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5 Things You Should Never Do At A Poker Table

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There rarely is a casino game that requires higher levels of social intelligence than poker. And as with every social situation you can think of, there is a certain code of conduct to be followed to make the experience pleasurable for all the parties involved. Poker is no exception to this rule, as it includes a vast array of DOs and DON’Ts. In this article, we’ll be looking at a few examples in the latter camp. So, here come a couple of things you should never do at a poker table.

Never Pick a Poker Table Outside Your League

This is one of those rookie mistakes that can easily be avoided. It doesn’t affect other players as much as it does you, in fact, they will be more than eager to take advantage of it. That’s because as the famous poker saying goes: “It’s morally wrong to let a sucker keep his money.” And you will be one of them if you sit at the poker table that’s way beyond either your level of skill or your bankroll. Take the middle road, and eventually, you’ll climb up the ladder.

Don’t Waste Time or Slow Roll

While picking the wrong poker table may not annoy other players as much, nothing will get on their nerves more than deliberately wasting time or slow rolling. The quick pace of poker is what makes it so exciting in the first place, and taking enormous amounts of time just to decide what to do, realize that it’s your turn, or show your cards is a big no-no. The last one is the so-called practice of slow rolling which doesn’t serve any other purpose than to annoy people. So try not to be that guy.

Don’t Reveal Your Folded Cards

On the other hand, revealing your folded cards while the game is still on is maybe even worse. That’s because when you talk about them, you’re giving away important information to other players in the game, and that can completely change the outcome of the game. And although we get the temptation to share what you have in some situations such as close raises during a flip, it’s best you keep that information to yourself so as not to disrespect other players.

Don’t Disrespect the Dealer

Si, if you thought disrespecting other players was the worst thing you can do, the only thing that can top it is disrespecting your poker table dealer.  A dealer is a person who is just doing his job and has no influence whatsoever over the course of the game. And taking your frustrations on them when you run into a losing streak is absolutely unacceptable breach of poker etiquette. If you tend to find guilty parties in anyone besides yourself while playing poker, maybe you shouldn’t be playing it at all.

Celebrate With Dignity

And lastly, remember to always mark your winnings in a dignified manner. Of course, it’s only natural to feel happy whenever you win a hand, but make sure not to get overly excited, as that will send a wrong message to others than you think. And what we mean by that is that most people will interpret that as a sign that you’re not used to winning. There are better ways to express your winning mentality at a poker table, and none of them includes boasting like a petulant kid.

It’s All About Fun

While these rules are all about making the experience of playing at a poker table as enjoyable as possible, what’s even more important is to not take them too seriously. Just act like a decent human being, and you won’t even notice that they’re there. And if you want to improve your poker skills you can check out some of our advice on the subject. Best of luck!

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Bubble Bubble Slot

Understanding The Win-Win Feature In Bubble Bubble Slot

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Slot features are the essence of a slot game. They are designed to make your playing more enjoyable, but there’s more to them than just entertainment. Features can significantly boost your winnings, but to make it happen, you have to pick the right game. If you are playing in modern casinos such as Brango, you are going to find slots with many unique features. Today we pay attention to the games with great Win-Win feature such as Bubble Bubble slot, Triple Twister and Loch Ness Loot slot. So, let’s get to work!

What is the Win-Win Feature?

If you play slot machines regularly, you probably know how frustrating it can be to trigger the bonus game and to earn small amount of cash. Or sometimes nothing at all. Well, Win-Win feature prevents that kind of situation. As the name itself suggests, win-win is a situation in which all the parts benefit one way or another – there are no losers. That means – even if you lose, you get rewarded.

This feature will kick in at the point in time that any bonus game you have triggered comes to an end. If the bonus game has not awarded you, you get a bonus payout. That bonus payout is selecting a winner randomly. Some of the most popular slots ever at casino Brango have this cozy feature, such as Loch Ness Loot, Triple Twister, and Bubble Bubble slot.

How Win-Win Feature Works in Slots?

Even though the feature reward depends on the slot, it’s good to know that you have a guaranteed prize. Let’s see how it works on the previously mentioned slots.

Win-Win Feature on Bubble Bubble slot guarantees an additional prize if you earn less than 10x the triggering bet.

