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Murder Mystery Solving Can Get You 50 Free Spins

By April 27, 2021December 17th, 202195 Comments

Our favorite Crime Investigator is back after taking a short leave at the beginning of this year. He took off to one of the paradise-like tropical islands. The year he left behind was heavy, the same as the atmosphere surrounding his life at that point in time. However, the island brought light into his life. Happiness was just an extra benefit. Or it simply looked that way. Help us untangle the island murder mystery and win 50 FREE SPINS.

The Island Life

He liked spending time at the beach. The sun and the ocean provided the much-needed rest. Above all, silence was soothing, and he hoped that no one would disturb his peace.

After all, what can go wrong here? This tropical village is secluded. There are very few routes to reach it, and all of them are controlled. The villagers all know each other. Basically, they are just living one day at a time, minding their own business.

Soon upon his arrival, the locals took him under their wings, as one of their own. He enjoyed the newly adopted image of a big city hot-shot detective.

The Island Murder Mystery

One evening, a woman came to the local police station to report a missing person. Her husband hadn’t come home for more than a day. At first, she had not been worried because he had the habit of staying up late at the local bar or wondering off to the sea with his buddies.

However, this time, no one had seen him for more than 24 hours. The woman told the Police that there were people who had never liked him, and some of them even had fights with him. She gave their names and pointed out that her husband owed money to the barman at the local bar. She claimed he had been receiving threats.

The local police could not easily untangle the island murder mystery. Therefore, they consulted our guy who worked on many similar cases in the past. He read the woman’s statement and asked around. This was supposed to be a vacation, but he could not help himself.  The drive to solve the murder mystery in this paradise was too strong. Soon, the man’s body washed ashore. They performed an autopsy and concluded the man was strangled and pushed into the ocean. The hunt for the murderer started.

The Suspects

After interrogation, the Investigator made a short list of suspects as the first step in solving the murder mystery. Here they are:

  • The man’s best friend who confessed having an affair with the widow. He stated that he had used to go sailing with the victim, but apparently never told him about the affair in fear of ruining their friendship. On the night of the disappearance, he claimed to be at the bar, drinking. The Investigator found him resting on the beach early in the morning, after the man apparently took a swim.
  • The local barman who did not like the victim and threatened him publicly. The barman said that he had never liked the victim and described him as a rude, and arrogant guy, who also owed him money. However, he also stated that he had not killed him and that after he had served drinks to the widow as the last and only guest at the bar, he went home and stayed there with his family the entire night of the murder. His wife confirmed his alibi.
  • The widow who reported the case. She claimed that she had spent the evening and the night alone, in the bar and at home, as well as the next day when she wandered the beach and had been asking around. She also stated that she had not killed her husband and that she had loved him dearly, although he had been a difficult man to live with.

Help us out and solve the island murder mystery. We need you to guess the killer. Write the answer in the comments section below this post. Do not forget to state your username. Deadline for leaving the comment is May 3rd, 2021.

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