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Advantages of Becoming a High Roller

By July 21, 2020May 6th, 2021No Comments

Gambling for pleasure often combines with great wins and sometimes with losses as well. People usually perceive high rollers as proficient and wealthy individuals, which some of them are. However, being a high roller is much more than that. Those are the people who know how to think strategically and who are not afraid of the challenges. Once a person develops these features, sky could be the limit. Our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango can help you on this path through our VIP program. These are the advantages of becoming a high roller.

Brick and Mortar Casino High Roller Vs. Online High Roller

I believe you know how brick-and-mortar casinos treat their high rollers. You have probably seen it in the movies and most of it is true. There are private jets, limousines, penthouse suites, exclusive events, etc. On the other hand, high rollers in brick-and-mortar casinos are ready to bet extremely big amounts per night.

The situation is a bit different online. We have high rollers as well. Some of them, I presume, lead quite a luxurious lifestyle. Others quite a comfortable at least. Some may be even living out of gambling. It is possible, believe it or not. What online casinos offer to their high rollers measures in favorable playing conditions, various selection of bonuses, higher rates of cashback, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, special birthday offers, special entries to certain games – just to name a few.

Advantages of Becoming a High Roller at Casino Brango

There is one advantage of playing online that tops all other advantages, because it is accessible to all players, whether high rollers or low rollers. I am referring to instant withdrawal methods. Pair this with the same kind of safe depositing methods, and you got yourself an extremely good place to play.

If you take a look at Casino Brango’s VIP program, you will come across many advantages of becoming a high roller that we should mention here.

Many believe that becoming a high roller demands a lot only from one party – the player. However, the casinos are there to groom the players and show the appreciation through their VIP programs and various offers. This is the way to make the entire process as smooth as possible for both parties involved.

Advantages of Casino Brango’s VIP Lounge

So, here are some of the perks of becoming a high roller at Casino Brango. There are five levels at our VIP lounge . You can explore all of them on your own. Here, we will focus on just some of the advantages offered by the highest levels:

  • Platinum level allows you to acquire 50,000 comp points and deposit over $10,000 within 3 months. The Withdrawal limit is set to $8,000 per week. You will get 2 comp points per $10 wagered and you can convert them once you collect the minimum of 100 points. Casino offers $2 cash for 100 points and a $250 worth monthly Free chip.
  • Super Platinum level invites you to acquire 150,000 comp points and deposit over $50,000 within 3 months. At this level the withdrawal limit is set to $10,000 per week. Players get 4 comp points for $10 wagered and $4 cash for 100 collected points. Super Platinum level offers a $500 worth monthly Free chip.
  • Diamond level testifies that you have become a true professional. At this stage you are welcome to acquire 1,000,000 comp points and deposit over $100,000 within 6 months! Withdrawal limit is set to $15,000 per week. The Casino offers 5 comp points for $10 wagered and $5 cash for 100 points collected. You are also welcomed to enjoy the monthly Free chip worth $1,000.

What All High Rollers Have in Common?

There are a few aspects that high rollers anywhere in the world share. Apart from deeper pockets, there is also the ability to sharp and smart decision making. They are usually prepared to bet higher amounts, as well as to tip significantly. This kind of game style also demands for significant period of time to invest in learning the skills and to eventually put them to use whether online or in reality.

The question is: Are you ready to take this road and reap the rewards?

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