Apart from the Win-Win feature, there is more to this slot. This Halloween-themed slot has 5 reels and you should spin left to right for all symbols including scattered Cauldrons. Scattered Cauldrons trigger one of the three huge features. You can win 20 Free Games in the Great Ghosts Feature, with up to 9 Wild Ghosts invading the reels with each spin. Winni the Wild Witch can use her magic in the Wild Witches Feature to turn reels wild. Also, the Bewitched Feature awards 7 Free Games with an expanded Wild held over the middle reel for all spins. As you see, the slot opens up the possibility of some scarily big prizes, so give it a spin!

On Loch Ness Loot slot, Win-Win kicks in as well. If, by any chance you do not achieve a win, this feature can pay up to 200 times the triggering bet. Keep wagering on all the paylines in the spin that triggered the free spins bonus to get the most of it.

When it comes to Triple Twister slot, if you win nothing during free spins, it’s still a win-win for you because 100X your bet will be given to you.

Bubble Bubble Slot Well Worth the Play

Win-Win feature along with those slots definitely give a shower of prizes and bonuses. So, join sexy witches, monstrous payouts from Loch Ness and a tornado of rewards coming from farm owners. Except the great graphics, unique Win-Win feature will add excitement to the gameplay! Good luck!

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Rookie mistakes casino

Mistakes to Avoid During Your First Time at a Casino

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There’s rarely a thing on the list of firsts that’s nearly enjoyable as your first time at a casino. But as with all other firsts, it can prove a little bit overwhelming if you allow it so. Feeling nervous or getting carried away is a perfectly normal thing but making rookie mistakes due to them is perfectly avoidable too. Here’s what you should pay attention to if you want to make your first visit to a casino truly an experience to remember.

Going Unprepared

The most common out of all rookie mistakes you can make is to enter the casino without a slight idea of how anything works. No one expects you to become a blackjack or any other game savant overnight, but the least you can do is familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the games you intend to play. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do it that doesn’t involve browsing Wikipedia how-to-play tutorials. Most online casinos offer free demo versions of casino games, so you can learn by practicing, and more importantly, without putting your bankroll at risk.

Not Setting a Bankroll

Speaking of putting your bankroll at risk, it’s both the biggest and most dangerous among all rookie mistakes you can make. While nothing can quite match the thrill of going all in at a particularly exciting game of poker, or putting all your money on your favorite color during a roulette session, you’d still want your first time to last a little bit more than a couple of minutes, wouldn’t you? There’s an easy solution to this too, and that’s setting a limit on how much you want to wager on every single hand you play and sticking to it.

Ignoring Basic Casino Etiquette

Like all life events that involve groups of people interacting with each other and sharing the same interests, casinos are no exception to implementing certain codes of conduct. They’re mostly about common courtesy towards the casino staff and other players, minding the smoking policy, avoiding distraction by putting away your phone, celebrating your wins with respect and your losses with dignity, and generally being a decent human being. It’s also worth noting that tipping the dealer is considered a sign of well-mannered behavior, but by no means does this imply you’re obliged to do it.

Going Easy on the Drinks

This one nicely adds on the previous one. Nothing speaks more of common rookie mistakes than stepping into the casino and heading straight to the bar. While it’s certainly true that many casinos offer complimentary drinks to players who are gambling, don’t mistake it for a coincidence. Not only will the drinks inhibit your capacity of making rational decisions they will also make you more inclined to waste away your remaining bankroll and disregard every bit of etiquecy still left in you. That’s not to say you should miss out on the fun, just be sure to take them in moderation.

Don’t Go Chasing Losses

As far as this rookie mistake is concerned, it’s best described with an anecdote of mother who doesn’t curse her son for gambling but for chasing losses. It pretty much sums it up quite nicely. Almost every experienced player will tell you to avoid the temptation of chasing your losses. It has to do with something called gambler’s fallacy which states that past outcomes don’t influence the results of future ones. That’s why it’s important to stick to your planned budget and call it a day if you overstep it. You’re in for the fun and winning is the desired side effect, not the other way around.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

While we’re about fun, it’s important not to let these rookie mistakes distract you from having as much of it as you can. Brango’s instant withdrawal casino is the place to be if that’s what you’re out to get and playing any of our numerous available games is sure to deliver it to you too! And a great way to do it while also taking a chance to earn some extra cash is to join our August $20k prize pool tournament, so go ahead and give it a try!

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Wild Symbols In Slots Explained

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Wild symbols have been a part of slots for a long time. They are always there when you need a helping hand. These icons appear in the majority of slot machines and bring benefits to the base game. Over the years we had a lot of different types of wild symbols. So, let’s get over all these types while mentioning the most popular examples of them.

What Are Wild Symbols?

