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Movies Related to Cryptos Worth Watching

By September 27, 2019May 5th, 2021No Comments

It is not strange that cryptocurrencies have found their way to the movie world. However, it is strange that it did not happen earlier. Hollywood has the habit of announcing events in its own subtle way. This time, cryptos emerged on the surface first and the movies followed. Either way, it is interesting to see how many movies related to cryptos there are.

Inside Job (2010)

The first movie on our list is not about crypto currencies, but it explains the situation prior to the emergence of Bitcoin. The most important message that this movie sends is the necessity for a decentralized, digital currency which would be independent.  Once you see the movie, you will understand why the world needed the currency which is not under any government control.

Deep Web (2015)

Subtitle of this documentary movie is “The Crime Saga of the Digital Age”, which should tell you a lot. The term “deep webb” has quite a wide interpretation. Among many other things, it entails the dark web as well. Deep web is the alternative Internet space where many good and bad things are possible. Therefore, it is no wonder that cryptos had something to do with deep web.

Namely, the movie Deep Web tackles the subject of Silk Road. It was the first marketplace where paying in Bitcoin was possible. Its creator, Ross William Ulbricht, was arrested the moment trading on his marketplace achieved significant volume. The movie narrator is Keanu Reeves.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

If you are just discovering the world of blockchain and Bitcoin, this documentary is a must. Do not expect to learn about the latest news from the crypto world, or advices on the latest technology updates. Nonetheless, this documentary is the starting point in understanding the basics of how blockchain and Bitcoin are functioning.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

Lastly, one of the latest movies on the subject of blockchain and digital world found its place on our list. The movie explores how blockchain has transformed reality and describes the examples of various societies worldwide and the ways the are either coping or embracing cryptocurrencies.


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