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We have all witnessed the pandemic taking its toll on our lives. Land-based casinos, as well as many other businesses have suffered significantly.  However, during a seemingly improving situation, New York casinos are reportedly re-opening their doors to their clients. But at what cost? Apparently, online casinos continue to be your safe choice.

New York Casinos to Re-Open

As reported by New York’s commercial casinos were scheduled to open on September 9th. The news came as a pleasant surprise not only for fans of land-based casinos, but for business owners as well. Most of the casinos in New York have been closed for six months due to the corona-virus pandemic. Now, 4 state casinos should get back on track quickly.

If you have been a regular at either of the following casinos, the good news is that you can go back any time: MGM Resorts’ Empire City and Genting’s Resorts World Catskills.  We agree that there is no replacement for the unique feeling of excitement that land-based casinos provide. However, this re-opening comes with a “price”. It will change the way people visit casinos.

The Downside of NY Casino Openings

When gamblers walk into a casino, they expect top notch experience. Not just the entertainment, but the overall experience. No one knows better than you what that entails. The excitement, the smell of cash an opportunity, the drinks, the dining, the possibilities of a pleasant encounter…. All that is about to change.

In order to abide by the governing rules, land-based casinos would need to follow some of the strictest guidelines and restrictions that can affect the gaming experience. Moreover, the chances are these restrictions would decrease the number of visitors. Apparently, this is the new normal.

The New Measures in Land-Based Casinos

First, in order to stay protected as much as possible, casinos would need to operate at lower capacity. There has been a mention of a 25% cap of the normal capacity, in NY only. This restriction should guarantee the safe distance between staff and players and enhance the protection measures against COVID-19.

Once you enter the land-based casino, a mask is obligatory. If you wish to play slots, no problem. There would be slot machines as usual but in some casinos their number should be decreased. This is all due to the requirement stipulating the distance of 6 feet between two players.

Table games is where this story gets interesting. Reportedly, if a casino wishes to offer table games, it should be able to provide physical barriers between players. These barriers that could be panels as we see it, should be approved by the regulators. At the first glance this complicates things significantly. It also changes the experience completely. However, let us wait and see how things will unfold.

Furthermore, the safety measures include the ban on food and drinks indoors. Therefore, do not even think about having a cocktail or a dinner at your favorite land-based casino.

A special demand that casinos need to fulfill is to introduce the new air filters according to the recently set standards.

Online Casino Advantages

Taking all of the above into consideration, we must admit that online casinos have a lot of advantages  at this point. We know you are aware of it, but let us remind ourselves why playing online is more attractive than ever:

  • Online casinos do not impose any covid-19 protection measures. You can play from the safety of your home. It is up to you to determine who shall be there to keep you company. Or not. It is your choice.
  • At online casinos, we cannot serve you drinks or meals, but you can do that on your own and enjoy your favorite treats while playing your favorite games. Combine the pleasures!
  • When it comes to table games, there are no restrictions as described above. Moreover, online casinos preserve the essence of all table games. We provide the opportunity to play at your own pace and practice for that spectacular moment when everything goes back to the old normal and you get a chance to “sit” at the table.
  • Most importantly, bet safe casinos, such as Brango Casino provide responsible environment where your money matters. Crypto accepted Casino Brango makes sure you get your payout instantly. Moreover, we also make sure that you get the chance to start playing instantly as well, with no hassle.
  • Whenever you visit online Casino Brango we will surprise you with an active promotion. Whether it is a free spins give away at our casino or blog section, or a monthly promotion, or any of the exclusive promotions we prepare especially for you, our online casino is the place you will wish to stick to.
  • Casino Brango’s games are always available “on the go”. Moreover, we also have a support team for live chat available 24/7. There is no need to distance yourself from anyone. We are all in the same situation and should stick together at least online. Let us make the most of it.

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