If the concept of wild symbols is vague to you, here’s a quick guide to everything regarding wilds.

Wild symbols are used in both online casino slots and slot machines in land-based casinos, and their purpose is to replace any regular symbol in a slot game. Usually, Wilds cannot replace special symbols such as Scatters or any symbols that triggers a special round.

Wilds come in all shapes, designs, and sizes. Sometimes it’s very easy to recognize them because they have the word ‘’Wild’’ written on. Otherwise, you can check the paytable and see which symbol has wild attributes.

Different Types of Wild Symbols

Expanding Wilds / Stacked Wilds

Some of the most popular ones are Expanding and Stacked Wilds. Naturally, they increase players’ chances of landing some big payouts.

Expanding Wilds feature, once triggered, causes wild symbols to expand, as the name itself suggests. This Wild can cover an entire reel when it drops and turn it wild.

Stacked Wilds are the wild symbols that appear on top of one another, to form a stack. They form on the same reel vertically but sometimes these can be seen horizontally too.

Slots featuring Expanding Wilds/Stacked Wilds: Twister Wild, Egyptian Gold/Trigger Happy, Storm Lords

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Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds slot machines are also very popular among players for one good reason. This reason is its big potential for big wins. It works quite simple. During free spins, the wilds turn into Sticky Wilds. This means that when a wild lands on the reels, it stays in position for the remaining of the free spins. Depending on the slot machine you play on, the wild can come with a 1x, 2x, 3x multiplier or more. Sometimes, you will also get an additional free spin with Sticky Wild.

Slots featuring Sticky Wilds: Dragon Orb, Poppiñata

the biggest payout

Cascading Wilds

This is probably the most visually appealing one of all slot’s wild symbols. Software developers have designed numerous creative cascading reels.

The term describes a bonus feature that appears each time you land a winning combination. The symbols that were part of the winning combination then disappear from the reels and are replaced by a new set of symbols, allowing you to win again. The feature can trigger itself, meaning it will keep being active as long as you are landing winning combinations after each new cascade.

Slots featuring Cascading Wilds: Princes Warrior, Doragon’s Gems

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We hope that we expanded your knowledge on slot features and how they work. It is clear that wild symbols are all about making bigger wins possible and triggering excitement whenever they randomly appear. If you are willing to try your luck, why not get the best out of the experience and win some extra money? Come to casino Brango and have fun!

How Slot Machines Algorithm Work

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Online slots take the first place among the most preferred games at casinos. It’s not a surprise having in mind the lights, sounds and entire design that draws everyone’s attention. They might seem simple, but there is a lot of science involved in creating the entire experience of playing slots. Just like for all casino games, there is an algorithm for slots too. Sure, the luck is important, but it’s not the only thing that stands between you and a big win. If you want to extend your knowledge on various slot games and learn more about the slot machines algorithm, stay with us.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

So, let’s start from the beginning. Slot machines use a Random Number Generator as the primary engine to determine the result. Basically, the RNG decides when and how much the player wins.

However, the term is not very accurate. Random Number Generator doesn’t mean that the algorithm is truly random. The computer software is not capable of generating entirely random numbers. It can, however, produce a pattern that is so complicated that it is unmeasurable.

The most common myth about RNG is that it uses some form of memory to decide when a number should be generated. But with today’s modern slot machines, that is not the case. The electronic takeover brought trustful gameplay.

Slot Machine Algorithm Hack 

When it comes to beating these machines, it is theoretically possible, but there is little chance of it being successful. Apart from the low possibilities to acquire this, this is also illegal. The incidents such as malicious rigging used to happen in the past. Luckily, thanks to the speedy development of digital slot games, these situations are close to impossible now.

The Return to Player (RTP) Value

Another bit of science that matters when it comes to online slots is the return to player (RTP) value.

It is a term that describes how much a certain casino game returns to the player. And the way it’s expressed is in the form of the percentages that show how much of the wagered money is returned to the bettors.

You can think of it as the opposite of a “house edge”, a term you’re probably much more familiar with. So, if the house edge is an advantage casino has over you, then the return to player presents the chances of you winning your money back. You can read more about RTP value here.

These are some basic terms connected to slot machines algorithm. Even though there are many of them, we hope we helped you understand how slots work in general. Knowing all these facts, you will probably enjoy them more. At the end of the day, slots are all about fun gaming that is left mostly to chance. Part of the excitement of the online casino experience should always be the randomized nature of the games.

Try your hand at slot machines here at casino Brango! An excellent online casino experience along with instant payouts awaits!

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