promotion!

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